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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    A cunning scam - an honest analysis of a fraudulent broker Smart rVid

    A fake broker pretends to be a real company with 4 licenses. In fact, he is engaged in divorce of Russians. Trading is simulated, prices are controlled by a scammer. This trick helps extort new deposits.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Country: Germany

    City: 80331 Munich

    Address: Viktualienmarkt 8


    • Ru-version of the site
    • Russian-speaking technical support
    • No registration, licenses
    • Transactions are not displayed, quotes are controlled by a scammer
    • Withdrawal doesn't work
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Elementary, Medium, Professional





    Min Deposit

    $ 1000





    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of stocks, indices, energy, currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices

    Mobile Trading

    Browser Terminal



    Review Smart rVid

    Thrower “Smart rVid” positions itself as a world-class broker with a unique offer for each client. Attention: he has a couple of hundred clones on the Internet.

    We are talking about one of the many sites launched by scammers to scam Russians. It is made almost like a carbon copy. May differ only in design and contacts.

    Every reviewRating Forex — pa lot exposing forex brokers with facts and reviews. Find out who is blacklisted and why. Protect your capital from scammers.

    According to Smart rVid, the registration location is Germany. A check quickly refuted this legend. The same problem with all 4 licenses that the scam allegedly has.

    In fact, this is Sharashka’s office. Rating Forex warns: it is not regulated by anyone. That is, it has no right to take money from traders.

    It is impossible to evaluate the pool of instruments. There are only types of markets. Not an ounce of specifics.

    In addition, among the financial assets there is crypt. This is concrete proof that this is a sharashkin’s office, with which there is no point in trading. Transactions do not go anywhere: neither to the real market nor to liquidity providers.

    Trading conditions are hidden. All that the official Smart rVid website gave was leverage. It is too broad for the German intermediary. Without specifications presented in the public domain, not a single experienced trader with money will even look in the direction of sharashka.

    Another secret is depositing and withdrawing money. There is absolutely nothing about them. Here’s another good reason to blacklist a fake broker.

    Terms of cooperation Smart arVid

    Smart rVid offers investments:

    • in pairs of currencies, cryptocurrencies;
    • indexes;
    • actions;
    • metals;
    • energy resources.

    At the same time, the sharashka website provides only markets. There are no specifics on the instruments. A person must first register and open a trading account. Only after this will it become clear what you can trade.

    Among the assets there is crypto. This is a sign of a scam. You won’t find crypto pairs with an honest Forex broker, because Bitcoin and altcoins do not have liquidity providers. That is, there is nowhere to display trading positions. This means that the Smart rVid scammer imitates trading and completely controls all quotes.

    Kydala offered 3 accounts for trading:

    • Elementary.
    • Medium.
    • Professional.

    Deposit requirements are $1,000, $25,000 and $50,000 respectively.

    In Elementary the leverage is 1:100. In Medium, Professional – 1:500. That is, even the lowest leverage is higher than what is allowed to be offered in Europe. Here is another proof that we have a forex kitchen without any documents.

    All accounts have instant execution of positions. Every trader should understand: this is a sign of dealing. Transactions are not released to the real market. Rating Forex will never tire of repeating: real brokers only provide market execution.

    The remaining differences between the accounts come down to the number of additional services. Starting from Medium, the fake broker allows you to trade crypto, not pay for swaps, and get a personal PAMM account. In Professional, access to indexes, a personal manager, and insurance will be added to all this.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal from Smart rVid

    Scammer, fake broker«Smart rVid» rustles about registration at the address: Viktualienmarkt 8, 80331 München, Germany. Rating Forex checked the register of legal entities in Germany. There is no Smart rVid company there.

    Another scam: he has 4 financial regulator licenses. They were issued:

    • CySEC.
    • FCA.
    • DFSA.
    • FSCA.

    It is important to understand: without registration, licenses have nowhere to come from. The fake broker is messing around again.

    The fraud is confirmed by the Russian regulator. The Central Bank blacklisted the scammer. The reason is illegal work.

    It is important to understand: the swindler cheated the Russians. One of the victims filed a complaint with the financial regulator. He dealt with him to the best of his ability.

    Withdrawal of money from Smart rVid and replenishment

    Every honest broker indicates a bank account where client capital will be stored. It also provides a pool of ways to issue an entry ticket and make a withdrawal of money, indicating commissions and transaction terms. There is nothing like this on the Smart rVid scam website.

