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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    A beautiful picture, but not really a scam - how to understand that Nordic CT will throw money, reviews from traders

    The scam is posing as a company managed by a British bank in order to swindle Europeans out of their money. The scammer’s terminal is not connected to real markets. Therefore, trade is imitated. There is a game against every trader. 



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Country: UK

    City: Birmingham

    Address: 1 Centenary Square


    • No
    • No registration or license
    • Asset quotes are controlled by scammers
    • Cash withdrawal doesn't work
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, VIP




    Wire Transfer, Card, Crypto Wallets

    Min Deposit

    € 10000



    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of stocks, currencies, cryptocurrencies, futures, raw materials.

    Mobile Trading




    Review Nordic CT

    Swindler and scammer of Nordic City stories has been on the market for 19 years. At the same time, his website appeared in 2023.

    Lovchila provides links to news sites where articles are devoted to him. But they are all for 2023. Not a single resource inspires trust. The bit invested well in the order to look more convincing.

    Honest people will help prevent scammers from scamming you broker reviews. Find out absolutely everything about the intermediary. Trade only with those who give you a chance to make a profit and make a conclusion.

    If Believe the Nordic ST trickster, it is registered and regulated in the UK. On its official website there is a registration number, the name of the bank that supposedly manages it.

    Rating Forex warns: the audit showed that the British regulator knows absolutely nothing about Nordic CT. This name is not indicated in the license of the financial institution referred to by the hero of our review. The bit is hanging up. Trying to fit in with real company.

    The official Nordic CT website gives the types of assets that can be mined. There is something like a complete list of tools. Only it was taken from another site. The information indicated there may not correspond to what the trader will receive in the terminal.

    The only trade conditions are the size of the leverage. Attention: leverage is tens of times greater than allow offer in the UK. The scam broker hid the rest of the specs.

    Ways to replenish and withdraw money without details. Stuntman mentions:

    • bank transfers;
    • cards;
    • “some popular e-wallets.”

    Not a word about commissions for deposits and withdrawals. The noodle maker promises to review withdrawal requests within 48 hours. All this gives away the money sucker in him.

    Terms of cooperation Nordic CT

    Nordic CT – This investments:

    • in currency pairs;
    • CFD;
    • futures;
    • goods;
    • actions;
    • cryptocurrencies.

    The Dodger website has inserts with TradingView with these financial instruments. But this does not mean that the same will happen in the terminal.

    The presence of cryptocurrency indicates that trading is imitated. Rating Forex reminds you: these CFDs do not have liquidity providers. This means that traders will be dealing with a dubious company that is whispering about transferring transactions to the interbank market.

    There is a choice 7 accounts for trading:

    • Standard – € 10,000. Leverage – 1:100. Bonus – 30%.
    • Bronze – € 25,000. Leverage – 1:150. Bonus – 40%.
    • Silver – € 50,000. Leverage – 1:200. Bonus – 50%.
    • Gold – € 100,000. Leverage – 1:300. Bonus – 60%.
    • Platinum – € 250,000. Leverage – 1:400. Bonus – 70%.
    • Diamond – € 500,000. Leverage – 1:500. Bonus – 80%.
    • VIP – € 1,000,000. Leverage – 1:600. Bonus – 100%.

    Leverage speaks more convincingly than the most honest reviews that this is, at best, a “kitchen”. More likely – a natural scam. Because in strict jurisdictions, such as the UK, where cheating is supposedly prescribed, the maximum is 1:30.

    The deposit requirements are very surprising. If a person can give €100–1000 without a divorce check, a minimum of €10,000 is very ambitious. Especially for the sharashka office, which has shish instead of documents.

    The presence of bonuses only confirms that the transactions will not go anywhere. Rating Forex warns: the scammer is imitating trading. It can draw any numbers in the terminal. Including bonuses worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

    There is also no information on the scam website about spreads, swaps, commissions, margin calls and stop outs. This is not a real Forex broker, but a natural money collector.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal from Nordic CT

    If you blindly believe a swindler “Nordyk ST”, it is operated by HSBC UK Bank plc. There is no evidence. You have to take my word for it.

    The British bank that Sharashka’s office is pointing at has never heard of it. The FCA website made it possible to verify this. The UK regulator lists the trade names and websites of its licensees. There is no and Nordic CT.

    Searching by the name of the scam will also not yield any results.

    Before us is an illegal dump without any documents, which hides behind the name of a well-known financial institution. Judging by the language on her website and most of the reviews about her, her job is to lick the beans from the Swedes.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Nordic CT official website tells tales of working under HSBC UK Bank plc. That is, with a first-tier bank. But in fact, he had never heard anything about Sharashka’s office.

