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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Scammed by the broker "InvestPalata" - how to punish the scammer and withdraw money, it's all a scam

    The InvestPalata has been boasting of its work since 1993. Looking at the dodger’s website, it becomes clear: the start was made a really long time ago. It is as inconvenient as possible. The design and feature set are very strange.

    The site accurately reflects the prospects of everyone who opens a “Personal Account”. Everything will be as inconvenient, slow and bad as possible. You can’t even count on making money.

    The country of registration of the InvestPalata is the Russian Federation. There are 4 licenses of financial regulators in the dodger pool – broker, dealer, depository, trust management. Attention: despite all this, the bit does not want to get out of the decade before last. Every issue, without exception, is resolved only through the company’s offices. Moreover, there is not one in Moscow.

    The website of the InvestPalata does not even have a list of assets. Such and such a pool is only available in margin trading. And there are only tickers. So those new to trading on the MICEX and St. Petersburg will only suffer while trying to figure out what’s going on.

    The only conditions for trading are the amount of commissions. They are big. The scam broker rips them off for everything. Even transferring money to a depository can cost ₽100,000 if you choose the wrong office that the scammer is promoting.

    The InvestPalata scammer offers trust management. To understand it, you will have to sift through mountains of documents. Here is another hint that there is nothing to do with the bit. People get confused, lose their money, which they definitely won’t be able to get back on their own.

    Reviews warn: sharashka employees constantly make mistakes. Traders suffer because of this. People are going into the red.

    There are only two ways to top up and withdraw money from the Investment Chamber. We are talking about a transfer from a bank account and from an account with another broker. Transaction fees are indicated. There are no deadlines.

    There are a whole bunch of complaints in the reviews: a lot of people wait 3-4 months for their assets to reach the trash heap. You can’t even dream about fast service.

    Year of foundation


    Regulation and jurisdiction

    RF (Central Bank)



    Voronezh city
    Address: Kirova street, 11/1
    Phone: 8-800-775-1945, 8 (473) 2-555-605

    • Licenses of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation
    • Low entry threshold
    • Working withdrawal of funds
    • Poor technical support
    • Unqualified personnel
    • High commissions
    Trading platform



    “Millionaire. Cheaper than others”, “Basic”, “First”, “Personal broker”

    Account currency



    Bank transfer, transfer from brokerage account


    Stock, currency, derivatives markets, MBS in St. Petersburg

    Liquidity Provider

    MICEX, St. Petersburg

    Trading Features

    Old stock broker charges high commissions and disgusting technical support

    Reviews about the "InvestPalata". What kind of scam is this?

    Over the 30 years of operation, the InvestPalata has managed to receive a lot of feedback. Most of them were left in 2022–2023. Then Otkritie’s clients were transferred to the broker. And forcibly. Our hero was never able to adapt to the new realities.

    There are a lot of complaints about sharashka on One trader is tearing up and lashing out: his MBS (foreign securities) have been stolen. When they were transferred to the “InvestPalata”, for some reason they ended up in the NSD, which was subject to a freeze. Although in theory they should have been within the country and available for trade.

    Rating Forex warns: the Investment Chamber has exchanged its frozen securities for client ones. Now it rustles that there is no access to them.

    Инвестиционная Палата

    Another person says: he was also transferred to the Investment Chamber from another broker. He cannot log into his account through the QUIK terminal. The reason is that the letter with the login and password does not arrive. The support service says you need to write by email, since there is no technical support.

    As a result, the author of the review cannot access his account for 10 days (at the time of its publication). Judging by the comments to it, the problem is widespread.

    People do not see their papers in the trading terminal. One poor guy’s shares were transferred without specifying the purchase price. Therefore, when selling, he will have to pay full tax, and not just on profit. is also not happy with what the Investment Chamber is doing. People complain about problems with unfreezing shares. The Dodger threatens to do this for months.

    Another catch is that when changing your passport you have to personally visit one of the offices. Let us remind you: in Moscow there are none at all. One trader is surprised that he was transferred to this particular sharashka office. Nothing can be done here with assets that were not available from Otkritie. In addition, the service is disgusting. It seems that the trickster is about to go bankrupt.


    Инвестиционная Палата Отзывы is also full of complaints. People warn: Investment Chamber is the worst broker. He will become:

    • Steal money.
    • Charge $130 for withdrawing even small amounts. And without reason. The dodger refers to the regulatory norms, which he interprets incorrectly.

    Punish the broker “InvestPalata” for scamming money. Recover all stolen items with the assistance of Rating Forex lawyers. Return assistance is free for all.


    Инвестиционная Палата Отзыв, обзор

    Terms of cooperation. How to make money with the Investment Chamber?

    The Investment Chamber offers investments in some securities, currencies, and margin trading instruments. There is no complete list of assets. What is known is that the pool contains Russian securities from the MICEX and foreign securities from St. Petersburg.

    There is a little more clarity with tariffs:

    • “Millionaire. Cheaper than others.” Deposit – from ₽ 1.4 million. Commissions – from 0.02242% to 0.00309% with a turnover of over ₽ 100 million per day.
    • “Base”. Commission – from 0.03540% to 0.00944% for turnover over RUB 100 million per day.
    • “First”. Commission – from 0.05310% to 0.0118%.
    • “Personal Broker” Deposit – from ₽ 0.6 million. Commission – from 0.2301% to 0.21004%. The main feature is access to consultations and portfolio development.

