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🔍 Addex Airdrop Coin app review: reviews about Telegram Bot

Addex Airdrop is a unique gaming platform where free coins are distributed. Addex is a team of various gaming experts. This includes:

  • 📍marketers
  • 📍developers
  • 📍CEO
  • 📍technical analysis specialists

Administrators deal with protocols for withdrawing coins on the crypto-game market, PR and pumping. The company calls the Addex coin a highly technical and promising digital currency, which should soon equalize its capabilities with other popular cryptocurrencies. Therefore, at the moment the team is awarding tokens just like that and for simple actions using a bot.

💬 Today we will find out how profitable it will be to invest in this startup and what to expect in the future.

💻 Stated advantages of the company

Addex Airdrop coin was made at the Solana Ball, the official website lists the following features of the project:

  • 🟢The coin has a high perspective and works with popular tapers on Web2 and Web3 programs
  • 🟢There is an opportunity to earn money without paying withdrawal fees
  • 🟢Automatic accrual is carried out daily. The artificial intelligence of the program independently places bets, which bring profit to a USDT wallet from which it is possible to make a conversion or withdrawal.
  • 🟢The community has prompt and round-the-clock support, and also provides the opportunity to use your personal account from your phone using a cryptobot.
  • 🟢Cryptocurrency storage is possible through Phantom\Trust Wallet wallets
  • 🟢Adex Airdrop technology has already reached 296 mining participants, who have earned more than 25 million coins.

Most of the listed points have not yet been implemented. Therefore, it is too early to talk about the perfection of the platform.

💰 Addex Airdrop roadmap: how to earn and withdraw a token?

In 2024, the company plans to resolve all issues related to the mechanical and financial aspects of the project in order to provide customers with full functionality. At the moment, the possibility of real earnings on the platform is being actively organized. You can collect tokens using the referral program. By inviting friends, you can receive generous bonuses according to the financial pyramid system, like this:

  1. For a third level referral you can earn +1% USDT
  2. For a second level referral you can earn +2% USDT
  3. For inviting from 15 to 50 users, you will be awarded from 150 Addex
  4. For activating the bot and registering a referral, you will be awarded from 60 Addex
  5. Daily income from the amount of referral income is accrued in the amount of +5% USDT

There are also a couple of methods that also guarantee earning coins:

  • ✔️activation of personal account
  • ✔️account replenishment
  • ✔️staking via telegram bot

After receiving coins, you can accumulate them on your balance, thereby increasing the level of daily income, or apply for a withdrawal of funds. The minimum amount must exceed 2000 coins. Withdrawal processing takes 24 hours.

🎮 How does addexdrop_bot work in telegram?

Addexdrop bot in telegram has a standard interface where you can select a language and start earning money. For launch, the user immediately receives 200 coins to his account. Sections available in the menu:

  • Balance. There are two coin withdrawal methods available in this section. If you contact your email, you can receive a withdrawal for staking. To withdraw to a wallet, you need to go to your personal account on the website.
  • Invite. After clicking, you will have access to an individual link to invite friends and referrals.
  • Read more. In this menu, you can join the project’s chat and telegram channel, find out details about the coin, and change the bot’s language.

It is important to consider that when connecting a bot, it requests personal data and IP address, which may affect the operation of your device.

🗣 Addex Airdrop Listing and Legal Documentation: Scam Exposed

All Addex Airdrop resources indicate that the company is already working with the withdrawal of funds, but we were able to find information that the listing will only be launched in November. Adex has not yet issued permission to work with payments. It turns out that the company relies solely on charisma and the talent of persuasion; in reality, no payments are made.

Developers are attracting investors to invest in the coin to create high demand, which will entail an increase in the price of the digital coin. But such artificial excitement on exchanges is regarded as fraud and can be blocked. The location of the company is unknown; the information on the office location on the website could not be confirmed. Statistics on tokenomics also remain phantom, because the developer does not provide real reports on work since the date of domain registration.

📢 Reviews of Addex Airdrop on thematic sites and forums

Opinions on the Internet are quite diverse. After all, the company is not theirs

does not have a proper position in the market, but only “feeds” crypto gamers with promises about the high success of the coin.

Therefore, users are not decisive in their actions regarding Addex Airdrop.

Some reviews claim that Addex is a fraudulent project that has the structure of a financial pyramid and will not bring profit in the future. Others believe in the company’s payout promises and even invest their own capital for the benefit of the company. But the majority of opinions still point to the problems of the project and the unavailability of payments in the plus equivalent.

🧮 Let’s sum it up

Addex has prospects for its own monetization; for this, developers are ready to invest in advertising, PR of the company, promise coins and a quick listing. But in fact, the company has discovered quite a few disadvantages, which we urge you to pay attention to:

✖️Addex conducts its activities anonymously.

✖️False information about withdrawals

✖️Negative reviews on forums

✖️Financial pyramid

The Addex project has all the risks of falling apart at any moment; it’s enough just to start losing coverage and referral agreements.

📌 Please write us your review if you have collaborated with Addex. You can also leave questions so that our experts in the field of crypto games can help you choose an honest and reliable platform for real earnings.


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