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Review of the crypto game Brrrrr game — reviews of the project, conditions for earning and withdrawing money

In 2024, the pre-launch of the new crypto game Brr Game took place on the famous Ton platform. The project differs from the usual tank battles with NFTs and from regular cryptocurrency mining. Participants in the game are encouraged to print money for themselves at zero cost. The player owns a virtual printer, on which he can earn crypto. Brrr Game is a new Telegram entertainment and is positioned by the authors as a way of additional income without investment.

StatusCrypto game
Date of foundation2024
affiliate programEarn 10% on referrals
Regulation and jurisdictionNo information
Company FeaturesCrypto mining on the Ton blockchain
Official website of the companyTelegram bot @brrrrrgamebot
Contact detailsNone

💬Reviews from clients

The unique project has just started online, so it is impossible to assess the prospects and shortcomings of the game in detail. There are still not enough reviews about Brrrr Game in Internet communities, popular instant messengers, and forums. More user comments will appear as participants begin mining cryptocurrency in the new project.

Brrrrr game - развод

User Cyber ​​Ghost indicates that the Brr Game is not working. But other participants disagree with this statement.

Another player wonders if the money is actually being paid out. Expresses the opinion that the Brrrrrr crypto project is a fake. The participant answers that until now the money was paid in notcoins.

Brrrrr game - лохотрон

At the moment, reviews of Brrrr Game do not provide a clear understanding of whether it is realistic to receive crypto on a virtual printer using the new mining mechanics. Channels and blogs supporting the project indicate that the Tone platform has more than 400,000 members. Based on reviews of Brrrrr Game on Telegram (14 comments in total), it is difficult to judge the popularity of the crypto game.

🎯Terms of cooperation

The creators of the game Brrrr offer customers the opportunity to earn digital coins on a “printing press.” The essence of the gameplay is somewhat different from classic mining and is as follows:

  • ⚡the player has a certain amount of money in his account;
  • ⚡the user buys paper for printing on a printer;
  • ⚡the player prints money and pumps up the car;
  • ⚡completes game tasks and invites friends.

Currently, users have the opportunity to earn tokens for the airdrop. Clients receive rewards for invited referrals. The authors have not yet announced the details of the affiliate program, but there is information that you can earn 10% of their income from referrals in Brrr Game in Telegram. Only 10,000 coins are allowed to be exchanged from this balance, and the rest can be used for drops. The game will implement various tasks, but at the moment there are few of them.

Trading platformTON
Account currencyU.S. dollars
Minimum deposit amountUnknown
Financial instrumentsTokens on the Ton blockchain
affiliate programReferral program up to 10% from referrals
Earning FeaturesMining, pumping up a printer for printing cryptocurrency
Competitions and bonusesAirdrop expected

To become a participant in the Brrrr game, you need to register in the bot in Telegram. There is no separate official website; cryptocurrency is printed through a popular messenger. The authors of Brrrr invite clients to be active in the game, share referral links with friends, and receive many interesting rewards and income from referrals.

There are four boosters in the crypto game gameplay. Users need to constantly replenish paper and prevent the machine from stopping. How to play Brrr Game and upgrade your printing machine:

  • 📍 1st booster increases the consumption of paper sheets;
  • 📍 The 2nd booster increases the size of the money storage;
  • 📍 The 3rd booster expands the paper storage capacity;
  • 📍 The 4th booster increases the denomination of paper and money.

How to play Brrr Game is, in principle, clear. If you need to access the application less often, you should pump the paper evenly. Setting the printing speed will help you print money more confidently on a printer in the Brrr game on Telegram. But the function is reset to zero after leveling up the fourth skill or income from the sheet — better printer.

The larger the player’s safe, the more money can be stored in it. Paper capacity shows how many sheets the player can buy. The most important parameter for the client is income per sheet. If the balance for purchasing paper is exhausted, you need to complete the proposed tasks.

💯Expert opinion

Based on the available data, the Brrrr game in Telegram looks like a promising machine for mining cryptocurrency on the Ton blockchain. The virtual printer allows users to print money and exchange it for digital coins. The game has tasks, the list of which the developer plans to expand.

But many questions are raised by the lack of detailed information about the game, methods of withdrawing funds, and restrictions on withdrawal. There is no exact information about the upcoming airdrop or goodies for the first participants. It is assumed that a little-known project will be able to attract many referrals and receive a profitable percentage of their earnings. But similar bright prospects are promised by the authors of all services and applications. It’s too early to talk directly about fraud in the Brrrr game on Telegram; it is necessary to have more information about the performance of the project.

📝Conclusions about cooperation

Brrr Game in Telegram is a new project on the Ton platform blockchain. The application is launched via a messenger bot; there is no information about the official website. There is no detailed information about the methods of exchanging and withdrawing money, as well as registration data, jurisdiction, and contact information about the developers.

New mechanics of cryptocurrency miningThere is no information about the developers
Earning passive income onlineThere is no complete information about withdrawal methods
Simple and fast registration in the botLimit 10,000 for transferring money to a safe

Participants of the Brrrrr project are offered favorable terms of cooperation. But it is not yet possible to assess the reality of earnings. Some players indicate in the comments that the application does not start or does not work. If there are other difficulties that raise certain doubts about the transparency of the project. Online consultation our resource will help you choose a real service for making money on the Internet.


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