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    Fraudulent broker LBLV – reviews of unprofitable trading

    LBLV is an online investment platform that provides a wide range of services in the field of trading derivatives and currencies, as well as metals. This project is aimed at traders who want to take advantage of the opportunities of global markets, offering a variety of trading instruments, including stocks, indices, currencies and digital currencies. Despite the generous promises of the project’s founders, the office is actively criticized on the RuNet for fraudulent activities, including unreasonably blocking the withdrawal of money.



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    [email protected]

    [email protected] 

    Suite C, Orion Complex, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelle

    • MT5 support
    • Do not pay
    • Offshore registration
    • Working illegally in the Russian Federation
    Trading Platform



    Types of accounts

    Demo Account

    Rookie Account

    Basic Account

    Premier Account

    Elite Account

    Elite Plus Account

    VIP Account











    Min Deposit

    5 000 USD



    Min order



    Up 0.1 pips 

    Financial Instruments

    Currency pairs, precious metals, commodities, indices and stocks


    Welcome bonus 30% (first deposit only)

    About LBLV

    Sharaga strives to create a trusted shopping environment that is focused on customer needs and preferences. The company focuses on research and development to provide the support and resources needed to make informed investment decisions. The goal of the project is to help clients achieve their financial goals with confidence.

    However, these are just words that have no connection to reality. Scammers simply mislead newcomers. You can never take someone’s word for it LBLV official website the project does not contain scanned copies of licenses and registration certificates. The Sharaga administration allegedly claims legal activities. According to them, the office is registered in Comoros.

    It was not by chance that the scammers chose an offshore jurisdiction, since local legislation allows scammers to hide information from clients. You can’t count on transparent service. The scammers themselves say that they received a license from MISA – a financial auditor in the Comoros Islands.

    The founders of the scam chose to hide behind anonymity because they are afraid of liability for financial fraud. On their crooked one-page page they publish fake benefits:

    • leverage up to 1:400, allowing you to invest less and trade more on global markets. Such high leverage violates European financial regulations;
    • ultra-fast execution of transactions;
    • advanced tools and resources to improve your trading knowledge;
    • low trading fees for increased market exposure;
    • premium customer support.

    LBLV provides a list of legal documents, including terms and conditions for using their services. However, specific documents and their contents are not disclosed on the website.

    In Russia, sharaga operates illegally. There is no license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, as well as SRO status. Opening an account in an offshore office is a rather strange decision, because the project has no competitive advantages in comparison with regulated, official brokers.

    Terms of trading with broker LBLV

    The office offers a variety of deposit methods, including credit or debit cards (Visa and MasterCard), bank transfers and digital currency wallets. The Company does not accept clients residing in the United States, regardless of their temporary or permanent residence status. Crooks are simply afraid of the reaction of law enforcement agencies.

    LBLV offers practical and functional trading platforms designed to meet the needs of traders. They provide access to a wide range of trading features to help you execute and improve your trading operations. The name of the available software is missing. Instead, scammers list the features of the software:

    • cross-platform: managing trading on several devices simultaneously;
    • various charts and timeframes: customizable tools for effectively forecasting the price movements of financial assets;
    • many indicators and tools: a library of news and technical indicators, as well as various trading tools;
    • SSL encryption: 256-bit encryption for secure transactions.

    Trading is carried out on the basis of WebTrader or MT5. Both platforms are good in their own way, but the trader will not receive any benefit because the scammers hide their liquidity providers. Scammers independently manage quotes, creating artificial situations of draining clients’ money.

    LBLV offers different types of trading accounts, each of which meets the specific requirements and preferences of traders:

    • Standard: suitable for beginners and experienced traders, offering classic trading conditions;
    • Premium: for more experienced traders with more favorable trading conditions;
    • VIP: designed for professional traders with high trading volumes and provides exclusive conditions.

    There is no description of specific trading parameters – this is another sign of fraud LBLV personal account It’s better not to register, because scammers hide service details. This is a characteristic feature of all scams.

    LBLV Broker Revealed

    Offshore registration is often a sign of a desire to avoid strict financial regulation and control. Despite the claims of having a MISA license, no confirmation of this was found on the auditor’s official website. This calls into question the legality and transparency of the project.

    The brokerage firm’s website states that the company:

    • 36 offices on 5 continents;
    • 2400 employees;
    • 98,000 traders.

    For a company that has been around since 2018, such numbers seem unrealistic and are a sign of poorly thought out PR. In addition, mentions of partnerships with well-known platforms such as turned out to be a simple lie, since these platforms have a disclaimer for the information provided.

    LBLV offers six account types with varying terms and conditions, including floating and fixed spreads. However, fixed spreads on large accounts may indicate that trades are not reaching the real market, where the spread is always floating. This is a sign that the project operates like a kitchen; transactions are executed within the company, and not on the real market.

    Despite many positive reviews on the Internet, many of them look custom-made and do not correspond to reality. For example, errors in indicating the minimum deposit and statements about a large number of newcomers willing to deposit significant amounts into accounts with a little-known broker raise doubts about the reliability of the comments.

    Considering all of the above factors, including questionable origins, unverified licenses, unrealistic statements about the size and scale of the company, and issues related to trading conditions and reviews, it can be concluded that LBLV represents a risky choice for traders.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    LBLV is a scam project created to swindle gullible investors out of their money. Sharaga promises profitable trading on financial markets, but in reality refuses to place orders on exchanges, Sharaga trades against his own investors, while manipulating the quotes of financial assets.

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    Reviews about the work of LBLV

    Investors are suspicious of LBLV reviews traders show that all clients are convinced of the fraudulent origin of the project.

    Vladimir Dobrynin describes the negative experience of communicating with company representatives. After signing the agreement, the attitude towards him changed sharply from friendly to hostile, including rudeness and shouting. This behavior of company representatives indicates dishonesty and lack of professionalism, which is an alarming signal for potential clients.

    Anastasia Trofimova claims that the company did not fulfill its obligations and used methods that caused moral and material harm. She describes a situation where the company refused to return her personal funds, citing an unknown liquidity provider company.

    She also points to the lack of a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and to deceptive promises from the organization’s employees. This review highlights the potential risks of dealing with a company that does not live up to its obligations and misleads customers.

    Nick and Alena accuse the company of fraud and the impossibility of withdrawing funds. Alena also writes that sharaga is a continuation of other dubious companies and uses deceptive methods to attract and retain customers.

    Nikita expresses his suspicions, which began with the lack of legal information on the broker’s website. He notes that many reviews about the company are negative, with accusations of fraud and problems with withdrawing funds. Problems with the project’s reputation discourage the desire to cooperate with the company.

    Users criticize LBLV review complaints confirmed the presence of problems with solvency. Trading on their platform is doomed to failure and is guaranteed to result in loss of savings.


    If deceived by broker LBLV, you need to do a chargeback. Our experts will tell you in detail about this procedure, and will also help you achieve forced cancellation of the transaction. This is the only way out of this situation.


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    How do customer reviews about LBLV affect the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria influencing the reputation and position of a broker in the ranking of reliable companies. You can view reviews about LBLV on the main broker profile page.

    How to write a review about cooperation with LBLV on the Forex Rating website?

    You must register on the official Forex Rating website. This procedure is free and will take very little of your time. To confirm your registration, you will receive an email with a link where you will find detailed instructions on how to leave a review about the LBLV company.


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