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🔎 Capybara telegram bot: player reviews about coin mining, disclosure of documentation, amount of income

Capybara is a cryptocurrency game that allows gamers to receive in-game drops. The game mechanics are quite simple and common among typical tapers. The developers of Capybara are the Sui Network company, which has not provided the first clicker game to the gaming market.

📌 Today we will study the project and determine how profitable it is to invest your time and donations in the game.

🎮 Game Capybara: what is it in simple words?

Capybara on Telegram is a game where you need to feed different animals. The interface and graphics of the game are quite simple. Regular activity brings coins that accumulate on the game balance.

🌐 Social networks Capybara

The game is located on the Telegram site in the form of a bot. The Capybara ecosystem community also includes an official channel and chat. At the moment, the news public has more than 80K subscribers. The content has posts with game updates, participant ratings and upcoming competitions.

Also, the community about Capybara is maintained on the X platform, where there are more than 66K readers and posts from TG are duplicated.

📊 Prospects for the development of Capybara bot: how to earn and withdraw money?

In order to start earning money, you need to launch the Capybara bot in telegram. Mining of a virtual token occurs by performing fairly simple tasks:

  • 🟢Clicking on the screen. You can buy additional boosters, energy charges, turbo modes, so that each tap is evaluated with tenfold acceleration.
  • 🟢Increase levels and replenish food supplies. Each new rank in the game gives you 500 units of animals available for feeding.
  • 🟢An animal must always be fed.
  • 🟢Transition between leagues. The game has a tournament table and the participant who produces more coins becomes a leader, for which bonuses are awarded to his account.
  • 🟢Change locations and explore the game map. The game gives additional bonuses for your activity.
  • 🟢Create clans. Playing alone brings less profit; to farm coins faster, you need to join teams.

According to the developers, the game allows you to receive real Capybara cryptocurrency with the player’s regular participation in missions. But in reality, the bot’s prospects are cut short within the game itself. The Capybara program cannot become a unique arcade game due to great competition and financial problems. Moreover, since its inception, the project has not shared a roadmap. Rather, it indicates the lack of a precise plan overall.

📍Capybara airdrop launch: when does the listing start?

The project does not publish exact information about the launch of the listing and the cost of the coin. The game is quite new and has not been properly processed according to legal documentation. Data security and privacy do not meet the standards for entering the decentralized cryptocurrency market. Therefore, the Capybara token is still at the stage of numerous improvements. In turn, it is not possible to withdraw funds or exchange. Digital currency obtained in the gaming ecosystem can only be farmed using clicks, stored on the balance of the game wallet, or purchased with money for rapid growth.

📢 User reviews about Capybara: scam coin, hate and account blocking

Reviews of Capybara on the Internet have a different emotional character. Mostly users are dissatisfied:

  1. ✖️platform interface and low-quality graphics
  2. ✖️bugs on the part of bonus points accrual
  3. ✖️impossibility of real earnings
  4. ✖️lack of airdrop and listing
  5. ✖️the game’s ability to track location, which leads to overheating of devices

Experienced players call Capybara a primitive clicker that is unable to bring real earnings in a cryptocurrency unit. Gamers often point out that the platform affects mental health due to constant errors, which makes users nervous. In particular, if the game falls into the hands of children, the child becomes more irritated and hyperactive, which negatively affects his psyche.

In the reviews we were also able to find information that users often had their game accounts blocked, and this happened after purchasing additional equipment in the game. It turns out that the function is phantom and increasing your rank will be extremely difficult.

⁉️ Conclusion about the Capybara slipper: is it worth playing and investing in?

Definitely, the Capybara game is not at all effective for making money. We also cannot recommend it for entertainment purposes; it can cause gaming addiction and psychological disorders due to technical flaws. Cash investments in the application carry risks, since withdrawal of cryptocurrency is impossible. When working with the application, you should also take care of the security of your data, since the system is capable of collecting personal

activity on the device and track.

📌 If you have questions about developing yourself in crypto games, choosing a real promising game and you need feedback and advice, please follow the link. You can also leave your opinion about Capybara in the reviews under our review.


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