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    Review "RICOM-TRUST"

    Ricom Trust appeared in 1994. He is still a small broker. Its authorized capital is only ₽ 241,000. The volume of its own funds is ₽ 15.4 million. Compared to truly large intermediaries, such figures are a very weak indicator.

    At the same time, the intermediary presents itself as a market leader. It shows a reliability rating of A, which should indicate stability. Most trusted Forex brokers have a reliability rating of at least AA–. And not according to unknown rating agencies, but according to international companies.

    The official website of RICOM-TRUST did not provide a list of assets. One can only guess what instruments can be traded. Basically, the dodger focuses on trust management. Judging by the reviews, this is natural garbage. Once you connect to the manager, start auto following, instead of 60% of the profit, the trade starts to zero or even negative.

    Ricom Trust gave the trading conditions in the form of commission amounts. The fees are up to his throat. Please note: they are all large. Especially for transactions on the over-the-counter market.

    Prices for services are inflated almost 10 times compared to real intermediaries. On top of that, the trader will have to pay a fee for maintenance every month. Moreover, even if there was not a single position. Therefore, it makes no sense to enter with a small deposit.

    A big gap in the biography of the RICOM-TRUST scammer is ways to replenish and make a withdrawal. Nothing about timing either. But there are withdrawal fees. They do not need to be paid in all cases.

    For example, for withdrawing currency you will have to pay 0.5% and at least ₽ 5000. That is, there is no point in buying currency.

    Year of foundation


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    RF (Central Bank)



    Country: Russian Federation
    Moscow city
    Address: Protochny Lane, 6
    Phone: +7 (495) 921-15-55

    • License of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
    • Low entry threshold
    • Ru-support
    • Homemade, glitchy terminal
    • Inflated commissions
    • Problems with withdrawals

    “Analyst”, “Profitable”, “Personal broker”, “Support”, “Special”, “Auto-follow”


    Bank transfer

    PAMM accounts

    Trust management, copy trading


    Stocks, bonds, currencies, futures

    Liquidity Provider

    MICEX, St. Petersburg

    Trading Features

    Russian broker sells services with inflated commissions and unprofitable trust management

    Reviews about "RICOM-TRUST"

    Reviews about Ricom Trust are divided into neutral and negative. Neutrals say: the broker is nothing special. For example, on one person does not understand why they open a “Personal Account”. The earnings are very modest. It can only be considered as an alternative to a deposit in a bank.

    Most likely, the author of the review is referring to the investments that RICOM-TRUST offers to make. Rating Forex warns: the trickster really pretends that you can get a solid profit with him. In fact, reaching even a minimal profit is a great achievement.

    Отзывы о «РИКОМ-ТРАСТ»

    One of the traders talks about his experience in autofollowing. He chose to copy the most successful trader available, who supposedly earns 50–60% per annum on his strategy.

    The man began to copy transactions. The first year ended with zero soot. As it turned out, this was not a bad outcome of events. At the beginning of the second year, “the most successful trader available” lost 60% of the deposit in a couple of months.

    The author of the review saw drawdowns. I thought the manager would somehow beat them off. But that did not happen. The person assumes that a robot is trading, which is not even properly configured and does not respond to drains.

    Отзыв о «РИКОМ-ТРАСТ»

    More reviews about Ricom Trust were given by People tell very similar stories. Most are dissatisfied with the quality of technical support. She answers questions from 2 weeks to 2 months. That is, the problem cannot be solved immediately.

    Отзывы о РИКОМ-ТРАСТ

    There are complaints about management and experts. People say: it seems that RICOM-TRUST recruited schoolchildren. They know very little about the market. All their advice ends in losses. These people are simply useless. But the dodgers impose their services very aggressively.

    Another common complaint is fees. They are too high compared to other brokers. There is no explanation for such extortions. People pay money and in return receive disgusting service and support.

    Don’t let RICOM-TRUST get away with your money unpunished. Legal Department Rating Forex will take your capital for free. If you complain about being scammed, we will immediately take on the scammer. Everything stolen will be returned.

    Terms of cooperation

    RICOM-TRUST offers investments in 5 markets:

    • Stock exchange.
    • Stock OTC.
    • Urgent.
    • Foreign exchange.
    • Foreign shares in St. Petersburg.

    There is no complete list of financial assets. The trader will not understand whether the pool of instruments contains those that interest him. An honest broker does not brush aside such questions and provides complete information in the public domain. Riddles are a trick of crooks. The purpose of such a bit is to squeeze as much as possible out of everyone.

    Scam broker Ricom Trust offers 6 accounts for trading:

    • “Analyst”. Transactions with shares from 0.2%.
    • “Profitable.” Transactions with shares from 0.55%.
    • “Personal Broker” Transactions with shares from 0.29%.
    • “Escort”. Transactions with shares from 0.8%.
    • “Special”. Transactions with shares from 1.7%.
    • “Auto-follow”. 0.1% of asset value.

