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    Just2Trade review. What's wrong with the broker?

    Just2Trade is a Cypriot forex broker launched in 2015. He’s pouring: he is known all over the world. According to legend, he has 155,000 clients in 130 countries.

    In exchange for a “Personal Account”, Just2Trade promises direct access to exchanges. He doesn’t say which ones. To increase the chances of making money, the bit promises the highest speed of order execution, based on a network created using ten-year-old technologies.

    The Just2Trade scammer is registered in Cyprus. Got a local license. That is, it must work according to the laws adopted in the EU. OnlyeThat doesn’t stop the trickster from throwing away money en masse.

    Just2Trade— divorce. TrYukach dcharges hidden commissions and service fees. In addition, it inflates spreads for no reason.

    To test the pool of trading tools, you will have to work hard. You need to scour the entire scam site. But even this will not help to fully understand it. It is unclear which of the many accounts the asset listings relate to.

    J2T offers trading not only in pairs and CFDs. The pool contains exchange instruments: shares, futures. It’s just not clear on which exchanges the trade is taking place. The dodger gets off with general phrases about sites in Europe, the USA and Asia.

    Another rotten attraction is searching for specifications. Nothing is clear about the shoulder. On one page of the Just2Trade website it is 2% and below. On the other – 1:500 (that is, 0.2%). That’s a lot. Especially for a European broker.

    Wild leverage like Just2Trade should only be for qualified traders. Our hero wants to convert absolutely everyone who opened their “Personal Account” into such people.Nand they do not have negative balance protection. Ix can be sent to minus.

    Year of foundation


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    Cyprus, CySEC



    Side: Cyprus
    City:Limassol 3076
    Address: Magnum Business Center, Office 4B, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue 78
    Phone: +7 (499) 009-01-95

    • Regulation in strict jurisdiction
    • Low entry threshold
    • Ru-support
    • Dealing under the guise of transferring transactions to the interbank market
    • Non-market quotes, hidden commissions, wide spreads
    • Constant malfunctions in the terminal
    Trading platform



    Forex and CFD “Standard”, MT5 Global, STERLING TRADER PRO

    Account currency



    Bank transfer, FINAM, card, UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Alfa-bank

    Minimum deposit

    $ 100


    Up to 1:500

    Min. order

    0,01 лота


    From 0 points


    Forex, CFD, stocks, metals, options, futures, bonds

    Margin call/Stop out

    100 % / 50 %

    Liquidity Provider

    For exchange assets – exchanges of the USA, Mexico, Canada. For currency pairs and CFDs – no one knows

    Trading Features

    Cyprus broker offers forex trading, stock trading with overpriced spreads, hidden commissions and non-working terminal

    Reviews about Just2Trade. What do traders say about the scam?

    Over the 8 years of operation, Just2Trade has received many reviews. In recent years a lot complaints about the quality of work.

    Second of one of the most recent reviews on warns: it has become simply impossible to work. Flights don’t stop from trading platforms. This situation is everywhere: in the desktop version, when trading from a mobile phone.

    Another complaint about the commissions. They became strongly wider. In an ECN account it’s completely beyond limits.Fees They are also not happy about withdrawing funds. For every sneeze hunter he says desert.

    Rating Forex checker: and they complain about inflated taxes in 2021 and 2019. The Just2Trade scammer always peddled hidden commissions.

    Отзывы о Just2Trade

    Over the last 3 months of 2023, the website was filled with criticism At one trader money disappeared from depositand. Throwing “Just2Trade” doesn’t even try to explain it. He just ignores it.

    Another poor guy complaining on buggy touch platform. After he had his first successes into trade went There were malfunctions in the terminal, orders stopped opening.

    People say: quality of service Just2Trade at the bottom. Business has become hell. Slippage Permanent. TOleft-handed readings.

    Отзывы о Just2Trade, развод

    There are also plenty of dissatisfied people on They warn: J2T is a rotten “kitchen”. The trickster lures you into an offshore (Cyprus is really an offshore, but with European financial regulations). The trading platform may not start for several hours. The result is fat gaps that hit open trades.

    Отзыв на Just2Trade

    Traders warn: Just2Trade pretends to be an honest, transparent broker. After three months of cooperation with him, it became obvious that there was nothing like that:

    • Spreads widen greatly out of the blue.
    • Transactions cannot be left overnight. Due to the rollover, the stop loss is broken.

    The prospect of taking money is zero.

    Instead of earning money with Just2Trade, did you receive a minus? If the scam does not allow you to withdraw money, Rating Forex will help. Our lawyers will take your case. All Consultations are free. The swindler will give back what he took.

    Working conditions. How to make money with Just2Trade?

    Just2Trade offers investments:

    • in Forex;
    • actions;
    • futures;
    • CFD;
    • bonds.

    The official Just2Trade website provides a partial list of Forex instruments. There:

    • Couples.
    • CFDs of exchange instruments.
    • Options. Exchange, not binary.
    • Metals.

    There is a list of shares.

    J2T scam offers 2 trading options – derivatives as a Forex broker, stock assets as a regular broker. On one page of the site it promises access to the stock exchanges of the USA, Mexico, and Canada. On the other he talks about the markets of Asia and Europe. This causes confusion.

