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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Why you can’t get into a pose with the broker Online Legacy Trades - the issue of withdrawing money, detailed customer reviews

    The scammer focuses on trading automation. By simulating trading, it can draw any outcome of transactions in order to divert new deposits. A fake broker with signs of hype poses as a company from the UK, while actively scamming Russians.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Side: UK


    Address: —

    Telephone: —

    • No
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum



    Min Deposit





    Tariffs for automated trading

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of shares, currencies

    Order execution




    Review Online Legacy Trades

    The legend of the fake broker “Online Legacy Trades” boils down to the fact that it is supposedly automatic online investment platform. The trickster is rustling: he has been working since 2019.

    In fact, underneath automated trading there is a trading robot. It is sold to everyone who opens their “Personal Account”. The check showed: the real start date of the scammer is February 2024.

    The main assistant to a Forex trader is honest overview of the blacklist of brokers. Find out who really makes money. Top up your account only with those who do not interfere with trading.

    The scammer is talking about working in London. Anyone who checks the register of UK legal entities will be personally convinced: this is a portion of noodles. There is no company called Online Legacy Trades.

    The crook whistled about registration. He is also lying about the license. Moreover, rot is pouring in: it is regulated by the Australian ASIC. It’s the same story here as in the UK. Instead of “Online Legacy Trades” there is a space.

    To get a pool of tools, you will have to register. In the public domain, the bit says about 1,500 shares in the pool. He can also snag currency pairs. But it is not exactly.

    From the specifications only:

    • leverage,
    • commission.

    Leverage is very wide. The collection is suspiciously meager.

    Even a pathfinder will not find ways to top up and withdraw money on the Online Legacy Trades website. One can only guess about the options. Rating Forex reminds you: an honest broker will definitely not allow such a rotten arrangement.

    Terms of cooperation Online Legacy Trades

    Scammer and scammerOnline Legacy Trades offers investments into contracts for differences. This is indicated by the absence no stamp duty on assets.

    Sharashka claims: open a “Personal Account” – get 1,500 global shares, whatever it is. The stuntman does not advertise his list of assets. If so, you can’t hand him beans.

    From the trading conditions, the official website of Online Legacy Trades gives:

    • Commissions – from 0.08%. With honest Forex brokers they are usually expressed in points, not as percentages.
    • Leverage – 1:500.

    Wide leverage indicates two things:

    • Among the assets there are pairs of currencies. Because scammers use leverage of 1:500 exclusively on this financial asset.
    • Transactions are not displayed. Real intermediaries do not offer exorbitant leverage, like Online Legacy Trades. For example, in the UK the maximum allowed is 1:30. Let us remind you: our hero rustles: he is from there.

    After replenishing the depot, there are 4 tariff plans to choose from:

    • Bronze.
    • Silver.
    • Gold.
    • Platinum.

    Which one will be connected depends on the size of the deposit.

    To trade in Bronze, Online Legacy Trades must hold out from $500 to $999. The tariff plan is valid for 7 days.

    Silver is issued for 14 days for deposits from $1,000 to $4,999. Gold is valid for 30 days. To get it, you need to spend between $5,000 and $10,000. Anyone who drools more gets the Platinum plan for 60 days.

    Comment Rating Forex: then they give tariffs, it’s not clear. There is an opinion: we are talking about access to a robot that will trade instead of a trader. In fact, a swindler can slip anything from blocking an account to slowly draining a deposit using specially written software.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal from Online Legacy Trades

    Scammer”Online Legacy Trades” rustles: 5 years regulated in the UK. In this situation, he must have local registration. A check of the legal registry made it clear: our hero is definitely not there.

    The FCA has heard about Legacy Trades. The British regulator warns: this is an unauthorized organization. That is, it cannot provide brokerage services in the UK.

    However, it is not a fact that Legacy Trades is related to Online Legacy Trades. This changes absolutely nothing. The hero of our review is definitely an illegal scam.

    The only supervisory authority that is familiar with Online Legacy Trades, which is nestled on the website, is the Bank of Russia. The regulator blacklisted Sharashkin’s office on March 15, 2024. This is a punishment for signs of a scam without any documents.

    Withdrawal of money from Online Legacy Trades and deposit replenishment

    The scam website makes a secret:

    • from replenishment;
    • ways to replenish the depot;
    • commissions;
    • terms of deposits and withdrawals.

