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    Review SberInvestments – real reviews about the return on investment

    Application SberInvestments has a rather controversial reputation. On the one hand, this is a project of the most prestigious bank in the Russian Federation, and on the other hand, it is inferior to competing brokers in terms of quality of service. Practicing traders do not recommend this software for work, since there is a high probability of being left without money.



    Year of foundation


    Legal registration and regulation

    Russia (Central Bank of the Russian Federation)

    Affiliate program




    Russia, Moscow, 117997, st. Vavilova, 19

    © 1997—2024 PJSC Sberbank.


    High commissions

    • User-friendly interface
    • License
    • Few assets
    • Negative reviews
    • High commissions
    Financial Instruments

    Stocks, bonds, futures, currencies, ETFs

    Trading platforms

    QUIK and the SberInvestments application

    Analytics and Training



    No Information

    Trust management


    Min order

    No information



    History, regulation and reputation of the broker SberInvestments

    The project is part of the global ecosystem of Sberbank. The application has established itself as one of the most popular brokers in Russia. The company received a license for brokerage activities back in 2000, which was a significant step in its development. In 2012, after a deal with the Troika Leader investment company, the brokerage company Sber CIB was created, which expanded Sber’s capabilities in the investment field.

    The peak of popularity of the investment direction came in 2017, when Russians began to actively open brokerage accounts. During the same period, the company introduced an updated mobile application, significantly improving the user experience. In 2019SberInvestments took another important step by eliminating expensive custodial services and reducing trading fees, making the company’s services more accessible to a wider range of clients.

    In the field of licensing, the company has certificates for brokerage, depository and dealer activities, issued in November 2000. These licenses confirm the right of the organization to engage in professional activities in the financial market, providing clients with reliability and protection of their interests.

    However, even the factor of legal activity is not a guarantee of stable income. Due to the introduction of sanctions, many promising tools disappeared from the application, which negatively affected its level of popularity. Today it is more profitable to open an account with a classic broker.

    The application of many prestigious awards, which indicates a high level of trust and recognition in the industry. Among them are the victory in the NAUFOR “Manager for Retail Investors” award, the title of the best bank under the responsible investment program in Russia according to Frank RG, leadership in the rating of management companies of the Moscow Exchange in terms of the number of IIS, as well as the silver prize of the international Stevie Awards competition for the investment application.

    A wide range of regalia still does not indicate leadership in the brokerage sector of the projectSberInvestments personal account It’s better not to open here, since trading conditions are not suitable for beginners due to the limited range of financial assets and high commissions.

    Ways to earn money in the application SberInvestments

    ToolsSberInvestments offer a variety of earning formats, allowing you to choose company products in accordance with their preferences and strategies. Main options:

    • clients have access to a wide range of shares of Russian and foreign companies. This allows you to diversify your portfolio by selecting securities from different economic sectors and geographic regions;
    • the ability to carry out transactions with foreign currencies. This is useful for hedging risks or for speculative transactions in the foreign exchange market;
    • the company actively promotes its own mutual funds and offers a selection of ETF funds. These instruments allow investors to participate in the securities market with a diversified portfolio managed by professionals;
    • OFZ, municipal, corporate Russian bonds and Eurobonds of domestic issuers. These securities are a more conservative investment vehicle, offering stable income in the form of coupon payments;
    • trading futures and options on stocks, commodity futures, MosPrime rate contracts, foreign currency contracts and stock indices. This provides opportunities for speculation and hedging;
    • the opportunity to participate in initial public offerings (IPOs), which may be attractive to investors seeking investment opportunities in new and high-growth companies.

    The listed proposals are mostly aimed at working in a trust management format rather than at independent trading. The professionalism of management specialists raises reasonable doubts. Therefore, investors are distrustful of the applicationSberInvestments how to make moneywhen money is managed by amateurs.

    Trading platform SberInvestments

    Trading platformSberInvesticiand is a comprehensive solution for investors, allowing them to make various types of transactions in the financial markets. The terminal is available in various formats, including a web version, a mobile application and a specialized QUIK trading terminal for more experienced users.

    Trading platform features:

    • users can easily buy and sell various financial instruments using an intuitive interface;
    • the platform provides access to various analytical tools and charts, which allows investors to conduct technical and fundamental analysis;
    • clients receive up-to-date information about market events and news, which helps them make informed investment decisions;
    • the platform allows you to customize the workspace according to user preferences, including the choice of tools, charts and analytical data;
    • the platform is integrated with other Sberbank services, which makes it easy to manage finances and investments in one place;
    • beginners are provided with educational materials and guides that help them master the basics of trading in financial markets;
    • a high level of transaction security is ensured thanks to modern encryption and authentication technologies;
    • Users can contact support to resolve technical issues or receive advice on working with the platform.

    The analytical potential of the platform is significantly lower than in the stationary terminals of the MetaTrader series. This is also an indicator that the software is geared towards passive investing, and not independent trading. This aspect should be taken into account when working withSberInvestments official website The broker trumpets only the benefits, without telling beginners anything about the very real risks.

    Why you shouldn’t use the app SberInvestments

    One of the main complaints from clients is the unstable operation of the trading software.Sberbank Investments. It is stated that the application was hastily released to the market, which led to technical glitches and difficulties in use, especially for beginners without experience of trading in financial markets.

    Users complain about the absence or incorrect display of required reporting in the application. In some cases, investors ask managers to send reports manually, but their requests are ignored.

    Scammed users report suspicious transactions in brokerage accounts that were initiated without their knowledge. The promised profit from investing in Sberbank is a myth, and most clients lose their money.

    Clients report problems with withdrawing funds, traders have to go through complex bureaucratic procedures, and as a result they do not receive the promised money. Commissions for trading operations in the Sberbank application are higher than stated, which makes it unprofitable for beginners.

    Due to sanctions imposed on the Russian banking sector, clients face restrictions on access to and withdrawal of foreign securities. Therefore, it is better to find an alternative option for trading in financial markets.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    SberInvestments is a legal and 100% certified project aimed at traders from the Russian Federation. However, the conditions for investment activity are created in such a way that Sberbank, and not private investors, earn money. High commissions literally eat up the deposits of beginners.

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    Reviews of the SberInvetitsiya application - a new generation broker or scam

    User opinions are divided. There are positive comments on RuNet, but there are still many more complaints. Investors often criticize SberInvestments reviews show real flaws in the project. Some investors consider the site to be downright crude.

    Most comments point to poor quality of service. Customers face constant delays; support may not respond to user messages for days on end. Some traders mention technical problems in the form of software errors and crashes. The app definitely lacks stability.

    One of the clients mentions losses incurred as a result of investments in mutual funds, which indicates possible risks and lack of awareness about the potential results of such investments. The general tone of the reviews indicates customer dissatisfaction with the quality of services provided by Sberbank. This includes both the general impression of visiting a company and specific aspects such as service to legal entities and individual clients.

    Positive comments relate mainly to banking services rather than investment products. Therefore, we can say with complete confidence that the brokerage division travels at the expense of the authority of the parent company.

    Based on the reviews, we can say with complete confidence that there is no point in investing money inSberInvestments review complaints confirm the lack of real opportunities for profit.


    Despite the status of a legal broker, traders are reluctant to trade in the applicationSberInvestments, because often their deposits are eaten up by large commissions. If such problems occur, write to us, our specialists will help you make a chargeback, compensating all losses to the last penny.


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    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. You can see all reviews about SberInvestments on the company profile page.

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