    That is, our hero offers to give him cabbage to manage and takes a fee not from the profit, but from the entire depot. Nothing will stop the trickster from draining.

    Margin trading is offered at 20% per annum. Attention: RICOM-TRUST hides this by indicating the commission percentage per day.

    Depository commission – ₽ 350 per month. Charged if you get into poses. Moreover, if there were no transactions, the scam broker will still write off ₽200 just for the service.

    A segregated account in each market will cost RUB 7,000 per month. That is, there is no point in choosing this option if there is little money.

    Rating Forex warns: Sharashka has a lot of different fees. They make earnings unlikely.

    How to top up your account and withdraw money from Ricom Trust

    Terms of transactions, methods of replenishment and withdrawal, amount of commissions – all this is not on the official website of RICOM-TRUST. But there are withdrawal fees:

    • non-cash form – free;
    • cash – 0.8%;
    • in foreign currency – 0.5%, but minimum ₽ 5,000.

    There is not a single gram of information about the regulations for payments made. Here is another reason to blacklist Ricom Trust from brokers.

    Registration and regulation

    RICOM-TRUST JSC was registered in 1994. Current legal address: Moscow, Potochny Lane, 6. In 2012, the company gained access to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. A year later – to the American one.

    RICOM-TRUST JSC received 5 licenses:

    • brokerage;
    • dealer;
    • depositary;
    • for trust management;
    • for the activities of an investment adviser.

    The company can indeed offer its services to Russians and citizens of other countries. Including investment advice. But judging by the reviews, the quality of advice leaves much to be desired. There is not a single review praising the useful advice. This is for 29 years of existence.

    Like a divorceandt with Ricom Trust money

    RICOM-TRUST operates in a strict jurisdiction. Therefore, he does not engage in blatant scammers. Lovchila attracts patients through advertising. Promises rich opportunities and high incomes.

    Our hero does not go against the law that regulates advertising. That’s why he says all the time: the results for past periods, which he uses with all his might, do not guarantee a repeat of success.

    Ricom Trust has several problems. One of them is very weak technical and information support. It is very difficult to reach the support. We have to wait weeks for an answer. Sometimes – for months.

    Rating Forex warns: such a broker is definitely not suitable for speculative trading. If there are difficulties with short-term positions, they will not be resolved quickly.

    The second significant drawback is the imposition of trust management and expert consultations. This kind of scam is sold to everyone who opens their “Personal Account”.

    Reviews about RICOM-TRUST are filled with complaints: the quality of consultations and trust management is simply disgusting. The staff of the so-called broker are complete ignoramuses. Most employees don’t go to the markets. All they can do is read from a piece of paper the plan for selling trust management.

    The biggest disadvantage of Ricom Trust is the fees. They are very big. And for no apparent reason. Sharashka is just taking money. “Personal account” needs to be opened only with a very large deposit. Otherwise, you can lose everything on commissions.

    Rating Forex warns: in such conditions, passive investments are meaningless and useless. All profits from them will go to cover expenses.

    Scam broker is not suitable:

    • For trade. Tech support is disgusting.
    • For investment activities. Inflated fees.

    That’s why the turnover is as big as a nose.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Официальный сайт «РИКОМ-ТРАСТ» (Ricom Trust) обещает инвестиционные решения с доходом до 160 % годовых. На деле выясняется: трейдеры не могут даже сохранить свой капитал. Советы экспертов шарашкиной конторы приносят один лосс.

    Вдобавок Ricom Trust выдает завышенные сборы за выгодные условия работы. Нормально заработать не получится ни у кого. Даже пассивные инвестиции в профитные финактивы приносят минимальный выхлоп из-за вороха скрытых комиссий за любой чих.

    Нет смысла открывать «Личный кабинет» у «РИКОМ-ТРАСТ». Сервис слабый. Торговые условия плохие. Ловчила не выдерживает конкуренцию с более продвинутыми брокерами. Он бросит наедине с рынком, не станет решать проблемы. Даже те, в которых сам же виноват.

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    RICOM-TRUST is a legal Russian stock broker. He has been working on the market for a very long time. He was not dragged through the courts, nor was the Russian Central Bank fined. That’s where the good news ends.

    Commissions are several times higher than average. Therefore, traders rarely stay long. Usually right up until the moment they realize that all their profit ended up in the sharashka’s pocket.

    Trust management is a drain generator. Reviews warn: cabbage will melt in unprofitable positions. In addition, commissions are off the charts just for the fact of copying transactions.

    Ricom Trust is a second-rate broker, although it has proclaimed itself one of the largest investment companies in the Russian Federation. Where are all the investors who invested in it? Why aren’t there enough reviews after 29 years of existence? It’s simple – the office is small, designed for beginners. He cleans the pockets of one and switches to the other.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about RICOM-TRUST are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with RICOM-TRUST on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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