    Honest reviews make it clear: the scammer simply loves cryptocurrency depots. In this situation, it is much easier to lick it off. It is also very difficult to make a return.

    Like a divorceandt for money Online Legacy Trades

    Cold calls help a fake broker find new patients, social network. The trickster is cheating on the entrance ticket. Then he expands to another depot.

    The cabbage pumping continues while the victim unfastens. As soon as she is unable to pay, she is tempted to borrow or take out a loan.

    When the time comes to withdraw money from Online Legacy Trades, the scammer blocks the account, “Personal Account”. Rating Forex warns: this is the best case scenario. At worst, the scammer extorts commissions taken from the ceiling, which he puts in his pocket. You can’t count on getting the beans back.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Some omissions – that’s what you need to know about official websiteOnline Legacy Trades. Still there long noodles on the ears about license, registration and age.

    The scam is easy to check. But only if you know where to look. In order to prevent exposure behind the fake broker “Online Legacy Trades”, the scammer preys on those who do not understand anything about Forex trading. The poor fellows are left without a penny.

    Losses, disappointment – that’s what everyone who opens gets”Personal account”Online Legacy Trades. With each replenishment, their hard-earned money flows into the pocket of the rotten scam. He throws the capital into the left wallet in order to hide it more securely.

    Real reviews warn: in the Online Legacy Trades terminal there is only an imitation of trading. There are no real financial assets or capital. It is simply impossible to withdraw fictitious profit. Nothing will be returned: not even the entrance ticket.

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    Reviews about Online Legacy Trades

    The real experience of the fake broker at the time of preparation of this review is total a couple of months. But he went overboard. There are enough victims of this rotten scam.

    For example, former clients complain – it’s a scam:

    1. Spends on a large deposit.
    2. Doesn’t allow you to trade normally.

    Some are immediately dumped by the rotten swindler. Others marinate for a long time, organizing unprofitable transactions. Neither one nor the other was able to withdraw money from Online Legacy Trades. Stones are also thrown at the swindler. The reason is that he has Nous licensesand, us registration. Plus his website is completely useless. There is a minimum of useful information there.

    People say: you can’t replenish the depot. The scammer is instantly banned. An exception is made only for the wealthy. He milks them to the last to fill his pockets as tightly as possible.

    Rating Forex is free help for everyone who wants make a withdrawal from Online Legacy Trades (“Online Legacy Trades”). We quickly take away capital from such scammers, with a guarantee of success. Everything that the fraudster took away will be returned.


    Online Legacy Trades is 100% a scam. He lies about everything. And it’s very bad. For example, he says: it works for 7 years, but in the UK only 5 are regulated. In this situation, where the bit was registered before is unclear.

    He also claims that he received a prestigious award in 2015. This is impossible even if the tales about 7 years on the market were true. The cheap scam steals all the beans it can get its hands on. He will rob and give you a kick in the ass.


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    I fell for this scam as the last kid, in short, they talked me into opening an account because they promised me profitable trading, and passive trading, like I didn’t even have to do anything. In short, everything turned out to be so simple. When I connected the simplest tariff, well, the one that for a week everything was fine, my robot traded and the profit grew. But when this week passed, they demanded more money from me, like so that the adviser would continue to plow, they said I needed to immediately throw in a thousand and then everything would be fine. And I decided to withdraw the profit and throw it back, but nothing happened; my application was cancelled. I was told that I had to pay a commission, then it dawned on me that this was a scam.

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    A vile swindler is ready to deceive a single mother so that she can eat deliciously. He fooled me with his lies about automatic chart trading and showed me the effectiveness of the advisor. I collected everything I saved up to open an account, 2000 of my dollars went to the afirists and he leaked everything, the advisor ended up with a dude. So after that he again began to extort money from me, I said that I didn’t have any more and they asked me to borrow from the bank.

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    I can't say anything positive about this platform. There are no documents, his trading conditions are unconvincing, to put it mildly, there is no evidence of profitability, which is constantly being talked about. And it’s not clear to anyone to give money in the hope that you won’t be scammed. I didn’t do that and they kept bothering me for another week with calls. I ended up filing a complaint against them with the Central Bank.

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    A lousy broker and his trading conditions are terrible, with maximum slippage out of the blue. At the same time, he is constantly eager to sell his robot. And I was interested in trading, understanding the market myself, learning how to make good money on securities. Nothing worked out, it was all a hoax.

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