    3 types of accounts:

    • MT5 Global.
    • “Standard”.
    • ECN.

    In theory, stocks, bonds, options, futures are only available in MT5 Global. But there are platforms:

    • C.Q.G. The Just2Trade scam is rustling: through it it brings you to world exchanges for futures trading.
    • STERLING TRADER PRO. Designed to work on US stock and options exchanges.

    That is, at least 5 accounts.

    Deposit requirements in MT5 Global and “Standard” are from $100. In ECN – $200. What is in other accounts is unclear.

    The description of the bonds says: to start trading you need at least $3000. That is, the situation is as unclear as possible.

    Spreads in “Standard” – from 0.5 points. In MT5 Global, ECN – from 0 points. Reviews of Just2Trade warn: nothing like that. The difference between bid and ask is impressive.

    Officially, there are no commissions at Standard. In MT5 Global – from $2 per lot. In ECN – from $3. For zero spreads, fees are very low. If the Just2Trade scammer took only them, he would not be able to work. It is important to understand: spreads will inflate.

    Leverage for qualified traders is up to 1:500. For unskilled people – from 1:50 and above. Although according to the laws of the eurozone it should not be higher than 1:30.

    The swindler also receives a minus for swaps. Almost all of them are very large. In addition, negative.

    Registration and regulation

    Official siteJust2Trade is operated by Lime Trading (CY) Ltd:

    • Place of registration:Cyprus.
    • Nomer: HE 341520.
    • Office address: Magnum Business Center, Office 4B, Spyrou Kyprianou Avenue 78 Limassol 3076, Cyprus.

    Lime Trading (CY) Ltd operates legally. This is confirmed by the electronic register of legal entities of Cyprus. Another CySEC website. It was this regulator that issued the company a broker license.

    Джаст2Трейд развод

    Legal status guarantees that traders will not be scammed in the most brazen manner. That is, write off the deposit and refuse to withdraw funds. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

    Reviews warn: Just2Trade has enough ways to control the number of flattened animals. Getting into the black is a hugely difficult task. Especially if you trade with wide leverage instead of working with securities on exchanges. A trickster does not engage in blatant scams. He just charges very fat commissions.

    Although Cyprus is considered an offshore, the local regulator has come a long way to comply with European regulations. Everything is very strict there. The most brazen scammers are quickly eliminated. Rating Forex warns: but this does not exclude the risk of running into a Forex dealer who is not interested in the success of traders.

    Like a divorceandt with Just2Trade money

    J2T is a legal company regulated in the EU. Therefore, the dodger does not engage in blatant scammers. He undresses quietly.

    For example, the Just2Trade website promises low spreads and commissions. When it comes to trading, the difference between bid and ask widens dramatically. When transferring positions overnight, it generally grows to indecent amounts, knocking down traders’ stops. Transactions are closed in the red. People are losing money.

    Another way to leave without money is to manipulate quotes. The pseudo-broker Just2Trade slips false prices so that traders’ forecasts do not work out and everyone is negative.

    In recent years, complaints about malfunctions in the terminal have become increasingly common. The platform may not work. And for hours at a time. As a result, traders are unable to close losing trades or open profitable ones. Most often, such failures occur against the backdrop of the release of important news.

    Rating Forex warns: Just2Trade has problems with withdrawing money. Reviews are full of complaints: a trickster can delay transactions and write off huge commissions. If you don’t start complaining on the Internet, you can say goodbye to cabbage.

    In theory, you can make money with J2T. Some people even succeed. Only the majority of traders lose money. Sharashka is doing everything she can for this.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The official website of Just2Trade (J2T) structures information very strangely. Specifications part. Moreover, they emerge solely by chance. The reason is that each of them – proof of impending divorce.
    Take Just2Trade margin requirements. They are from 2% and below. It is important to understand: this is unacceptable for a European broker.
    Another scam signal for money instead of trade is leverage. It is up to 1:500. Honest brokers have such huge leverage only for qualified traders.
    Opening a “Personal Account” with Just2Trade is a headache. The catcher will begin to charge hidden commissions. Will force you to overpay for the service.
    You will also have to eat noodles about zero spreads. In fact, they will be huge so that no one will make money. The scam broker is spreading lies about liquidity from leading banks. Not an ounce of specifics. This is because transactions are not brought to the real market.

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    Brand Just2Trade has been afloat for 8 years. The bit boasts of awards received at dubious competitions. Whistles about 155,000 clients from 130 countries. But none of this is impressive.

    In Forex trading, awards are given to those who better sponsor the event where they will be presented. 155,000 clients is a small thing with such a coverage of countries as Just2Trade. Russian brokers from the top 10, offering only stock trading, have up to a million traders, or even more. Moreover, their deposit requirements are much higher than $200.

    People who actually traded with Just2Trade warn that it is very difficult to make money. You need a fat deposit and very conservative trading strategies that bring minimal profit.

    Rating Forex does not recommend contacting Just2Trade. There are worthy alternatives. We are talking about Russian Forex dealers, not to mention stock brokers. It’s much safer with them.


    Ready to start investing? Open an account with a proven broker with the best conditions and favorable bonuses


    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about Just2Trade are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Just2Trade on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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