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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    The most rotten broker on the Forex market - why Reiman Group was definitely a scam, reviews

    A scammer poses as a British broker in order to scam Russians out of money. He doesn’t have any documents.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Country: UK

    City:London SE1 9SG

    Address: 32 London Bridge St

    Telephone:+44 (208) 157-6841

    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform

    WebTrader, Desktop Trader, Mobile Trader

    Types of accounts

    Standart, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, VIP



    Min Deposit




    Min order

    0,1 pips


    15 pips

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of currencies, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, indices, raw materials, energy

    Mobile Trading

    Mobile Trader, WebTrader



    Review Reiman Group

    Reiman Group Promises a seamless trading experience across 6,100 markets. And with zero fees and low spreads. At the same time, data on other pages of the dodger’s website contradicts this.

    It turns out that you will have to trade a much smaller number of financial assets. On top of that, there are no specific specifications available.

    Honest broker rating review Very useful when you need to figure out whether the intermediary is honest or not. Check what exactly will happen if you open your “Personal Account” without handing over a penny of money. Protect yourself from scammers.

    Sharashkina toThe agency claims that it is controlled from the UK and shows some papers. It’s all just a hoax. Neither the British regulator nor the register of legal entities had ever heard of our hero.

    There is a pool of assets for trading. Only there are far from 6100 of them, as the scammer promises on the main page of his rotten website. In addition, the pool contains crypto. This refutes the tales of Sharashka’s office that she is a real broker. Such a trickster cannot bring transactions to the interbank market.

    Trading conditions are incomplete. Eat:

    • minimum position;
    • very large minimum spread;
    • prohibitive leverage, which a broker from the UK simply cannot have.

    The scammer forgot to mention about ways to top up and withdraw. There are no methods, no conditions (terms, commissions).

    Terms of cooperation

    On the home page Reiman Group you offeretc investments V6100 assets. In the “Trading Instruments” section there are completely different numbers:

    • 42 currency pairs.
    • 35 US shares.
    • 6 metals.
    • 15 cryptocurrencies.
    • 13 indexes.
    • 2 energy carriers.

    Below is a table with a list of financial assets. There are no cryptocurrencies. But there are shares of the Russian Federation. Energy resources have found their way to raw material assets. The metals have disappeared.

    To understand what exactly the Reiman Group offers to trade, you need to register and launch the trading terminal. Rating Forex reminds you: you need to run away from such a trickster. He will take all the money.

    Scam gives 6 accounts for trading:

    • Standard.
    • Bronze.
    • Silver.
    • Gold.
    • Platinum.
    • VIP.

    The entrance fee for Standard, Bronze, Silver is $2500, $10000 and $25000 respectively. In Gold, Platinum and VIP – $50,000, $100,000, $250,000.

    In Standard, the minimum spread is from 15 points. In this situation, trading is unprofitable. In more expensive accounts, the minimum is reduced to 1 point.

    Leverage up to 1:1000 is a lot. Only scammers take in so much. A real broker or dealer will not make such an offer. This is not beneficial for him.

    The limit on the number of orders is 5 (Standard), 10 (Bronze, Silver), 20 (Gold), 50 (Platinum), 70 (VIP). There’s no way to explain it.

    The minimum transaction volume starts from 0.1 lot. This is the norm. But there is also a maximum transaction volume. It depends on the type of account selected. Varies from 1 lot to 50.

    The scam also promises zero fees. With spreads like his, it’s not surprising.

    That’s all the specifications that I was generous with. He does not have specifics on spreads, swaps, margin calls and stop outs. The scam hides everything that an honest broker talks about.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    “Reiman Group”supposedly managed by the British company REIMAN-GROUP:

    • License: RTZ20125.
    • Registered office: 32 London Bridge St, London SE1 9SG, United Kingdom.

    A check of the register of legal professionals made it clear: there is no smell of such personnel there.

    The Companies House register includes REIMAN LTD. The company was registered in 2022. The authorized capital is only £100. It has nothing to do with trading. The British regulator did not license such a brand.

    Rating Forex has checked the FCA register. There is no REIMAN-GROUP there either. That is, sharashka is not registered and not regulated. And not only in the UK, but also in the EU, with whose regulators the FCA exchanges data.

