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    “Personal account” with JPBFX (JPB Limited) will lead to divorce and scam of money - reviews, evidence of lies

    The scam was hiding behind registration in the Marshall Islands and scamming Russians. He himself found victims on social networks and through cold calls.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    IRI (Marshall Islands)



    Side: Marshall Islands

    City: Ajeltake Island, Majuro

    Адрес: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road

    Phone: —

    • Russian version of the site
    • Russian-speaking technical support
    • Offshore registration without guarantees of protection of client rights
    • Non-market quotes
    • Non-working withdrawal of funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Master, Expert, Islamic Swap Free




    Wire Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, ЭПС, BTC, ETH

    Min Deposit





    0,8 pips

    Financial Instruments

    CFDs of shares, indices, cryptocurrencies, currencies, metals, energies, ETFs

    Trading Features

    Non-market quotes are completely controlled by scammers. He uses them to merge transactions and reset deposits. This is necessary to hide the fact of capital theft every time you top up your account.



    Review JPBFX

    “JPBFH” calls itself a reliable partner in financial markets. Promises limitless opportunities for financial self-realization. There are huge problems with evidence of all this verbal diarrhea. Not a single word of the dodger has been confirmed. But there is a lot of evidence of money scammers.

    Expose broker scam for a few minutes. Check who you want to trade with. Don’t let scammers steal your capital. Immediately blacklist scammers.

    Fake broker states: operated by a company registered in the Marshall Islands. It actually exists. But the place of registration gives away the sharashka head on. Only forex kitchens and scams settle in offshore areas.

    The pool of instruments on the JPB Limited website cannot be assessed. Scam gives only types of markets. More than 1000 financial instruments available. Of these, 800 are CFD shares. Without a complete list, it is impossible to test the quality of these assets.

    The dump was partially generous with the terms of trade. What is there is quite enough to see through the rotten scam.

    Take, for example, the tales about STP execution in combination with leverage of 1:2000. It is clear: with such leverage, orders do not enter the real market. No real broker or dealer will offer so much. Only a scammer is capable of this, whose target is the poor souls taking their first steps in trading.

    Kidala accepts:

    • 5 fiats;
    • 2 cryptocurrencies.

    Gives a general description of ways to deposit and withdraw. Promises: will not take commissions for transactions that are not related to trading. In fact, the mere presence of crypto in the list of financial assets is enough to expose the deception.

    Terms of cooperation

    JPBFX promises investments in more than 1000 financial assets:

    • 800+ CFD shares.
    • 13 indexes.
    • 151 cryptocurrency pairs.
    • 103 currency pairs.
    • 3 energy carriers.
    • 7 CFD ETFs.

    There is no complete list of tools.

    To open a “Personal Account” with JPB Limited is to take the word of the sharashka office, which actually hangs noodles non-stop. Honest Forex brokers do not hide their range of assets.

    The presence of cryptocurrency pairs can already be considered a sincere admission of fraud. The rotten scam rustles: it serves according to the STP model. That is, it uses straight-through order execution. Rating Forex warns: there is a problem -cryptopar there are no liquidity providers. This garbage asset was invented by rotten scammers (including those with a license).

    Scam offers trade in one of 3 accounts:

    • Master — $ 10.
    • Expert — $ 10000.
    • Islamic Swap-Free — $ 10.

    Everywhere positions start from 0.01 lot. That is, in front of us is definitely a “kitchen”. The leverage is also the same – 1:2000. Such wide leverage is not something a legal broker or dealer can handle.

    In Master, swaps are of unknown size. There are also no commissions for poses. Expert has:

    • Rollover salary.
    • Commissions for transactions with metals and energy resources. Master does not have these assets.

    There is no swap in Islam. The commission will have to pay for everything.

    The huge problem is that the official JPBFX website does not say anything about the fees for transferring a pose overnight. If a broker is honest, he has nothing to hide.

    You can open it:

    • in EUR,
    • USD,
    • RUB,
    • JPY,
    • CNY,
    • BTC,
    • ETH.

    If support for fiat looks even more or less, accounts in such volatile financial assets as Bitcoin and Ethereum are a very strange decision. Real brokers with cabbage withdrawals do not have such inadequate conditions.

    Rating Forex reminds: replenishment in the crypt – also a sign of a scam. Bitcoin and altcoins do not play well with AML and KYC. Therefore, withdrawal brokers stay away from it.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal

    Fake broker”JPB Effects”supposedly operated by JPB Limited. Place of registration: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands. The check showed that such a character really existed. It appeared in January 2023. In September of the same year he was blown away. In principle, this coincides with the activity of the hero of our review.

