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    Otkritie Broker Overview

    Otkritie Broker, a brokerage firm established in 1996 and once part of Otkritie Holding, came under the control of the Central Bank of Russia in late 2017, limiting its ability to operate with foreign platforms. Despite being legally registered with essential trader licenses (depository, broker, dealer), it struggles to offer foreign exchange and instrument trading.

    The official website lists various investment assets, and Otkritie Broker offers four tariff plans catering to different budgets and trading goals. However, caution is advised with their banking card deposit method, as managers may push high-cost services and charge significant card maintenance fees.

    Год основания


    Регуляция и юрисдикция

    РФ, ЦБ РФ

    Особенности компании

    Открытие Брокер (Otkritie Broker) — брокерская компания, созданная в 1996-м. Бренд был частью Открытие Холдинга. Так продолжалось, пока в конце 2017-го последний не попал под санацию ЦБ РФ.

    Теперь Открытие Брокера контролирует Банк России. Это вызывает огромные проблемы у желающих работать с иностранными площадками. Им просто недоступны зарубежные биржи, инструменты.

    Otkritie Broker зарегистрирован. Работает легально. Есть 3 лицензии, причем важные для трейдеров: депозитария, брокера и дилера. Это значит, что герой нашего обзора может предоставить полный спектр услуг, связанных с торговлей на финрынках и хранением приобретенных инструментов.

    Официальный сайт Открытие Брокера дает полный перечень инвестактивов. В пуле акции, облигации, фонды, драгметаллы, валюта, фьючерсы и другие инструменты.

    Компания предлагает трейдерам 4 тарифа без учета ИИС. Они подходят для разных бюджетов, целей — от инвестирования до активных спекуляций.

    Пополнить депозит проще всего с помощью карты банка. Внимание: могут быть проблемы. Менеджеры Otkritie Broker втюхивают платные услуги. Берут высокую комиссию за обслуживание карты.

    С Открытие Брокером нужно держать ухо востро. Тогда вероятность недосчитаться денег снизится.

    Большой минус в том, что решить проблемы менеджеры не помогут.

    Их цель — продать самые дорогие опции, которые принесут им максимальный профит. Поэтому все рекомендации важно взвешивать самостоятельно. Иначе можно ничего не заработать и много заплатить за сервис



    Страна: Россия
    Город: Москва
    Адрес: ул. Летниковская, д. 2, стр. 4
    Телефон: 8 (800) 500-99-66

    • Легальный брокер
    • Русскоязычная техподдержка
    • Большой выбор инструментов
    • Завышенные цены для мелкого депозита
    • Техподдержка проблемы не решает
    • Менеджеры впаривают самые дорогие услуги, инструменты
    Торговая платформа

    MetaTrader 5


    «Все включено», «Инвестиционный», «Премиальный», «Спекулятивный»

    Валюта счета



    Карты, банковские переводы, перевод от другого брокера

    Минимальный депозит

    ₽ 0

    Кредитное плечо


    Min. ордер

    0,01 лота


    Акции, облигации, ETF, индексы, фьючерсы, валюты, драгметаллы, фонды

    Провайдер ликвидности


    Особенности торговли

    Российский биржевой брокер со слабой поддержкой и наглыми менеджерами по работе с клиентами

    Reviews about Otkritie Broker

    Otkritie Broker is a well-known entity with mixed reviews. For instance, on, it has a rating of 2 out of 5 stars, with the service noting attempts at reputation manipulation, which were unsuccessful.

    A recent review highlighted numerous drawbacks of the company, labeling investment with them as a huge mistake. The reviewer warned that Otkritie Broker fails to deliver on its promises. He recounted losing $100 initially and then only receiving $140 of the remaining deposit, with an additional $300 being inaccessible for withdrawal.


    Отзывы об Открытие Брокере. Что говорят реальные клиенты?

    Another individual was enticed by a certain Egor Mikhailovich, who praised Otkritie Broker and assisted in making an initial deposit. Trusting his advice, the person invested $1,400 but was unable to withdraw it. Support consistently ignored his queries, and emails also went unanswered.

