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    Ingosinvest - Investments - is it worth it, becoming a partner of the company. User reviews

    Ingosinvest – Investments is a team of experienced professionals with extensive experience in the stock market. Their main principle is a careful and responsible approach to achieving the desired results, as well as a unique methodology for creating investment portfolios for clients and providing brokerage services.

    Joint Stock Management Company “IngosinvestInvestments” is one of the largest and most reliable management organizations in Russia. The project was founded in 1997, at the dawn of the revival of the securities market in Russia, and today it occupies a strong position in the financial services sector. According to Expert RA, the total volume of assets managed by the company is 116 billion rubles.

    It is important to note that the team is part of the financial services sector and is closely associated with the leading insurance company in Russia – SPAO Ingosinvest. This allows the organization to provide unique benefits to customers and ensure high quality services.

    The project participants are the largest non-state pension funds, insurance companies, as well as corporate and private investors. The organization has gained recognition in the Russian stock market for providing high-quality services and achieving some of the best results in asset management.

    The main activity is an individual approach to each client and strict control over risks. The project writes that it understands that each investor is unique, so they pay special attention to analyzing and understanding the individual goals and needs of platform participants.

    Date grounds


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    Ingosstrakh – Investments is a reputable investment company offering a wide selection of financial instruments, a reliable trading platform and professional customer support. They also operate in accordance with regulatory requirements and strive to provide a high degree of safety and reliability to their customers. Their official website provides useful information and contact details are available to contact company representatives.

    Official website of the company

    Contact details

    8 (800) 100-48-98

    • Wide range of financial instruments
    • Professional customer support
    • Regulated by relevant authorities
    • Provides an affiliate program
    • May have restrictions or requirements for some types of clients
    • High commissions or spreads may apply to certain transactions
    • Risk of loss of investments in financial markets
    Account currency

    Rubles, US dollars, euros and other currencies


    Various methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, including bank transfers, electronic payment systems and other methods

    PAMM accounts

    Providing the ability to manage and invest in PAMM accounts

    Financial instruments

    Stocks, bonds, ETFs, futures, options, currency pairs and others

    Rules of cooperation

    Ingosinvest offers various opportunities for cooperation with clients, helping them achieve their financial goals. One such opportunity is to invest in yuan bonds. As part of this strategy, users’ main assets are invested in bonds of Russian issuers denominated in yuan. This approach allows you to obtain an annual return of about 5%.


    The company also offers a strategy for investing in ruble bonds of corporate borrowers. This strategy includes ruble bonds that have undergone credit analysis by Ingosinvest Management Company. It offers a low level of risk and an expected return of 13.01% per year.

    Another available strategy is working with corporate bonds. It is aimed at moderately conservative investors who seek to preserve and increase their capital with minimal risk.

    When choosing trust management, the client is managed by a professional management company that carries out transactions with assets in order to maximize income. The initial investment amount is from RUB 100,000, and the recommended optimal investment period is at least 12 months. However, if you want to invest for a shorter period, consultants will help you choose the appropriate strategy.

    To start cooperation, the client needs to select a suitable strategy on the official website or in the office, enter into a trust management agreement and deposit funds for investment. After this, the user will be able to track the profitability of their investments in their personal account. Commissions for the services provided depend on the chosen strategy and the size of the deposit; their amounts are provided on the company’s website. You can also familiarize yourself with the rules for withdrawing funds on the official website of Ingosinvest – Investments Management Company.

    Partnership with the company

    The Ingosinvest – Investments affiliate program offers a number of advantages and opportunities for users cooperating with the broker. Important points of the program are flexible terms of cooperation and a motivation system, which are discussed individually with each partner.

    The broker offers special products that can be created or modified to suit the requirements and needs of the partner. This ensures flexibility and adaptation of products to different areas and customers.

    To ensure effective cooperation and development of partners, the project offers training at the Sales School. As part of the training, partners master the skills of building relationships with clients and can immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice, for example, in the process of selling and renewing policies.

    The project team is also ready to provide assistance and support to partners at all stages of sales. Partners can contact their supervisor or contact the company via chat, phone or email to get advice or assistance on any issues.

    Broker reviews

    Reading reviews plays an important role when choosing a dealer to invest in. We will consider each comment in detail to get a complete picture of the Ingosinvest – Investments broker.

    Ингосстрах отзывы

    This comment indicates that Ingosinvest – Investments provides assistance to both beginners and experienced investors. It emphasizes caring for each client and supporting them in achieving their financial goals.

    Брокер Ингосстрах

    The author’s opinion indicates that Ingosinvest offers the opportunity to obtain returns higher than deposit rates. The client notes his satisfaction with the 16% per annum received and is even thinking about entering the stock market on his own.

    Ингосстрах брокер отзыв

    This review emphasizes the company’s reliability, balanced approach to client expectations, and also notes low remuneration rates and high-quality risk management. The author of the review highlights the ease of interaction with a personal manager and transparency in discussing strategies. He notes regular reporting and satisfactory return on investment.

    From the reviews provided, it is clear that the platform receives positive feedback from its customers. The company pays attention to each user, offers high-yield opportunities and ensures reliable risk management. Next, we will look at the details of the investment and understand whether the organization is worthy of our attention.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Ingosinvest – Investments is a prestigious company with many years of experience in the stock market. The firm stands out for its responsible approach to achieving results and its innovative approach to building client investment portfolios, as well as providing brokerage services. Key features include a variety of opportunities for platform participants. The project offers trust management, where an experienced team of professionals is engaged in active transactions in order to ensure the maximum possible income for the client.

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    Conclusions about the investment company

    As a result of the review of the investment platform, we can conclude that the project is reliable and transparent:

    • One of the main advantages of cooperation with Ingosinvest – Investments is the variety of strategies and investment products offered by the company.
    • Ingosinvest also stands out for its affiliate program, which offers additional benefits for partners.
    • However, it is worth noting that the project does not provide a guarantee of achieving the expected profitability specified in the description of the strategies. This is important to consider when deciding on cooperation.
    • Fees and withdrawal terms may vary and it is important to review them carefully before investing.

    As a result, the decision to begin cooperation with Ingosinvest should be made taking into account the individual financial goals and risks of each client. If there is an interest in investing and a desire to receive additional benefits from the partnership, the company can be considered as a potential option for development and achieving financial goals. Conditions and risks must be carefully assessed before making a final decision.


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    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about Ingosinvest are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Ingosinvest on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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