    If there is no registration or license, Reiman Group is simply not able to work with traders as a broker. Liquidity providers will not want to cooperate with our hero. Sharashka is capable of only one thing – imitating trade. That is, to twirl prices, to drain customers.

    The ways to replenish and withdraw from the Reiman Group are a mystery. There is not an ounce of information on the scam site. This is significant. Rating Forex reminds you: legal brokers have nothing to hide.

    Like a divorceandt with money from Reiman Group

    Reiman Group finds victims on its own. And in the Russian Federation. This is evidenced by the RU version of the site and reviews exclusively on the Runet.

    The scam promises high incomes. Of course, without risks. He cheats on the minimum deposit, then starts demanding more and more.

    Tricks with quotes help a fake broker to pump out money. It costs nothing for scammers to draw a profitable or losing trade in order to gain leverage over the trader.

    Withdrawing money doesn’t work. This is because the capital of the trickster’s victims evaporates the moment the depot is replenished. Not a penny reaches the terminal. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing to deduce.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official website of Reiman Group has been telling tales about work since 2014. Although the only sharashka website appeared only in 2022. Also at the end of the year.

    The Reiman Group scammer says with confidence: his registration and license are British. But this is a linden tree. Moreover, it can be verified and refuted in a few minutes.

    We have before us another Forex scam that is not controlled by anyone. Open “Personal Area” in Reiman Group – it’s like giving away money to a stranger in the Internet And hope that you can make money.

    It is important to understand: Reiman Group is a professional crook. Such a slickster will steal every bean down to the last cent. Then he will show a show called “fake trading.”

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    Reviews about Reiman Group

    Reiman Group Lived at least a year. During this time he managed to scam a bunch of poor fellows who believed his rotten fairy tales.

    For example, traders on say: a scammer steals money with every deposit. Many lose thousands of greens. All because they follow the lead of a dubious sharashka without any documents.

    There are even more complaints about divorce on He first tricked one poor guy from Reiman Group out of $1000. He showed him a profitable trade and began to pull out much more money. For cover, he even let me withdraw a couple of hundred bucks. But then he demanded a larger deposit.

    The story ended with a huge meltdown. The Reiman Group scammer began to rustle: in order to save the beans, you need to deposit more into your account.

    Ex-clients of the scam say: it reacts very quickly to replenishment of the depot. You don’t have to worry about the conclusion. Ignores all requests from the scammer.

    There are also plenty of complaints on People talk about professional scammers worth thousands of dollars. They say that the sharashka has neither documents nor financial statements. Patients are asked to read reviews, and only then decide whether to refill or not.

    Broker Reiman Group turned out to be a greedy scammer? Is it difficult to withdraw money? Rating Forex lawyers will help you take away your capital for free. Guarantee – if you threw it, everything will be returned.


    Reiman Group is a scam that miraculously stayed afloat for more than a year. Sharashkin’s office skillfully imitates the drain of money. Her patients think it’s all their own fault.

    The number of complaints continues to rise. Soon the scammers behind our hero will jump to a new site and continue pumping out beans according to the old scheme. She doesn’t let them down.


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    There are stacks of such scams on the Internet and you should not trust them under any circumstances, because they were created for one purpose - to scam people for a deposit. They won't let you make money. This can be seen from the trading conditions, false registration, and cryptocurrency pairs. In short, there is proof that scammers are full of pants, not even non-believers.

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    A very bad broker with worthless trading conditions, what kind of minimum deposit is this $2500, not a single kitchen would be so impudent, not to mention real brokers where you can open an account with zero. It turned out that the site was just numbers, and the scammers were ready to take any amount from 100 bucks and say that they were making an exception only for such a good client. This is a banal scam and I do not recommend falling for it.

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    I don’t recommend opening an account here, it stinks of scams a mile away. They can’t explain anything clearly over the phone, they read something from a piece of paper and offer to believe in fairy tales. I didn’t dare and decided to check everything, it turned out that the documents were fake in England there is no such company, so how can you trust them with money? I told them about it directly, so the poor things cursed at me and didn’t let them steal my money.

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    I came across these Gavriks and persuaded me to try to trade with them, but I refused to give 2500. So they agreed to 300 dollars only later I realized that it was a scam when they started whining that there was not enough money, they needed more, otherwise the trade would not work. I refused and was quickly blocked. Contacts stopped responding to my personal account and won’t let me in, so my three hundred bucks went to these scammers.

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