    On, several reviews were posted. One user experienced trouble closing an ETF position for two consecutive days. The bank claimed it was due to a holiday in the U.S., halting market operations. However, it turned out that the holiday was four days away.

    Отзывы об Открытие Брокере

    A reviewer mentioned that Otkritie Broker unknowingly enrolled his wife in a brokerage tariff, deducting a percentage from the deposit each month, resulting in a loss of 30,000 rubles in six months. The reviewer only became aware of this debt when notified about the use of a paid service.

    Numerous reviews on echo similar sentiments. Traders warn about unexplained disappearances of funds from accounts. They also highlight the scarcity of Otkritie Broker’s offices and the poor performance of its technical support, which is often unresponsive.

    Отзыв об Открытие Брокере

    Numerous former clients of Otkritie Broker are dissatisfied that in March 2022, their securities were silently transferred to the non-trading NSD, rendering them unsellable for over four months. There are widespread complaints about the inefficiency of Otkritie Broker’s offices.

    For assistance in forcing Otkritie Broker to process fund withdrawals, clients are advised to file complaints with Rating Forex. Lawyers offer immediate and free assistance in such cases, working to recover funds from the broker, even in complex situations.

    Cooperation terms

    Otkritie Broker offers traders and investors the ability to trade in stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, precious metals, currencies, futures, and indices. They provide ready-made solutions like their own funds and Individual Investment Account (IIA) strategies.

    To invest with Otkritie Broker, one can choose from four tariffs:

    1. “All-inclusive”: Stocks and bonds from 0.08% per transaction.
    2. “Investment”: Stocks and bonds from 0.05%. Reduced commissions for positions over ₽130,000, for investors with a capital of ₽5 million.
    3. “Premium”: Stocks and bonds from 0.005% to 0.05% per transaction. Monthly service cost of ₽150, for capitals over ₽5 million.
    4. “Speculative”: Stocks and bonds from 0.012% to 0.043% per transaction.

    Most accounts are designed for traders with large turnovers or substantial initial capital. Beginners have two options: the “All-inclusive” and IIA, but they incur the highest fees. However, IIA offers tax refunds or tax deductions.

    How do they deceive people?

    Otkritie Broker, a legal brokerage firm, has avoided outright scams but faces major issues. Key problems include ineffective customer support, requiring in-person office visits for online services, leading to significant dissatisfaction. Their support team often gives misleading excuses, such as blaming U.S. holidays for trading issues. Management pressures staff to sell unnecessary, expensive options, causing customer complaints.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The official website of Otkritie Broker ( offers standard services for Russian brokers and is fully legal. However, there are significant issues with service quality. Numerous trader reviews online express dissatisfaction, particularly with difficulties in closing positions and accounts. Managers are criticized for pushing the highest-priced options without considering clients’ real needs.

    Opening a personal account on Otkritie Broker’s website is only advisable for those interested exclusively in trading on the Moscow Exchange (MMVB). The broker is ineffective for international financial instruments.

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    To wrap up

    Otkritie Broker, a company in the market with many clients, is seeing a rapid decline in their customer base. The brand prioritizes attracting traders and investors with significant capital, often at the expense of smaller clients who face higher commissions and receive poor service. It only makes sense to open an account with Otkritie Broker if one has a capital of at least ₽5 million and is solely interested in the Russian securities market. Aspiring for access to international markets with them is unrealistic.


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    Как влияют клиентские отзывы об Открытие Брокере на рейтинг компании?

    Отзывы клиентов — один из основных критериев, влияющих на расположение брокера в рейтинге лучших компаний. Увидеть все отзывы об Открытие Брокере Вы можете на официальном сайте компании.

    Как написать отзыв о сотрудничестве с Открытие Брокером на сайте Rating Forex?

    Пройдите регистрацию на сайте Rating Forex — это бесплатно и занимает до 5 минут с учетом подтверждения регистрации по ссылке, которая придет Вам на электронную почту. Подробная инструкция о том, как оставить отзыв об Открытие Брокере, размещена по ссылке.


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