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“Block Force”, which dropped anchor on the site, calls itself the largest manager cryptocurrency fund U.S.A. He rustles about 5 years of experience working with Bitcoin and altcoins, a large selection of investment instruments, and a professional team. At the same time, he is unable to explain why a real project on needs another site.

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Dodger from did not provide registration information. Only an address in San Diego is provided. It is important to understand: this is clearly not enough to ensure the legality of the work.

Year of foundation2024th
affiliate programEat
Company FeaturesFraudsters specializing in scamming Russians have created a website clone of an American crypto fund. There are no documents. Lured through Telegram
ContactsCountry: USCity: San DiegoAddress: 402 West Broadway, Suite 920 Phone: +1 (619) 340 0660

The dodger doesn’t even mention the license. He hides the information that he has the right to accept investments, because this is an illegal office created for divorce.

The project promises access to a wide range of cryptocurrency financial assets, which make it possible to diversify the portfolio. At the same time, there is not a single list of tools on its official website. Missing:

  • 🔴 examples of investment portfolios;
  • 🔴 profitability charts for past periods.

This also warns of fraud.

There are no specifications. The dodger does not say how much, at what percentage, or for what period of time he proposes to invest the cabbage. This is one of the differences between and the site it copies.

Information about supported payment systems is available only after registration on the site. This is another sign of a scammer. What is known is that the project has established a withdrawal fee of 2.5%. This is in addition to what payment systems charge.

Reviews about BlockforceCapital

When this review was being prepared, o BlockforceCapital there was only one review on on the site A person who works as an investment chat admin spoke there. He said: the entire feed was filled with advertising for this pyramid.

The author of the review warns: the site belongs to scammers. It’s phishing 🎣. A real web resource managed by a real American fund – The man calls for spreading information about the swindler as much as possible, since few people know what kind of fruit it is.

Жалобы на Blockforce Capital

Although the BlokforsCapital scam has been operating since the beginning of 2024, there are surprisingly few reviews about it on the Internet. They are practically absent. This may indicate that the pyramid was not successful or that it has such a long investment period that people have not yet realized that nothing will be given to them.

😏💲👛 RReal Blockforce Capital offers investments for a period of 12 months. The scammer can do the same.

Terms of cooperation. TOwhat kind investments offers BlockforceCapital? has a very simple investment scheme. Need to:

  1. Complete registration ✔️.
  2. Select a tariff plan ✔️.
  3. Invest money ✔️.

The scam website does not contain detailed information about current tariffs or return on investment.

The range of assets in which the pyramid encourages investors to invest are cryptocurrencies and derivative financial instruments. Lovchila floods: invests in short-term transactions. That is, at a minimum, it deals with the derivatives market of crypto assets: futures, options. In the worst case scenario, with contracts for difference.

There are no details on the sharashka website about financial instruments or investment conditions. This should raise suspicions. An investor should not trust money to an office that is not even able to explain what it will invest it in.

The lack of data on tariffs is not typical for financial pyramids. HYIPs usually promise sky-high percentages to lure investors. The hero of our review parasitizes on the reputation of a real company.

😏💲👛 Attention: everything HYIPs that hide the return on investment and do not give details about their services are even less trustworthy than classic pyramids. Such garbage dumps are definitely not going to pay.

Registration, regulation

“Block Force Group” runs a phishing site modeled after Blockforce Capital’s In particular, the scammer indicates the address of a genuine organization, its contact phone number, and links to accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Crunchbase. The only contacts related to the scam that has taken root on are Telegram channels and email [email protected].

The owners of are not registered. This is easy to check. Just enter the address in San Diego and the name of the company indicated on the website into the search. This will bring up a card on Google. There is a link to the website. She runs There is no connection with

Blockforce Capital кидала

😏💲👛 It turns out, “Block Force Group” has no relation to the real company. Run by 100% illegals. The dodger has a gap instead of a license to accept client investments. There is no permission to trade cryptocurrency derivatives. This means that there are no guarantees of the safety of funds.

How BlokforsCapital got scammedandtons of people for money

The people behind BlockforceCapitalscammers have created a phishing site and are looking for victims through Telegram channels. They distribute referral links and constantly lure newcomers.

When a person lands on the BlokforsCapital website, he is asked to register. Afterwards, the poor guy sends the money to an anonymous wallet or bank card. There is no publicly available information about payment methods, and account details for storing client funds are not indicated. This is because all the cabbage is immediately stolen.

The victim is offered to take part in an affiliate program. The reward is not too generous – 5% commission. Many pyramid schemes give affiliate program participants 8-11%. even got greedy here.

Blockforce Capital скам-проект

😏💲👛 There is an opinion: behind “Block Force” scammers scam people into long-term investments. We are talking about a period of 6–12 months. This is the only explanation for why the scam didn’t disappear and the Internet isn’t boiling with negative reviews. When the time comes to pay, the scammers will simply disappear.

Expert opinion

Official site BlockforceGroup ( registered in December 2023. He has no documents confirming his legal status. Another project almost completely copies BlockforceCapital official website — Uses his social networks and contact phone number.

Russian-language supportNo documents
Phishing site
Investors’ money is not involved in investments

The audit only proved: was created by swindlers who are scamming Russians. This can be seen from the RU version of the site and the lack of details about investments. There is a pyramid in front of us. Behind it are scammers who are not going to pay. You can’t give them a cent.

Is it worth investing through

The mere fact that the owners of stole information from another site warns louder than dozens of reviews that you should not contact them. Nobody makes clones and then works honestly. Rating Forex’s advice is to stay away from this trap as much as possible. There is not a single piece of evidence that he actually pays.

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