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Avacoin crypto game review — analysis, gameplay and reviews

Avacoin is a crypto game on Telegram where users can mine virtual gold with clicks on the screen. The project will be launched in the summer of 2023. Reviews of Avacoin indicate that the clicker promises its participants the opportunity to earn real money through in-game activity. To understand what Avacoin is, you only need to play clickers once. These games offer users to mine coins by tapping and receive points for this, which can then be exchanged for tokens.

Date of foundationSummer 2023
Company FeaturesThe developers are anonymous, there is no official website
Contact detailsSupport only via Telegram bot

The project provides a simple and accessible way to earn money through the game, but in practice, many encounter difficulties in withdrawing funds and delays, which raises doubts about its reliability and questions whether Avacoin is a scam or not.

Let’s take a closer look at how to play Avacoin. The game begins by connecting to a bot in Telegram. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Launch the bot via the link in the official Telegram channel or enter the request Avacoin bot.
  2. Register by following the instructions to create your account.
  3. Start mining by clicking on the coin image. Each click earns points, which are called gold dust. You can mine up to 7,500 coins for free per day.

Main functions and capabilities:

  • Mining. If you have been wondering how to mine Avacoin, the process is simple. You just need to click on the coins to collect points. The Telegram bot provides instructions for starting the game.
  • Guilds and quests. Join guilds and complete tasks to increase your earnings.
  • Boosters. For faster farming, you can purchase boosters for real money, which will allow you to collect coins faster. Unlike other projects such as Notcoin, boosters here are purchased with real money, which is questionable.

The app is based on a Pay-to-click model, which means players earn coins for every click. These coins can be exchanged for real money, but how to withdraw Avacoin is a question to which there is no clear answer yet. Many users report that they are encountering technical problems and delays when trying to withdraw coins. Reviews of the Avacoin game on Telegram show that users face numerous obstacles when trying to withdraw their earned coins.

Avacoin is not listed on major exchanges, which limits the ability to exchange tokens for recognized cryptocurrencies. Withdrawals are carried out through a Telegram bot, but how to withdraw Avacoin remains a difficult question for many users. There are numerous reviews indicating that this process is often subject to unreasonable delays or does not occur at all.

There are also some conditions. Tokens can be obtained through gameplay, but a minimum of 400,000 coins is required to be withdrawn, which is equivalent to approximately $65 USD. This means that players need to accumulate coins daily and reach the withdrawal threshold over a long period of time.

Negative reviews show that many users are unable to withdraw their funds after reaching the required number of coins. The lack of an official website and reliable support service makes solving these problems difficult and often impossible.

⚠️ Reviews from clients

The project has a large number of negative reviews from users, which highlight the main problems inherent in this crypto game. One of the most common complaints is the presence of technical problems: the application often freezes, does not maintain balance and requires constant reboots. This creates serious inconvenience for players and causes dissatisfaction.

Other users have expressed dissatisfaction with hidden fees that appear after a certain period of free use. Many of them believe that the game requires depositing real money to continue mining, which is perceived as cheating. Users feel that they are attracted by promises of free earnings, but in reality the game forces them to make additional payments.

Numerous reviews also point to ineffective gameplay. Some players claim that despite all the effort spent on mining, the results achieved do not justify the time spent. They are faced with the need to collect a large number of coins for withdrawal, which takes significantly longer than expected.

Overall, the clicker is a huge disappointment for users, as the combination of technical problems, hidden fees, and a long development process makes the game unattractive and suspicious. Most reviews emphasize that the project does not live up to its stated promises and Avacoin is more like a scam than a real opportunity to make money.

📝 Terms of cooperation

To participate in the game you need:

  1. ✅Connect to Telegram bot.
  2. ✅Register and confirm your account.
  3. ✅Start mining in Avacoin and accumulate 7500 coins per day. To receive money, you need to accumulate at least 400,000 coins.
  4. ✅Apply for withdrawal of funds through the bot. Withdrawals are made in USDT via the BEP-20 network.

However, in reality we see that the Avacoin bot is a virtual game with real elements of financial transactions, but without sufficient support and transparency. The anonymous founders and lack of an official website make it difficult to get reliable information about the project, which is a red flag. Numerous reviews indicate problems with payments. For accelerated farming, it is necessary to buy boosters for real money, which raises additional questions about the fairness of the project.

Deposit/withdrawalUSDT via BEP-20
Minimum withdrawal amount400,000 coins (~$65 USD)
Game typeClicker
FunctionsMining, guilds, tasks, boosters
BoostersPaid, increases mining speed
affiliate programNo

💼Expert opinion

Projects like the one described often use attractive promises to attract users, but in practice fail to deliver on their promises. What is Avacoin? It’s a clicker that is unlikely to let you make money. You should be wary of such projects, especially if they do not provide transparent and clear conditions for withdrawal of funds.

A simple and affordable way of miningLack of official website
Opportunity to receive rewardsAnonymity of the founders
Fast learning and interfaceQuestionable payment policy
Integration with the gold rateNumerous negative reviews

📎Conclusions about cooperation

Avacoin on Telegram is a typical example of a project that attracts users with the opportunity to earn money, but does not provide transparent conditions for this. The anonymity of the founders and the lack of reliable contacts add negative characteristics to the project. Avacoin pays its users, but there are often problems with withdrawals, making participation risky. Contact us for help to ask a question to a specialist and learn how to work with cryptocurrencies and investments.


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