    Only offshore registration is not an indicator of the company’s reliability. On the contrary, it says that this is a sharashka company that is not regulated by anyone and can do whatever it wants with client capital.

    Attention: in May 2023, the scam JPB Limited was blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. This means that the dumpster is an illegal immigrant. She also often cleaned the pockets of Russians.

    Withdrawal of money from JPBFX and deposit replenishment

    Kidala accepts:

    • cards;
    • bank transfers;
    • EPS;
    • cryptocurrencies.

    He did not provide information about the timing of the transactions. But he promised not to charge commissions for deposits and withdrawals.

    Rating Forex warns: there is no scammer on the site information about the bank account details where the trader’s money should be located. In this situation, capital flies in an unknown direction. It will be extremely difficult to return it yourself.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Fairy talesabout work since 2009 – this is what he greets about official websiteJPBFX (JPB Limited).HAlthough in fact the start took place in 2023. And then the finish line came.

    JPBFX covers itself with registration in the Marshall Islands. Yes, she’s real. It was only 8 months after its issuance that it was cancelled.

    Opening “Personal account” JPBFX, people lost all their money. This happened every time the depot was replenished. The cabbage flew onto the left wallet. Not a penny made it into the terminal. It was impossible to withdraw anything, because there was absolutely nothing to take away.

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    Отзывы о JPB Limited

    Official site JPBFX and they themselves didn’t even stay afloat for a year. All this time, intensive work was carried out to promote the money. She really helped line my pockets.

    On, the swindler’s former clients say: in fact, his website was released to the world in January 2023. At the same time, this character talks about his work since 2009.

    People also warn: a fake broker must have a license from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, because he is targeting Russian speakers. But there is nothing like that.

    On, the authors of reviews ask not to contact the scammer “JPBFH”. They warn you: he won’t let you make money. This office has neither a license nor registration. Instead of contacts there is also a dash.

    People opened a “Personal Account” with JPBFX in the hope of making money. But I didn’t wait for the beans to come out. Applications have been pending for weeks. Nobody processed them.

    They often say on the JPBFX scammer knows how to scam people out of money. He immediately demands to start with a very large amount. Then he demands more and more. Complaining to law enforcement is completely useless. They are unable to help.

    Rating Forex lawyers are guaranteed to make a quick return of money from JPBFX (“JPBFX”). Get help from constantly practicing specialists. Each consultation is free regardless of the complexity or accompanying circumstances. The result is the defeat of the fraudster.


    Honest reviews make it clear: JPBFX is a scam searched for new patients exclusively on his own. He lured and stole cabbage with each replenishment. Afterwards he either continued milking or blocked it. It is simply impossible to withdraw money from such a swindler.

    Like many offshore dumps, JPBFH should be on the blacklist. It was created for scamming money. Deceiving people is the only purpose of his existence.

    You need to keep a pioneering distance from sharashkas like JPB Limited. You can only get involved with a broker from strict jurisdictions with real licenses.


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    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. See all reviews about JPBFX You can visit the company’s official website.

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    Register on the Rating Forex website – it’s free and takes up to 5 minutes, taking into account the registration confirmation via the link that will be sent to your email. Detailed instructions on how to leave a reviewJPBFX, posted at the link.


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    The scam is obvious at first glance: registration in an offshore is always very bad; an unclear description of services; incomplete specifications are even worse. Such scammers manage to work only because there are still thousands of gullible people on the Internet who are ready to believe the fairy tale about simple trading without any effort. But everyone who says this is a swindler and you need to stay as far away from them as possible.

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    Finding a decent broker is now a very difficult task. Even legal companies are brazenly trying to scam people out of money and sell all sorts of rubbish. Also, these scammers have ruined the entire Internet, so you can’t walk past their trash heap, there’s always some trash trying to offer their stupid services. I'm already tired of adding to the blacklist with their phone numbers, and they keep calling when they've all taken a breather.

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    My brother got into this scam with both feet, he gave away not only all his money to the scammers, but also borrowed a thousand dollars from me, he said that he had some kind of strategy to win back. It all ended in vain, the scammer took the money and immediately blocked his personal account; my brother didn’t even manage to open a single transaction before he was robbed. I persuaded him to go to the police, but it turned out that they couldn’t do anything with the afirists because they were hiding in another country and it was impossible to get hold of them.

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    Well, aren't you bastards? They called me and offered to trade, they persuaded me for 3 days while I was in doubt, but they still pushed me through. And in the end, I lost my deposit in the first week, I warned them that I don’t know how to trade, they promised to help, and now, they helped. Now there is no money to return, they don’t want to, and it turns out that it’s all my fault. A normal broker should not behave this way.

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