Anticrisis Money Scam – Victim Reviews and Strategies to Avoid the Fraud

Year of establishment 2021
Affiliate Program 
Regulation and Jurisdiction Russia 
Company features The “Anticrisis” program offers loan assistance but leads to high-interest microfinance organizations (MFOs). Managed by Vadim Mikhailovich Portnov, it exists primarily for advertising, earning from referrals to these MFOs. It typically promises guaranteed loans, often with exorbitant rates, exploiting those with poor credit histories. While not the worst, many similar bots engage in data theft and fraud, with some even taking out loans in the names of unwary individuals.
Contact information Country: RussiaCity: VolgogradAddress: 51st Guards Street, Building 38Phone: –
Loans are available. Loan terms are unfavorable.
Bots don’t guarantee loan issuance.
Some bots are fraudulent, stealing money.

Reviews about «Anticrisis» program

As of this review, “Anticrisis” on VKontakte had over 7,000 followers, with posts garnering over a million views, but comments were disabled. There’s a scarcity of genuine reviews since most people don’t realize loan bots are pushing referral links. Many online reviews, seemingly fabricated, praise these bots for financial aid in tough times, despite the high repayment costs. Rating Forex found a few real reviews; for instance, one user on complained about borrowing 7,000 rubles through “Anticrisis,” now struggling to repay as the amount could inflate to 40,000 rubles due to accumulating interest, facing aggressive debt collection practices.

Reviews about «Anticrisis» program

One person learned the hard way that loan bots are often spam. He lost money from their card without receiving a loan, causing significant distress as it was their last bit for food. Another individual, having borrowed small amounts from multiple online MFOs, decided not to repay, believing no formal agreement was made.

Cooperation terms 

Investing in the “Anticrisis” program is not possible; rather, it offers assistance in obtaining loans. The loan application process appears simple, offering five choices: “Fast Loan!”, “Loan Without Overpayments!”, “Guaranteed Loan Approval!”, “Loan to Card or Account!”, and “Loan in 5 Minutes!”. However, there are no detailed descriptions, and customers must follow instructions after selecting an option.

Rating Forex notes that MFOs don’t offer interest-free loans and typically charge high rates to mitigate risks. After selecting a service, customers complete a form and receive a list of MFOs likely to grant a loan, without any credit history check by the bot.

“Anticrisis” generates income by providing referral links to its partner MFOs. A recent VKontakte post listed partners like LLC MFO “GREENMONEY,” “Rusinterfinance,” and “Zaymer,” all offering interest-free initial loans if repaid promptly. However, these loans have short repayment periods, followed by high interest and penalties.

For instance, “Zaymer” charges 292% annual interest, not including penalties that can exceed 1.5 times the loan amount, amounting to an additional 450% annually.


The “Anticrisis” project is managed by individual entrepreneur Vadim Mikhailovich Portnov, registered under OGRNIP 321344300039686. This entity is officially registered in 2021, located at 51st Guards Street, Building 38, Volgograd. Its sole registered business activity is advertising.


“Anticrisis” offers no informational support or services related to finding credit institutions; its focus is solely on advertising, specifically promoting MFOs for referral commissions. It’s impossible to accuse them of dishonest advertising, as they fulfill their promise of providing contacts of lenders.

How loan-bots deceive users for money?

Programs like “Anticrisis” can be developed for various purposes. Compared to others, “Anticrisis” is relatively harmless, merely providing contacts of MFOs for a commission. Borrowers can avoid issues if they repay on time. However, Rating Forex warns against sharing personal data like full name, contact details, and passport numbers with such bots, as it can lead to misuse by malefactors.

Beyond regular bots that earn through referrals, there are more deceitful scammers. Some platforms not only assist in obtaining loans but also enroll users in paid subscriptions, quietly deducting fees from their accounts. Often, victims don’t notice these small deductions.

The worst among loan bots are those that take out loans using clients’ personal data, keeping the funds for themselves. 

Rating Forex alerts that such schemes can trap victims in huge debts, realized too late as hefty interests accumulate and debt collectors become involved. Their lawyers offer immediate and free assistance, working to recover funds from the broker, even in complex situations.

To wrap up 

Bots claiming to help secure guaranteed loans, like “Anticrisis,” are often scams. Any MFO with exorbitant interest rates will lend to almost anyone, rendering such intermediaries pointless.

It’s crucial to understand that clients indirectly pay for the bot’s services through the MFO’s interest rates, which include the cost of advertising. Programs like “Anticrisis” don’t offer any real value; they simply promote companies willing to pay them.

These bots don’t conduct client checks, so they can’t truly know if an MFO will grant a loan; it entirely depends on the applicant. Furthermore, “Anticrisis” itself admits that it’s the lending organization, not the bot, that conducts any necessary checks. This raises questions about the bot’s actual usefulness or purpose.


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