    All accounts are charged 0.01% – ₽0.18 exchange and clearing fees per trade. That is, the full commission will be even higher. Forced closure will cost ₽ 1,180. Futures deliveries are at least ₽ 5,900.

    The scam broker also has an additional reward. The minimum is ₽ 147.5 per month, if there were no transactions on the account or commissions for them were lower than this amount. Plus, for recording transactions on your personal account in the evening, you will have to pay ₽ 30 per day, but not more than ₽ 450.

    Those who deposit assets in a depository in order to sell and withdraw money will have to pay 2%. There is an opinion that this addition appeared after assets from Otkritie were transferred to the Investment Chamber. Clients who decide to get rid of assets and leave the broker will have to properly gild his handle.

    “InvestPalata” – withdrawal of money, replenishment

    You can top up from the bank account of any financial institution. Enrollment period is up to 2 days. But this is only according to the scammer “Investment Chamber”. Honest reviews make it clear: the money may not arrive at all.

    A withdrawal order can be submitted via QUIK. Lovchila also promises withdrawals in up to 2 days. In practice, it can drag on for any time.

    Transfers from and to other brokers’ accounts are possible. These procedures are accompanied by substantial commissions. Rating Forex warns: the sharashka wants to pocket every cent he can squeeze out.

    Registration and regulation

    The InvestPalata appeared in 1993. Until 1997 it was called “Klondike”. Now the scammer has 4 branches:

    • in Voronezh,
    • Kursk,
    • Orle,
    • Lipetsk.

    If you have to resolve issues related to the account, in addition to managing transactions, you need to go there. That is, waste your time. There will definitely be no remote maintenance.

    There are 4 licenses in the InvestPalata pool:

    • brokerage,
    • dealer,
    • depository,
    • trust management.

    All issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Valid indefinitely. In 2011, the trust management license was revoked. But not because of violations: as part of a business reorganization.

    On paper, this is a legal company with strict regulation. In fact, it’s a sharashka’s office, which is unclear how it stays afloat. Whatever she does, it turns out simply disgusting.

    The InvestPalata has non-competitive working conditions. Clients are ignored. Brazen frauds with frozen shares are in progress. For such a set of schools, the bit’s place is on the black list.

    Rating Forex reminds you: having a license does not always guarantee reliability. Hunters like our hero can, within the law, charge inflated commissions only because it is so profitable for them. They charge a fee for any activity, including regular account maintenance, which most brokers generally provide for free, at least for investors.

    How the “InvestPalata” scams people out of money

    Our hero cannot compete with large brokers. The latest influx of clients is due to the fact that they were transferred from Otkritie. And forcibly. That is, without asking. These poor fellows experienced all the delights of cooperation with a provincial stock exchange intermediary.

    Technical support is very weak. Any issues will take a long time to be resolved. Few people care about customer problems. There are regulations that allow you to stall for 30 days, even if the issue can be resolved very quickly.

    The reason for the inconvenience is the unqualified, very limited staff. Especially against the backdrop of a massive influx of clients in 2022. The office simply can’t cope. He is not going to spend money on hiring new people.

    All this against the background of inflated commissions. You top up your account and pay. Transferred shares to sell – also unfasten the cabbage. And in very large quantities. If you open transactions with a small deposit, consider that you will be working on one commission.

    However, there are problems with the output. Even with the replenishment, not everything is in order. Money may simply be lost.

    There is also a suspicion that our hero replaced client shares with his own. As a result, traders are told tales that their shares are frozen in the NSD, although they should not be there under any circumstances.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    The official website of the InvestPalata is a muttering of numerous awards and elite status among brokers. At the same time, honest reviews from people talk about a foggy office that is stuck in the last century, not averse to putting its hand in the pocket of those who opened the “Personal Account”.

    Against the backdrop of the transfer of assets of Otkritie Bank clients to the Investment Chamber, Sharashkin’s office began to be closed. She had never had so many people in her life. The service that used to be bad has turned into disgusting.

    Under no circumstances should you open a “Personal Account” with the “InvestPalata”. Everything there is like in the early 90s. No online. Every sneeze is only through offices that are only in a few cities.

    All a scam broker can do is tell tales about a beautiful trade. At the same time, for six months now he has not been able to unfreeze the papers of those clients who were transferred from Otkritie. According to the community, the situation will definitely not change. The conclusion is simple: you need to keep a pioneering distance from such a trickster.

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    “InvestPalata” is a provincial stock broker who has been working poorly for 30 years and is not striving for improvement. He can’t keep up with the leaders. That’s why:

    • no mobile application;
    • trade only through QUIK, for which you will also have to pay.

    Instead of at least mediocre service, people receive support that is indifferent to everything and doesn’t care. That is, there is technical support, but it is of no use.


    Ready to start investing? Open an account with a proven broker with the best conditions and favorable bonuses


    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about InvestPalata are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with InvestPalata on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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