    Like a divorce and for money«Smart rVid»

    Throwing lures patients cold calls. The numbers are obtained from databases leaked to the Internet. Fake accounts on social networks, fake advertisements on behalf of large banks and fake vacancies are very helpful in getting them.

    First, the crook collects the phones. Then the calling begins. The same patient can be treated for weeks at a time.

    The fake broker writes and calls from different contacts. His task is to promote the deposit. This tactic works. People are shelling out money.

    When a client funds an account, the beans do not go to the trading account. Every penny ends up on the scammer’s anonymous wallet or drop card. There are fake numbers in the “Personal Account”. They mean absolutely nothing.

    Afterwards the scammer begins to imitate trading. At the same time, he non-stop demands new replenishments or knocks out commissions and insurance taken from the ceiling. Sometimes you may be tempted to take out a loan from a bank for several million wooden ones and send it to deposit.

    When the beans are hatched, the final stage of divorce begins. The scam hits the chest with its heel: it will give you every penny of your money if you unfasten it for verification. Then the commission and insurance come up. Behind them are taxes. The cabbage pumping continues until the patient has nothing left to give.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official siteSmart rVid slips a fake one registration and 4 fake licenses. In addition, he is making nonsense about his 4 years of experience in the market, although in fact he started in 2024 and has already managed to cover himself with a copper basin.

    It is very important to understand: “Smart rVid” (“Smart arVid”) is 100% a scammer. If you give money to someone like that, you definitely won’t see them again.

    Real reviews are full of complaints about deception. Every, who opened”Personal account” Smart rVid, lost my capital.

    The scammer stole everything right at the start. Loot flowed into his pocket with every replenishment and every time he knocked out new deposit replenishments, commissions, insurance and other fictitious fees.

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    Reviews about Smart rVid

    Details about the money scams used by Smart ArVid are provided by honest reviews from former patients. One of the poor fellows spoke out on He warns: the scammers have a lot of clones. They were all created by the same scammers. The goal is to line your pockets. Real trading is out of the question.

    The author of the review on says: he tried to withdraw money several times. All applications were rejected. You can contact Sharashkin’s office exclusively by mail. The answer will have to wait a very long time.

    The poor guy can’t figure out what to do next. He has already passed verification. And he even paid for it. In addition, he slobbered money for services. Plus the trickster ripped off the commissions. Despite this, the scam broker does not allow you to withdraw money.

    On they often say: “Smart rVid” is similar to other Forex scams. In addition, all his licenses are a fraud and a sham.

    People are complaining about withdrawal cancellations. There’s no use complaining. The scammer says that the turnover made is not enough. Moreover, he arranges everything so that traders cannot fulfill his wishes. The bit is constantly slipping in loss trades to drain the deposit as quickly as possible.

    Complain to Rating Forex about the scamSmart rVid (“Smart rVid”) as soon as they figured out the swindler. We will return your capital quickly and for free. Don’t let the scammer get away with your capital.


    Smart rVid is not a real broker. His website didn’t even stay afloat for 12 months. The scammers behind it abandoned it after the first negative reviews and replaced it with another one in order to pump out the beans according to the old scheme.

    Anyone who has seen a site like Smart rVid will easily recognize its clones. You need to keep a pioneering distance from all of them. You definitely won’t be able to make money. Even a pro who masterfully washes will merge.


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    My brothers, I’m unlucky, I always end up scammed like this. What doesn’t save me is the fact that they are tailor-made. Don't do like me or you won't make any money. Don't mess with Smart rVid.

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    Smart rVid doesn't even smell like a good broker. His licenses are fake and the terms of trade are simply terrible, and the terminal is constantly slowing down. It’s a pity that I only realized all this when I threw in a few bucks. Otherwise I wouldn't have contacted you for sure.

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    Don't even expect anything good to happen with Smart rVid. He turned out to be a scammer, although it seems like he has so many licenses and is located in Europe. So now guess which intermediary you can trust and from whom you can tear your claws.

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    My trading experience couldn't be more sad. Not only did the scammer constantly impose strange deals on me and ask for money, but the terminal was terribly slow, so I was never able to close normally with a plus. I tried to collect the remaining $300 and they started demanding 800 from me as an insurance fee. It’s just that I didn’t notice that it would work; no one compensated for my losses even on the first transactions.

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