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    False project Vlom – new fake broker, reviews as proof of scam, money back

    Vlom is an intermediary company in the field of online trading. On the market for three years already. Offers over 2000 financial assets. Training and support for users by a personal manager are also provided. Favorable conditions and minimum deposit amount. There is a mobile application for continuous trading. Broker Rating experts have checked the dealing center and know how reliable it is.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines




    [email protected]

    • More than 2000 trading instruments
    • Tutorial
    • No license or regulator
    • No demo account
    • No affiliate program
    Trading Platform

    MetaTrader 5

    Types of accounts

    Beginner, Plus, Advanced, Premier, Platinum, Platinum Pro, VIP




    Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin

    Min Deposit




    Min order



    Up 1.0 pips

    Financial Instruments

    Commodities, currency pairs, stocks, precious metals

    Trading Features

    Fraudulent company operating illegally. Deceives traders and does not withdraw profits.

    Overview Vlom

    Vlom describes itself as a leading online forex and derivatives trading broker. The company is committed to providing trading conditions that meet the requirements of all investors and focuses on creating an innovative and efficient system that provides traders with the necessary tools for their trading activities. The official website of Vlom says that the service has been providing services since 2019. Moreover, during this period we managed to collect 300 thousand active clients. But a domain check showed that the site was launched only in 2001, and rebranding was carried out in 2020. Just after it, the first mentions of Vlom began to appear on the Internet and on thematic forums.

    The company emphasizes its commitment to transparency in an industry often criticized for its lack of clarity. Vlom is committed to providing reliable and fast trade execution linked to deep liquidity pools in various exchange markets.

    Vlom offers advanced trading technology, the best trading conditions and a wide range of trading products. The service claims to work with thousands of markets for trading, is ready to provide high-quality trade execution, a reliable platform, high liquidity, security of funds, low commissions, free educational tools and fast withdrawals.

    However, in the information provided on the official website of Vlom there is no information about the registration of the company, the presence or absence of a license. Apart from this, there is not a word about who launched the service and what the overall legal status of the company is.

    Terms of trade

    Now regarding what types of accounts are available to clients. The situation here is very strange, since you can see a detailed description of only the basic tariff.

    Beginner – This account is designed for those new to the financial industry and those who invest small amounts. It allows you to open an account with a low initial deposit on the VlomTrader platform. Minimum threshold is $100, VlomTrader trading platform. Lot size 0.01.

    This concludes any information, although more than 5 tariffs are still available. As you can see, there is not a word about leverage, limits on transactions, orders, spreads, etc. Vlom developers hide detailed conditions, thereby making it easier to manipulate clients in the future.

    How the office rips off money

    Opening a personal account on Vlom is a quick step to drain your deposit. Below is a diagram used by scammers to manipulate traders:

    • creating an image of a reliable broker. The company focuses on unique and personal offers for each client, creating the illusion of reliability and professionalism;
    • encouraging traders to deposit money. Managers convince clients to open accounts and deposit money into the balance, and also offer to expand the deposit to increase the expected profit;
    • fake trading. Users engage in trading that actually has no real confirmation or results;
    • problems with withdrawal of funds. All attempts to withdraw money or receive answers to requests about the status of withdrawal applications remain unsuccessful;
    • ignoring clients and blocking accounts. Managers stop responding to messages and may completely reset the deposit or block the user’s profile.

    Actually, the Vlom service simply takes users’ money. After all, she understands that there will be no sanctions or consequences for her.

    Remember that it is quite possible to return your money transferred to scammers. We are talking about launching a chargeback. The procedure is available to everyone without exception. For consultation on this topic, simply fill out the form to contact managers. Just write to us.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Founded in 2019, Vlom is a brokerage firm that has raised a number of questions regarding its reliability. According to information from the company’s website and reviews, Vlom provides intermediary services in trading on the stock exchange. But a comprehensive analysis indicates that we are dealing with a financial pyramid. The company is registered in the offshore jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which increases risks for clients, since in case of disputes there will be nowhere to turn. There is no evidence online that the company delivers even part of what it promises.

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    Review of Vlom reviews from ex-clients

    Now regarding specific stories, there were no problems finding comments here. Because the broker is really quite popular on the Internet. In most cases, traders complain about manipulation of trading conditions and lack of withdrawal of money.

    Moreover, the Vlom project apparently blocks and even deletes traders’ accounts. As a result, the money remains in the service account and that’s it.

    Of course there is no transparent trade. The quotes are fake, but this is not immediately noticeable. For example, Dmitry saw this only after 3 weeks of active trading. Of course, this led to losses.

    There are those who, before starting cooperation, looked at the lack of a license and stopped even considering the project as an option for cooperation.

    Verdict on companies Vlom Ltd

    Based on the information obtained in the process of analyzing Vlom and studying reviews of ex-clients, we have the following signs of divorce:

    • offshore registration. The company is registered offshore, which automatically indicates low reliability;
    • lack of license. Vlom does not have a brokerage license, which implies a lack of adequate financial regulation and control;
    • problems with withdrawal of funds. Many customer reviews indicate difficulties with withdrawing earned funds, as well as groundless blocking of accounts;
    • dubious reviews. The presence of a large number of positive, but similar and suspicious reviews on the Internet, which may be ordered or fake;
    • non-transparent terms of trade. Insufficiently clearly described trading conditions and lack of a complete list of trading instruments and services on the company’s website;
    • manipulative sales offers. Offers of high returns and low risks, which are often used to attract new and inexperienced traders;
    • difficulties in obtaining information about the company. Lack of transparent information about the time of creation of the company, its history and management;
    • insufficient customer support. Problems in communication with company representatives and lack of adequate support in case of questions or problems.

    All this simply indicates that Vlom does not plan to create conditions for making money.


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    How do customer reviews about Vlom affect the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. You can see all the reviews about Vlom on the company’s official website.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Vlom on the Forex Rating website?

    Register on the Forex Rating website – it’s free and takes up to 5 minutes, taking into account registration confirmation via the link that will be sent to your email. Detailed instructions on how to leave a review about Vlom can be found here.


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