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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    All the signs of fraud from a scammer Kavva Capital - what is it? broker, why you can’t trust him, reviews

    “Personal account” at Kavva Capital— this is one loss. They don’t trade real money or real financial instruments with such tricksters.

    The deposit of the poor people who lend their hard-earned money is wiped out even when replenishing. Then the linden starts instead of trading. It’s impossible to make money. Absolutely everything will merge.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    The scam is posing as an international broker in order to scam Russians out of money, hiding behind someone else’s license



    Country: Russian Federation

    Moscow city

    Address:Presnenskaya embankment, 12, Federation East tower, 8th floor, office 41

    Phone: +421 (233) 07 04 13

    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform





    Visa, Mastercard, MIR, cryptocurrencies




    CFDs, futures, indices, metals, stocks, energy, Forex

    Mobile Trading

    Browser Terminal

    Order execution

    No information

    Trading Features

    Non-market quotes constantly knock down stops and drain client trades



    Review Kavva Capital

    Fraudster “Kavva Capital” presents itself as a cutting-edge broker and an innovative investment company rolled into one.Nand to tI eat, the dodger has nothing to do with anyone else. This is clear even with a superficial check.

    Find out who, in addition to Kavva Capital, replenished blacklist of Forex brokers who scam traders out of money. Verify everyone you want to trade with quickly and for free. Don’t let scammers deceive you.

    Sharashkina’s office claims: it has an office in the Russian Federation, branches in Cyprus, in the UK, and local licenses. All this is a lie. The scammer didn’t even register anywhere.

    It is impossible to study the pool of tools. The Kavva Capital website only contains market types. If so, you can find out what you will have to trade only after registration. No thinking trader will buy into such a situation.

    Specifications are a big question. The Kavva Capital website contains only part of the necessary information. For example, the shoulder is very wide. A broker from the eurozone simply cannot have it.

    Another scammer tells tales about ultra-lowth spread and zero fees. This is only possible with rotten scammers.

    Kavva Capital explained in snippets how to replenish an account and make a withdrawal. It accepts cards and crypto. And which one is unclear. Transaction terms are not specified. The size and presence of commissions are also a big secret.

    Terms of cooperation Kavva Capital

    Kavva Capital spins do investments:

    • в CFD;
    • indexes;
    • metals;
    • futures;
    • actions;
    • Forex;
    • energy resources.

    The total number of assets, according to legend, exceeds 3000. You will be able to study the assortment of the bit only after registration and replenishment of the depot. In this situation, this is definitely a swindler. Only scammers hide the pool of tools.

    The scammer did not indicate a minimum deposit. No information about account types. But sharashka promises favorable spreads and zero fees. Rating Forex warns: you cannot take your word for it. We need specific numbers. Every honest broker gives them.

    Plecho Kavva Capital – 1:200. Attention: this is much higher than what is allowed in the EU. Even in the Russian Federation, where the scammers allegedly opened offices.

    Rating Forex warns: when the leverage is 1:200, transactions are not entered into the real market. Opening a “Personal Account” with such a trickster means getting an imitation of trading. Leverage is used not only to lure new patients. It helps drain the depot. Fraudsters don’t even need to intervene. Most traders merge their trades themselves.

    The scam broker hid the remaining specifications (swaps, margin calls, stop outs, minimum transaction volumes). As with the tool list, this is not normal. A real broker offers the most transparent trading conditions so that people can make an informed choice.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    “Kavva Capital”treats about the office in the Russian Federation. Address: Moscow, Presnenskaya embankment, 12, Federation East tower, 8th floor, office 41. If so, you need to look for it in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The check showed that there is no such character in the Russian registry.

    Kidala claims that his work is controlled by two financial regulators:

    • FCA (695450) — United Kingdom.
    • CySEC (202/13) — Cyprus.

    There is no UK license. The Cypriot case is more interesting. It is owned by Crowd Tech Ltd. Applies only to This document has already been withdrawn.

    What we have here is a scam without registration, which lies about licenses and hides behind other people’s documents. Moreover, there is evidence that he specializes in divorcing Russians. That is why he was blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

    The real age of the scammer

    According to the bit, it has been working either since 2001 or 2019. Both are large portions of noodles. The domain where the scam broker dropped anchor was registered in December 2021. It began to operate actively in 2022. Didn’t live to see 2023.

    Withdrawing money from Kavva Capital and replenishing the deposit

    Kidala accepts cards:

    • Visa, Mastercard.
    • “World”.

    More cryptocurrencies. He just doesn’t say which ones. There is not a word about terms and commissions on the scam website. This alone is a reinforced concrete sign of a scammers.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official website of Kavva Capital merged less than a year after the start. Not surprising. Sharashka was talking nonsense about registration and regulation.

    It is clear that bits that have many holes in the legend do not live long. Therefore, the scammers who created them are the most aggressive Forex scammers. They have very little time before the first complaints. Therefore, they are trying to scam absolutely everyone they managed to reach for the maximum deposit. Some are driven into fat debts.

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    Reviews about Kavva Capital

    Despite the fact that”Kavva Capital” very mediocre official website and incompetentAmazing legend, this scammer still managed to find solvent patients. Reviews on the Internet speak about this.

    A person says on that a scammer found him through a job advertisement. He called and promised: he would teach him how to trade on the Forex market.

    The fake broker Kavva Capital demanded $500 deposit. The author of the review did not want to give so much away. They agreed on $250. The scammer rustled: he makes an exception.

    When the reviewer deposited the beans into the account, the training began. Its essence boiled down to the fact that you need to constantly replenish the depot. The man did not fall for this arrangement. I placed capital for withdrawal. In retaliation, the swindler immediately drained the deposit and then blocked the account.

    On people say: Kavva Capital is a Forex kitchen that is shaped like a broker. The Dodger drains everyone who opens their “Personal Account”.

    Sharashka promises everyone to become a millionaire. And in a few days. In fact, he takes all the beans for himself. No one was able to withdraw money on their own.

    On they often say: the Kavva Capital website looks dubious and arouses suspicion. This discourages anyone from opening a “Personal Account” and saves money.

    Another scam imitates trading. It has nothing in common with the real market. Anyone who has tried to withdraw money from Kavva Capital warns: applications hang unprocessed for weeks. It doesn’t end anywhere.

    When I was scammed by Kavva Capital, I need legal help. Rating Forex has it always free. Consult with lawyers as much as necessary. Take your money with a 100% guarantee of success.


    Kavva Capital is a fake broker without any documents. He stayed afloat for less than a year. The scammers behind him are still scamming people. They just changed the site.

    You can’t mess with such a crook. They always have the same goal – to steal from traders as much money as possible. Make money with themJust impossible.


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