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Catizen is supposedly a new game with elements of crypto and the metaverse, released so far in beta. As planned, Catizen should become a project in the Play-to-Airdrop format, where players can earn the internal currency Catizen token ($CATS) for free. However, in reality, everything looks like an ordinary scam with the sole purpose of luring money out of gullible users.

The Catizen developers actively fanned the hype around their project, talking about the great prospects of the metaverse, advanced gameplay with AI support, the possibility of earning money, and even Catizen airdrop tokens. But in fact there is none of this. How to play Catizen? The process looks primitive — it’s an ordinary farming game with the most basic mechanics, typical of mobile games from the early 2010s.

Deposit/withdrawalVISA, Mastercard
Minimum deposit amountNo
Financial instrumentsCurrency pairs, cryptocurrencies

It turns out that Catizen is actually just a platform for collecting money from players through internal donations. All stories about artificial intelligence, the metaverse and special gameplay with earnings are empty. At the start, the creators of Catizen distributed free tokens to attract more people. But then the free distribution ended, and it turned out to be impossible to withdraw the earned coins. Clients still don’t know how to withdraw money from Catizen.

StatusCrypto game
Date of foundation2021
affiliate programNo

The game is currently in the aggressive monetization stage. From all sides, players are bombarded with advertisements for donations for quick progress. At the same time, in Catizen, the price of these in-game purchases is increasing day by day. It seems that as soon as a sufficient audience of paying players is captured, monetization will become absolutely prohibitive, and the withdrawal of funds will be closed altogether.

👉 Reviews from clients

Anton complains that the project was not what he expected. Instead of a game with development prospects, he received a buggy half-baked product aimed only at ripping money off players.

Catizen скам-проект

Ivan says that he was waiting for the Catizen airdrop, but all he got was extortion of money for in-game purchases. The news about Catizen turned out to be just another hoax.

Catizen криптолохотрон

Sergey is indignant that the idea of ​​Catizen token was interesting, but the implementation of the project was a real scam. The token turned out to be a dummy, the game was mediocre, and the developers were scammers.

📑Terms of cooperation

To play Catizen, you need to download the corresponding application from the store. It is available and free to everyone. At the start of the project, the first free Catizen tokens were distributed in this way. But for further progress in the game you will have to pay, and the amount is growing every day.

It is necessary to raise and upgrade digital pets – cats. For this, internal coins are awarded, which were promised to be withdrawn after the Catizen drop. But the creators do not provide detailed information about what this Catizen Airdrop is and what the conditions for receiving it are.

There is also the opportunity to earn Catizen tokens by inviting other people to the game. But at the same time, the invited referrals themselves do not receive any practical benefit from this. Everything is built exclusively according to a pyramid scheme with benefits for those who entered earlier.

In fact, all functionality boils down to constant extortion of funds from players. Katizens themselves are given out in pennies, and in-game purchases become more expensive every day. There is nothing in the game except cats and an endless donation strike. There is not even any mention of any metaverse or artificial intelligence. All this turned out to be bait to attract victims.

❗ Conclusions about cooperation

The project creates a false impression of innovative technologies — the metaverse, artificial intelligence, a promising gaming concept with earnings. In fact, this is another scam in the best traditions of the crypto industry.

Instead of the promised high-quality game with advanced gameplay, people were given a banal, even by mobile standards, farming game with minimal development costs. All statements about earnings, drops, listings are just bait to attract players. In practice, there are completely no prospects or possibilities for withdrawing funds.

Free entry for everyoneFree internal tokens were distributed at the start
Referral program to attract new players
Extensive marketing campaign with a focus on fashionable crypto trends
Partnership with the famous blockchain project TON Fish (according to the developers)
Deception with supposedly innovative technologies (metaverse, AI)
Primitive and buggy game mechanics that do not live up to their claims
Lack of prospects for listing and practical use of the internal token
Aggressive monetization through donations and rising prices for in-game purchases
Extorting money from players under the guise of gameplay
Suspicious team of developers with no real GameFi experienceLack of a clear roadmap and clear project development plans
Negative reviews from early players and accusations of fraudHigh risks of project closure due to the fight against crypto in China
Complete discrepancy between the stated concept and the final product

The game today is a platform for monetization through paid in-game purchases. There is no talk of technological innovation, nor is there any mention of plans for a token release or listing. It is possible that as soon as the number of donated users reaches a certain value, the creators will simply disappear, taking the money.

The Catizen roadmap remains completely unclear, because the developers, in fact, have failed all their stated goals at the current stage. If they were unable to implement even the basic functionality of a supposedly innovative gaming universe, then should we expect the emergence of complex blockchain solutions and advanced NFTs in the future? Doubtful.

Also puzzling is the partnership between catizen ton and the TON Fish team. Why would an established blockchain project get involved with such a dubious undertaking? It is possible that the creators simply used a big name for advertising purposes without having any real interaction.

The composition of the Catizen development team itself is also noteworthy. Public sources contain extremely scant information about them; their experience in GameFi and blockchain is questioned. Given the poor quality of the product itself, the developers of Catizen are probably just scammers with no real expertise.

The project’s origins in China are also cause for concern. As you know, this country is actively fighting the crypto industry, so such undertakings can simply be persecuted by the authorities. In this case, Catizen’s fate is sealed, even if there was no initial goal to deceive users.

Thus, the entire Catizen project looks like one big scam and a possible future scandal in the cryptosphere. Investors should stay away from it and not fall for the marketing ploys of scammers, no matter how tempting they may be.

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ℹ️Expert opinion

Catizen is the most primitive scam disguised as a promising playground with high expectations of the crypto community.

Initially, the project was advertised as some kind of combination of the metaverse, artificial intelligence and gaming finance. They promised the opportunity to earn free money while playing. However, in fact, all these statements turned out to be a scam. There is no well-thought-out game universe, gameplay with AI and the possibility of making a profit in principle.

A review of supposedly advanced technologies is shattered into reality in the form of a buggy farming game with game mechanics copied from mobile “sneakers” of the previous decade. Catizen’s advertising used NFT, metaverse, and other buzzwords solely to attract an audience of crypto enthusiasts.

In fact, the whole point of the project is to siphon money from players through donations. The promise of a Catizen airdrop turned out to be just a bait to lure victims. Catizen tokenomics with the announced release of the internal cryptocurrency $CATS, apparently, will remain a fiction.

Thus, the exposure of the project shows that once again, under the guise of fashionable technologies and big words, a primitive scam is being carried out in the crypto industry. Be vigilant and critically evaluate such “promising” projects. After all, often behind high-flown promises lies a banal money scam.


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