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Crypto game Blum — how to play and can you earn money

Bloom Crypto represents a future cryptocurrency exchange, but does not yet have the necessary functionality. Now this is a Telegram bot, which makes it possible to receive a Blum token in large quantities.

Despite the fact that the project started working recently, it has already gained great popularity. The number of users has exceeded three million. To get started you need to register. Only those who have received an invite can do this. The quantity is limited — no more than ten invites can be distributed from one person. Access to the game is organized through a bot on Telegram.

StatusCryptocurrency project
Date of foundation2024
affiliate programYes
Regulation and jurisdictionCarried out by the creators of the project
Official website of the company

To work with Blum Crypto, you need to understand what it is. In fact, we are talking about creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. At the moment, a bot has been created that works in the Telegram messenger. The organizers plan to increase the functionality of the exchange in the future.

For Blum Crypto, the price is not yet known. It will be possible to talk about it as the cryptocurrency further develops. The authors of Blum Binance were former employees of the famous exchange, which gave some hope for the successful development of Blum Coin.

Some may consider the restrictions unfair, but this allows you to attract more media personalities to the project to maximize its popularity. In the coming months, the project will probably abandon the use of invites, which will allow the number of its users to grow more actively.

Bloom crypto can be obtained in several ways:

  • ⚡ One of the easiest ways is mining Blum Points. To do this, you need to press the corresponding button at least once within 8 hours. After this, mining is carried out, as a result of which the player is credited with tokens.
  • ⚡ There is a profitable affiliate program. Cryptocurrency is awarded for inviting referrals.
  • ⚡ Blum cryptocurrency is awarded for gaming activity. In the game, snowflakes or bombs fall randomly on the screen. When you click on the first, you receive tokens, and when you click on the second, you lose them.
  • ⚡ Receive rewards in Blum Telegram for completing simple tasks.
  • ⚡ In some situations, additional bonuses are available to players. This possibility exists when logging into the game daily.

One of the most important questions when working with Blum Crypto remains how to withdraw money. With the further development of the project, it is planned to introduce various improvements:

  • 📌 A multi-currency wallet with full exchange and trading capabilities will be organized. Adding the ability to receive other types of cryptocurrency tokens.
  • 📌 In Blum Crypto Bot you can create teams to compete to win the game.
  • 📌 It is expected that when collecting snowflakes in the game it will be possible to receive other types of cryptocurrency.
  • 📌 It is planned to introduce rewards for completing quests and completing tasks of various cryptocurrency tokens.

Over time, the platform in question may become an exchange that will provide clients with all the necessary capabilities, but so far not much has been done in this direction. It’s more about plans than about a working exchange with access to various cryptocurrencies.

📜 Reviews from clients

The client says that we are talking about a simple computer game in which you can earn cryptocurrency using this service by tapping on the screen. Mining, a simple game, and also earnings by bringing new clients are available here. A small income cannot yet be withdrawn, but in the future it is possible that such an opportunity will be provided.

Развод Blum

At first glance, the game review looks very attractive — here you can simply tap on the screen, which should eventually bring in income. Now we can only talk about the convenience of the interface; withdrawal of funds is not yet available. Users are offered to play, with the promise that over time they will receive income in the form of the cryptocurrency in question. But it is not yet known when the listing will take place, or whether it will happen at all. Also, nothing can be said in advance about the value that such coins will have.

Жалобы на Blum

🖊️ Terms of cooperation

To take part in the extraction of tokens using the Blum bot, you must register an account. It is carried out on the basis of an invite received from an existing participant in the project. One player can issue no more than ten invites.

AccountsAccounts can only be obtained through invites
Account currencyCryptocurrency tokens
Deposit/withdrawalNot provided
Minimum deposit amountAbsent
Min order0.1 lot
Financial instrumentsCryptocurrency tokens
Affiliate programYes
Order executionInstant
Trading FeaturesThe cryptocurrency project makes it possible to earn tokens in various ways. The possibility of withdrawing funds is planned to be organized in the future
Competitions and bonusesThe game provides for earning tokens through gaming activity

This restriction of access to Blum Telegram is organized in order to ensure that those who are passionate about the game and effectively strive to perform all necessary types of activity. Otherwise, the risk of spammers appearing here increases. When it is not just a game, but a Blum crypto exchange, there will be more opportunities for clients.

👉Expert opinion

This cryptocurrency project provides the opportunity for participants to receive tokens. The more actively they use various methods, the greater their number. Coins cannot be withdrawn at this time. This opportunity will arise after the listing, but its date is still unknown. Reviews of Blum say that although enthusiasts expect it to be successful, some have lost faith in it, considering the crypto game a scam.

Similar cryptocurrency projects have been successfulListing date unknown
Simple organization of receiving tokensThere is no way to withdraw money yet
Famous people who have previously earned authority are involved in the projectThere are no guarantees that the efforts spent on this crypto game will bring real benefits
Potential opportunity to withdraw tokens in the future

A relatively simple process makes it possible to obtain a significant number of tokens. The uncertainty in the status of this cryptocurrency can be considered as a disadvantage. It is not yet known when the listing will take place. And without listing, tokens will remain only game symbols. The success of similar projects inspires hope that this cryptocurrency will gain popularity and help participants receive significant income. At the moment this remains a matter of the future. Players spend their time and effort to ensure that these tokens gain popularity and market value. There is such a possibility, but there are no concrete guarantees. Reviews show the attitude of the majority of clients towards this project.

▶️ Conclusions about cooperation

The cryptocurrency game offers the opportunity to earn tokens, but there remains uncertainty about whether they can ever be converted into money. On the other hand, it is really possible that the earned Blum coin will be withdrawn and exchanged through the internal wallet of the project. The planned improvements promise to add significant improvements to the project, which will attract many new users in the future.

These plans look attractive to users, but in the future the creators of the project will have a lot of work to do to achieve their goals. The truth is that now we are talking only about plans. Those who believe in the project can start earning tokens, but there are no guarantees of the real possibility of withdrawing crypto tokens in the future. When working with Blum, it is important to know how to withdraw money. This issue will be resolved taking into account when Blum has a listing and drop.

To be successful in working with cryptocurrencies, it is wise to rely on the help of professionals. Sign up for a consultation now to build effective work with Blum, you can visit our website.


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