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Bitton — a scam or a promising crypto game?

Tapalka Bitton is an exciting game built right into Telegram and focused on the world of cryptocurrencies. During the game, participants can mine Satoshi tokens, which can then be converted into Bitcoin. In addition, players can mine BTN tokens, which are currently not available for trading on exchanges.

The main attraction of the game is the Bitton withdrawal option, which provides real value and motivates participants. In addition, the project promises to distribute BTN tokens to participants through an airdrop, which adds an additional element of anticipation and potential benefit for players. However, when exactly this will happen is not yet known. In our Bitton review, we will try to determine whether the clicker is worth trusting.

Trading platformUnknown
AccountsNot provided
Account currencyBitton
Deposit/withdrawalBTN, USDT
Minimum deposit amountUnknown
Financial instrumentsBTN
affiliate programAvailable
Order executionUnknown
Trading FeaturesNot provided
Competitions and bonusesYes

The developers of Bitton on Telegram claim that their application offers users something new. Instead of the usual finger tap on the screen, each tap becomes a step towards an upgrade in the world of cryptocurrency coins. The Bitton game can be compared to the famous “Notcoin”. Both games allow users to tap coins to earn cryptocurrency. However, the new Bitton slipper does not have any clear distinctive advantages and does not stand out for its unique coins or high yields.

The name of the token “Bitton” combines two well-known platforms: Bitcoin and TON (Toncoin). The development team remains a mystery, but the project presentation mentions the public person responsible for promoting the Bitton crypto, Aldar Rabdanov. It is interesting that his name appeared only in the first version of the document, and in subsequent versions there is no mention of him.

💬Real reviews of Bitton from customers

Reviews about Bitton on Telegram are mostly negative. Many immediately suspect him of fraud, similar to the Blum project. Users express doubts about the possibility of accumulating even a small amount, for example, $10, due to the long payback period and low profitability of the project. They point out that the investments made in this project are not generating the expected returns and believe that the investment in Bitton is simply not worth it.

Крипто игра Bitton - лохотрон

However, supporters of the service, especially referrals, actively defend the Bitton project. They are interested in attracting new members and making money on the investments of their referrals. These users emphasize that with the right approach and active participation, you can achieve success and earn significant amounts of money. They claim that negative reviews of the Bitton taper come from those who did not show due patience or were unable to properly use the project’s capabilities.

Крипто игра Bitton обман

Some users, having made their own calculations, came to the conclusion that the service has a low return on investment. They analyzed Bitton’s financial model and concluded that it would take too much time and effort to generate significant income. These users believe that there are more profitable and reliable ways to invest than participating in this application.

ℹ️How to play Bitton bot: terms of cooperation

Bitton Clicker follows the standard concept where the user earns rewards by clicking on a coin. It is important to note that tokens can only be obtained through participation in Bitton mining, they cannot be purchased. The application interface is familiar from similar games: each click costs attempts, which are restored over time.

StatusCrypto game
Date of foundation2021
affiliate programAvailable
Regulation and jurisdictionUnknown
Company FeaturesNo KYC/AML required
Contact details, chat —

During the mining process, the player receives two main rewards:

  • 🔹 Balance from below. Reflects the amount of Satoshi earned. Each click brings the player a portion of Bitcoin. The rewards are small, but the actions are simple. A standard profile without improvements allows you to earn approximately 100 rubles per month, which does not even cover the average transfer fee in the BTC system.
  • 🔹 Balance on top. Displays energy level. The number of local BTN tokens received depends on it. The higher the energy level, the more coins the system issues. However, the specific application of the tokens is not yet clear.

It’s easy to start mining: just launch the Bitton application and start tapping. It is important to note the presence of a referral system. To register, you must use a referral invitation and subscribe to the Bitton bot news channel in Telegram.

❕Expert opinion

Bitton, integrated into Telegram and offering users the opportunity to mine cryptocurrency through gameplay, may seem attractive at first glance. However, upon deeper analysis, several serious shortcomings can be identified that make participation in this project unjustified.

Firstly, it will take about 2500 days (almost 7 years) to earn $100. This is completely disproportionate to the effort and time spent on participating in the tapalka. Such a long payback period clearly does not meet the expectations of most users seeking faster and more significant financial results.

Secondly, the BTN tokens promised as an airdrop are not currently trading. There is no guarantee that they will have significant value in the future. This creates a high risk that the time and money invested will not pay off. You should also keep in mind that the cryptocurrency market is very volatile and unpredictable.

In addition, the service is highly dependent on the Bitcoin exchange rate and the success of the application itself. Any negative changes, for example, a drop in the price of Bitcoin or problems in the project itself, can significantly reduce profitability or even make the service unprofitable. This adds another layer of risk for users who rely on a stable income.

No registration required, KYC/AMLNo information on regulation and jurisdiction
Easy to start playingThere is only one crypto asset available — BTN
Bonus available from Bitton referral link depositsSigns of a pyramid

❎Conclusions about cooperation

If for 1000 units of energy we get 33 satoshi, which is equivalent to 2 cents at the current Bitcoin rate, then it will take approximately 5000 days to earn $100 under the terms of the service.

Despite the possibility of receiving additional energy for participating in various activities, the project still requires a significant time investment. The main goal is to motivate users to purchase NFTs to increase income, but even this will take a significant amount of time.

For example, when purchasing the most expensive NFT for $5,000, the user will have access to 30,000 units of energy per day. This will allow you to earn 990 satoshi or $0.67 per day. It will take about 150 days to accumulate the minimum amount for withdrawal. It will take approximately 7,462 days to recoup an initial investment of $5,000. Even if the Bitcoin price doubles, it will still take more than a year to achieve profit.

Real earnings are possible only for participants using the Bitton referral link, who receive a percentage of the replenishment of their referrals. You should not expect significant income from Bitton cryptocurrency airdrops, since it does not bring significant income.

Often, projects of this kind turn out to be fraudulent or ineffective, which leads to loss of time and money for users. To avoid falling for such schemes, you should seek help and advice to our specialists. They will provide you with qualified assistance and advise on all issues.


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