    Nordic ST (Nordik City) started in 2023. To make it easier to scam people out of money, the scam broker began churning out rotten orders. In fact, he does not have permission to take beans from traders. It is simply not capable of displaying positions on the interbank market and liquidity providers.

    The poor guys who openу Nordic CT “Personal Area”,do not end up with a reliable intermediary. They end up in the clutches an anonymous fraudster who hides somewhere and steals the deposit with each replenishment.

    The Nordic ST scammer imitates trading from start to finish. No matter what strategies the patient uses, he will never achieve a positive outcome. The profit will be fake, like everything that happens in the terminal.

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    Reviews of Nordic CT

    Scammer “Nordik ST” whistles: on the market for 19 years – since 2005. Only all the reviews that were able to be found at the time of preparing this review (they are only on the website) appeared no earlier than 2023. It turns out that for 18 years the clients of the so-called broker were silent about the quality of services.

    Everything suggests that the forex scam Nordic CT has invested a lot of beans in ordering reviews from several cheap small media outlets. The trickster also churned out 3 dozen custom reviews on TrustPilot. Everything to block the negativity from real patients.

    Every, who actually traded with Sharashka’s office, warns that all attempts to enter the kings will end in a spade. Let’s talk about the latest complaints against the scammer.

    The author of one of the reviews with a minus sign really regretted registering on Since then, for 4 months in a row, Nordic City has been scamming the poor guy with phone calls. Rot calls from hundreds of numbers all over Europe, introducing himself as employees of different companies. Honest brokers will not do this.

    Another person says: Nordic CT is deceiving. It was not he who was injured: his friend. It turned out that a whole gang of money-guzzlers is hunting for those who are ready to believe their rotten fairy tales.

    The situation is this: with persuasion and promises, the scammer “Nordik ST” scammed a friend of the review author out of a 5-digit sum (from € 10,000 to € 99,999). He already ran to the police. She took the matter to task.

    The moral is very sad: Nordic CT is a scam, a scam, a scam. Even without reviews it is clear: he will not allow you to trade and earn money. Rating Forex warns: all he is interested in is stealing money.

    Real reviews warn: the scammer refuses to withdraw money. It simply ignores requests. Once you complain about him on the Internet, he starts getting in touch and promises to fix everything.

    The trickster pretends to send capital in crypto. In fact, it resets the account and disappears again. According to legend, all the money was allegedly lost along the way. Nordic City is not to blame for anything. There are countless such stories on

    When the legal department of Rating Forex takes on the Nordic CT scam, the withdrawal of money will be very quick. Consult for free with capital recovery specialists who practice constantly. Even the most brazen scammers are shelling out money under our pressure.


    Nordic CT is a project of scammers from the eurozone. Their goal is to steal cabbage from EU residents. At the same time, they will not refuse to abandon patients located outside this territory.

    Rating Forex strongly does not recommend opening an account with a fake broker. It’s impossible to make money with him. You can only lose.


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    How do customer reviews influence Nordic CT on the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. See all reviews about Nordic CT You can visit the company’s official website.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Nordic CT on the Rating Forex site?

    Register on the Rating Forex website – it’s free and takes up to 5 minutes with your accountPlease confirm your registration using the link that will be sent to you by email.I’ll see. Detailed instructions on how to leave a review Nordic CT, posted at the link.


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    The Nordic CT website is very suspicious; I haven’t found any evidence there that he is a legal character. The fact that he refers to some kind of English bank doesn’t mean anything to me personally. Because the bank is not aware of this garbage dump, which means it was scamming us in front of us, and it was very arrogant. He uses a big name to throw away really large sums of money, which costs only 10k euros, the minimum wage, to ask for that much you need to be a very arrogant scammer.

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    Just out of interest, I tried to contact Nordic CT and they say disgusting things in English, apparently some Swedes are really trying to deceive their fellow citizens and blame it all on the English girls. It’s an interesting move, but only fools who can’t even check their documents will fall for it. One glance at the site was enough for me to understand that there were scammers there, and when I talked to them on the phone, I was convinced of this. Because all they are interested in is how much I will deposit and when I will finally do it. It was nice to send the buggers away and say that I thought about them all, so they didn’t even try to call me later.

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    I have a friend from Germany and he says that these thieves cheated him out of money too. He doesn’t know where they got his number from, but they called long and often. They insisted strongly and in the end he agreed to give the money to try trading. As a result, minus 15,000 euros out of the blue and a big hole in the budget, but I warned him that this was some kind of scam.

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    The scammer does not have normal trading conditions on the site and there is no list of instruments either. They talk about payment cards in some vague way and without specifics. Well, what kind of circus is this for the poor, who will buy into it?

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