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    Which broker Nano Trade, if everything good to check - reviews from real traders, review of complaints about lack of money withdrawal

    Instead of real transactions, imitation trading that does not allow you to earn money. Sharashka poses as a British broker to scam Russians out of money.



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    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction





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    Phone: +7 495 108 63 87

    • Russian version of the site
    • No license or registration
    • Fraudster manipulates quotes to drain money
    • The output doesn't work
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Minimal, Standard, Medium, Gold, Platinum, VIP




    Blockchain, Betatransfer, Visa, Mastercard

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    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of currencies, stocks, indices, shares, commodities, bonds

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    Nano Trade review. What kind of broker is this?

    To lure people to you, Nano Trade called himself a leading broker with many years of experience in the market. Rustle that it started in the UK in 2003, and entered the international market in 2007–2008.

    A check of Rating Forex showed: the oldest of the many sites behind the Nano Trade scam was registered in 2020. Lying about age is a sign of a scammer.

    If you believe fromwebsite “Nano Trade”, place of registration – Great Britain. There is no evidence. Instead of the registration number and other details there is also a bold dash. The sharashka also posted about FCA regulation. This is also not true.

    It is simply impossible to evaluate the range of financial instruments of a fake broker. The site provided only the types of markets that the rotten scam promised to enter. This information is clearly not enough for a trader to figure out whether the pool of instruments contains those that suit him.

    Terms of trade are in question. Of all the specifications only:

    • lot size;
    • leverage that is too wide for European brokers.

    There is no information about most of the specifications. This allows us to draw an obvious conclusion – this is definitely a scam. Only such greedy cesspools hide the terms of trade.

    The ways to top up your account and withdraw from sharashka are strange. She took crypto and offered to make transfers through an Estonian payment system. Withdrawals were only made to bank cards. One cryptocurrency trick louder than the most honest reviews suggests that the broker is definitely a phony.

    Terms of cooperation. How to make money with Nano Trade?

    Nano Trade offers investments:

    • in currency pairs;
    • indexes;
    • raw materials;
    • actions;
    • bonds.

    This is where the information about the tools ends. There is no complete list of assets. Every trader should understand: it shouldn’t be this way.

    Rating Forex warns: Bond CFDs are a meaningless tool for speculation. The price changes too slowly for the rollover to not eat up the profit.

    Of all the specifications, the scammer gave only the size of the leverage. It is up to 1:100. This immediately signals the risk of a scam.

    It is very important to understand: brokers from Europe, one of whom the scammer pretends to be, will not offer leverage greater than 1:30. In the EU and UK, the maximum leverage for unqualified traders is limited by law.

    The scam hides:

    • spreads;
    • swaps;
    • commissions;
    • minimum transaction volume;
    • margin call;
    • stop out.

    Without all these specifications, it is impossible to assess how favorable the trading conditions are. No broker with an honest conclusion will hide them, as it will discourage traders with money from doing business with him. Only swindlers can afford to give a minimum of information, since their patients know nothing about trading.

    There are 6 types of accounts to choose from:

    • Minimal — $ 50.
    • Standard – $1000. Bonus – 20%.
    • Medium — $5000. Bonus — 25%.
    • Gold — $10,000. Bonus — 30%.
    • Platinum — $25,000. Bonus — 40%.
    • VIP – $50,000. Bonus – 50%.

    In addition to the bonus and deposit, the fake broker Nano Trade accounts differ in the number of available instruments. The most expensive financial assets are currency pairs. They are available to everyone. You can only buy shares that are several times cheaper than a lot of Eurobucks and other Forex assets from a Platinum account.

    In VIP, Nano Trade promises reduced spreads and swaps. There are no exact numbers.

    Rating Forex reminds you: if a broker slips in bonuses, there is no transfer of transactions to the real market. You can’t even dream about real trading either. Bonuses are offered only by “kitchen” scams, as they imitate trading. No real capital is involved in the process.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Nano Trade is allegedly run by a company from the UK. Rating Forex scoured the register of legal entities in the United Kingdom. The Nano Trade brand has surfaced. It was registered in 2018. Since 2020 it has been listed as inactive. In 2023, I did not have time to submit a report confirming this status.

    The authorized capital of the British company allegedly behind the Nano Trade scam is £ 1. Specialization:

    • unskilled wholesale trade;
    • exploitation of real estate of housing associations.

    Judging by the authorized capital, this is clearly not a real broker. To get the simplest license, you need a minimum of £300,000, not £1. Specialization makes it clear: there is no smell of an honest broker.

    Rating Forex warns: Nano Trade scammer found a British company and stole its details. In reality, he is not connected to her. The owners of the scam can hide anywhere. This is the worst thing for all his victims. It will be very difficult to find and punish an anglerfish. It is not even clear which country’s police force should be used.


    A sharashka without any documents cannot have a brokerage license. This means that transactions will not flow to the interbank market, as well as to liquidity providers. All that Sharashka’s office can do is imitate trading and cheat people out of money.

