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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Review of the VTB 24 Forex project - scammers pretend to be a subsidiary of a large bank, reviews of the drain broker

    A fake company that is trying to pretend to be a large domestic service provider in the trading segment. 



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Moscow, ext. ter. Presnensky municipal district, emb. Presnenskaya, building 10, building 1, floor 39, room. I.

    8 (800) 333-24-24, +7 (495) 797-93-48 (for individuals).


    • Legality
    • Reputation
    • Terms of trade
    • Fake project
    • Problematic service
    • Negative reviews
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts





    Bank transfer, electronic systems, bank cards

    Min Deposit




    Min order

    0,1 lot


    1 pips

    Financial Instruments

    Currency pairs, metals, indices, futures

    Trading Features

    ECN system for servicing corporations, treasuries, brokers, banks, funds

    Divorce algorithm

    Now we invite you to get acquainted with how the office scams clients out of money:

    • aggressive advertising campaign. Used for psychological pressure on clients;
    • imitation of trading activities. Manipulating the operation of the trading terminal;
    • charging excessive commissions and fines. The dimensions significantly exceed those specified in the offer agreement;
    • blocking of trading accounts. For reasons of violation of the terms of cooperation.

    Using the name of a major brand allows a company to attract the attention of customers and easily gain trust. Therefore, cooperation with the service will only lead to losses.

    Analysis of the history of the formation of VTB 24 Forex

    PThe VTB 24 Forex project was created with the aim of associating itself with a famous Russian brand, but in fact has nothing to do with it. The founders of the project used a familiar name to attract the trust of potential clients, trying to win their loyalty. The project was founded in 2022. Registered in Russia. There are no licenses, which is a critical sign of unreliability.

    The goal of the project was apparently to use a well-known brand to attract attention and trust from customers. However, instead of providing legitimate financial services, the project was aimed at fraudulent activities. The lack of licenses and financial regulation, as well as the anonymity of the owners and lack of transparency in financial reporting, indicate that the project was not intended for legitimate Forex trading.

    The VTB 24 Forex project was created for the purpose of deception and fraud, using abuse of customer trust. It has no relation to the legitimate banking brand VTB and is an example of a financial scam. It is important to be especially careful and conduct thorough due diligence before interacting with such organizations.

    Conditions for trading with fake VTB 24 Forex

    From what we have been able to find out, we know the following:

    • transaction amount: from 0.1 lot;
    • leverage: up to 1:40;
    • Withdrawal of profit: possible on the day of application and without commission;
    • available currency pairs: 24 currency pairs;
    • base account currencies: dollars, Russian rubles and euros;
    • offices: more than 600 VTB offices for processing documents;
    • platformsMetaTrader 5, available on Windows, iOS, Android.

    It is important to note here that the company has decided not to post anything about what the limit is for opening an account. There are references online to 2 thousand dollars, 5 thousand rubles and even 10 thousand rubles. In general, the amounts are different. Accordingly, in this way the company manipulates clients by setting a minimum threshold, taking into account the client’s financial capabilities.

    Financial transactions

    The company offers to replenish the balance and withdraw money hThrough VTB Bank online or offline. Deposit fees aboutnot available for ruble contributions through the VTB mobile application. For contributions in dollars/euro, a fee of 0.75% of the contribution amount is charged.Withdrawal requests submitted before 13:00 are processed on the same day. Otherwise, processing is postponed to the next day.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    On Based on the information provided on the official website of VTB 24 Forex, we can say that this is an organization with a dubious reputation, blacklisted. With a rating of just 1.3 out of 10 on independent monitoring, it is not described as a real brokerage house, but rather as a trading scam. It is noted that the company uses an aggressive advertising campaign and imitation of trading activities, including manipulating the operation of the trading terminal and charging inflated commissions and fines. It also indicates problems with the withdrawal of funds and blocking of trading accounts without good reason. And of course, we should not forget that the company uses the name of a large domestic brand.

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    Reviews about VTB 24 Forex

    Beginners in the investment segment get confused when assessing the reliability of VTB 24 Forex, reviews of a complementary nature are posted on the network, but they are associated with a real company. These are scammers who simply use the name of a well-known brand.

    Regarding the comments, in most cases, these are newcomers who fell for the persuasion of managers and contributed money to the balance sheet. Of course, no one saw the earnings, and neither did the withdrawal of funds.

    In most cases, clients were faced with a lack of withdrawal of money. The kitchen simply takes the funds and that’s it. The trader is left without funds.

    Please note that there are custom comments online. Therefore, this makes it difficult to evaluate VTB 24 Forex.

    It is important to consider that it is possible to get money back from scammers. It’s just that not all victims of divorce are willing to spend time getting acquainted with this procedure. Just for consultation write to us. Managers are ready to tell you in detail all the intricacies of chargeback.


    Here is a list of signs of divorce:

    • blacklisting. The company is listed as a suspicious and potentially fraudulent organization;
    • low rating on thematic sites and forums;
    • lack of positive feedback on withdrawals. There are no real positive reviews on the network about the possibility of successfully withdrawing earned funds. There are only custom comments;
    • using aggressive advertising and marketing methods to attract customers;
    • imitation of trading activities, this is due to the fact that the company could not obtain a license from a reliable auditor. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation did not issue the document to the fake office;
    • manipulations with the trading terminal. The presence of complaints about the terminal being twisted and the quotes not matching the real value of assets;
    • inflated commissions and fines. Accrual of commissions and fines in amounts significantly exceeding those specified in the offer agreement;
    • concealment of trading conditions;
    • doubts about legal status. Opacity and doubts in the legal aspects of the company’s activities.

    Of course, it is important to remember that the project under review uses the name of a well-known domestic brand. But, in reality, VTB 24 Forex has nothing to do with it.


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    How do customer reviews of VTB 24 Forex affect the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about VTB 24 Forex on the main page of the broker’s profile.

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