    Although the Nano Trade scammer does not have a license, regulators are well aware of its existence. At least one of them blacklisted Sharashka’s office. We are talking about the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. He is withFebruary 1, 2021warns: trash cannot be trusted.

    Rating Forex warns: a place in the Rosregulator’s register of scammers indicates more clearly than honest reviews that the scammer was scamming Russians out of their money.

    Replenishment methods and withdrawal from Nano Trade

    The Dodger offers to top up in two ways:

    • Blockchain Transactions in cryptocurrency warn about scammers. Honest intermediaries do not take crypto due to KYC and AML.
    • Beta transfer. Payment system with conversion support. Helps scammers steal beans without giving out real details.

    Instead of enrollment deadlines, commissions, nothing.

    The scammer is trying to withdraw money using Visa and Mastercard cards. Withdrawal methods differ from deposits. It is very strange.

    How Nano Trade scams people out of money

    MA big scam that looks for victims with cold calls – that’s who Nano Trade is. Lovchila calls everyone and encourages them to open a trading account. Everyone who bites loses money.

    Fraudsters are not only interested in the entrance ticket. They:

    • non-stop tempting to hand over another portion of cabbage;
    • They demand to unfasten commissions and insurance fees taken from the ceiling.

    Scammers also persuade victims to install a program for remote access to the device. We’re talking about AnyDesk. This software gives traders full control over the device from which the trade is originating. Including the ability to write off capital from the card and smear data for authorization on social networks.

    No real broker will offer a trader to install AnyDesk. Only crooks do this. Rating Forex advice: do not install this program, do not give access to your device to anyone you do not trust 100%.

    The Nano Trade scammer scams you when you try to withdraw. If the victim wants to get the application approved, he will have to pay a fee, which in fact does not exist. Then the trickster will demand another one. He will start pumping money until the patient becomes shallow or realizes that he has been scammed.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Nano Trade official website, all his rotten duplicates erased back in 2022. ForexlohotronIt stayed afloat for a little over a year, and then finally collapsed due to a bunch of negative reviews. Even newcomers stopped trusting the trash heap.

    The illegal sharashka “Nano Trade” was created exclusively for scamming money. This can be seen by the space instead of documents and the zero information content of the site.

    Everyone who opened with Nano Trade“Personal account” and replenished the deposit, lost my capital. The dumpster was only open for reception. Moreover, she preferred to receive crypt because it is easier to steal.

    Instead of real trading on Forex, Nano Trade sold fake financial assets and fake money to everyone. The trickster stole every cent with every replenishment of the depot. It was simply impossible to make money. Everyone went into a dive together.

    Want to spread the word about your company or have you been in a negative review? Contact the portal editorial office right now

    Reviews about Nano Trade. What are traders saying?

    Real reviews about Nano Trade were given by ShNobody praises sharashka there. The author of one of the complaints says: he was tricked into installing AnyDesk, that is, a program that makes it possible to gain remote access to the user’s device.

    The scam promised the poor trader help from the administrator with the settings. In practice:

    • gained access to banking;
    • copied cabbage from the map.

    Afterwards, the swindler tried to apply for a loan for the unfortunate man. True, to no avail.

    Another reviewer recognized Nano Trade as a rotten scam at first glance. He himself did not fall for the scam. But his friend was much less fortunate.

    The poor guy installed AnyDesk and gave him remote access to his device. In one hour:

    • funds disappeared from cards;
    • social media accounts were hacked.

    The victim filed complaints with the police several times. There was no point, because the scammers behind Nano Trade were registered outside the Russian Federation. is also unhappy with the scam. Each of the three reviews published at the time of writing this review is negative. The author of one of them talks about 100% arbitrariness.

    Sharashkin’s office took a long time to drain the deposit. When it came to withdrawal, she demanded to pay a commission and then deleted the account. The author of the review tried to resolve the matter peacefully. But no one answered calls and letters. As a result, the loss was $2,400.

    Another reviewer gave Nano Trade $700. Withdrew only $100. Then he topped up with $200. This time he received absolutely nothing. The person does not understand what happened.

    There is a review where the author is surprised that there are people who consider Nano Trade reliable. In fact, the swindler starts scamming people for money right away. And without hesitation.

    The trickster is spinning his money with tales about mountains of gold. The author of the review complained: when he gave the first $250, the scam broker constantly interfered with the trade and did not allow him to gain profit. It was not possible to withdraw a single cent.

    On there were also a couple of complaints about scammers. The first author started with a deposit of 50 bucks. He traded slowly, following the manager’s advice. Then I installed AnyDesk. As a result, every cent disappeared from the bank card.

    Judging by the reviews, Nano Trade often cheats using AnyDesk. One crazy person went to the police for 2 whole months to ask them to help him return the stolen property, but nothing happened.

    Did you realize too late which broker Nano Trade really is? Need to make a withdrawal? Rating Forex offers free legal consultations to recover capital from online scammers. We take on all cases of fraud.


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