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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    Payback for deception - what reviews are written about the broker Crypto Facilities, why the scammer is blacklisted

    “Personal Area” in linden broker Crypto Facilities pleads to only one thing – loss of capital. The bits behind it are stolen at every replenishment. Withdrawing money doesn’t work. No matter how the anglerfish patient trades, all his profit will be only on paper, and the entrance ticket will be in the pocket of the fishing dodgers.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction


    Company Features

    Scam uses other people’s registration data and license to scam Russians out of money



    City: London

    Address: 6th Floor, 1 London Wall

    Phone: +4402081649900


    • Russian version of the site
    • No registration, license
    • Imitation of trading and manipulation of quotes
    • Unable to withdraw funds
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    Standart, Silver, Optimal, Platinum, VIP





    Min Deposit





    2,2 pips

    Mobile Trading


    Trading Features

    Sharashka manipulates quotes and drains deposits to steal money from clients



    Review Crypto Facilities

    Forex scammer “Crypto Facilities” bleats about best trading conditions.Calling itself as a trading center for working with cryptocurrency. However, it does not prove that he works legally. He just pokes at the leaked registration data.

    Attention – the scammer “Crypto Facilities” has several domains for scamming people out of money:


    None of them lasted more than a couple of months.

    Click like seeds Forex broker scam together with Rating Forex. Check intermediaries for lice for free. Don’t let scammers take your capital.

    The divorcer pours:registered in the UK, operating under a local license. There is actually a company called Crypto Facilities in the local registry. Only her original website is He has nothing to do with the scammer who anchored on and clones.

    The trickster “Crypto Facilities” encourages you to trade. There are still several investment options. At the same time, there is not a word about the pool of tools. There aren’t even types of tools.

    Comment Rating Forex: zato scam actively advertises passive financial investments. For example, such a scam as cloud mining and trust management from a sharashka without any documents.

    There is not a word from Crypto Facilities about ways to give an entrance ticket and make a withdrawal. All that the bit stutters about is that the withdrawal will be without commissions. It is unclear whether you will have to pay for a refill. How long transactions take in both directions is also a big secret.

    Terms of cooperation. earn money s «Crypto Facilitis»?

    Crypto Facilities mates to do investments into the unknown financial instruments. His rotten website does not have a list or even types of markets.

    There is a possibility that all financial assets are crypto pairs. That is, absolutely useless garbage, the existence of which makes no sense. Rating Forex warns: the presence of such financial instruments indicates imitation of trading. The fact is that they do not have liquidity providers.

    Throwing Crypto Facilities offers its patients 5 accounts to choose from:

    • Standard. Deposit – $250–1000.
    • Silver. Deposit – $1000–5000.
    • Optimal. Deposit — $5000-25000.
    • Platinum. Deposit — $ 25000-50000.
    • VIP. From $50,000.

    Standard has the thickest spreads – from 2.2 points. In addition, it is the only one where there are commissions for the transaction. You will have to pay $0.5 for the operation.

    Real cabbage withdrawal brokers have a larger fee, if any at all. The figure depends on the order volume, and not just on the position. Rating Forex warns: what Crypto Facilities demands is real nonsense.

    The minimum transaction volume depends on the account. Can vary from 0.1 lot to 3 lots. This is also strange. A reliable broker does not set the minimum wage above the lot.

    Basically, the Crypto Facilities scam focuses on passive financial investments in cryptocurrency projects, funds and other fictitious garbage. All this has nothing to do with reality.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal от Crypto Facilities

    Throwing «Crypto Facilities» supposedly operated by Crypto Facilities Ltd:

    • Place of registration: Great Britain.
    • Адрес: 6th Floor, 1 London Wall, London, UK.

    The check showed that in the register of legal entities in the UK there actually is an office with such data.

    Checking the FCA (British financial regulator) register puts everything in its place. It turns out that the company registered in the UK actually acquired a license. It only applies strictly to the website

    Attention: the hero of our review stole someone else’s registration data. It pretends to be a real British company and has no legal status.

    Rating Forex warns: uhThis is very bad news for any trader or investor. The owners of a Forex scam can hide anywhere. Finding them is almost impossible. Returning capital will not be an easy task. Neither the financial regulator nor the local police will help.

    Apparently, the garbage dump washes the pockets of Russians. Such scammers like to hole up in countries with which the Russian Federation does not have an agreement on cooperation between law enforcement agencies.

    Withdrawal of money from Crypto Facilities and replenishment of the depository

    There is not a word on the scam site about the deposit and withdrawal algorithm. This suggests that we are faced with a rotten scam that cannot be trusted. Such sharashkas will squeeze out all the money and crash.

    Like a divorce aunty for money «Crypto Facilities»

    Crypto Facilities finds patients on its own, convinces them to open an account, and promises fat profits. When the victim agrees and tries to hand over the beans, the catcher immediately disappears in an unknown direction. He simply imitates trading in order to rip off the money. Everyone who tried to withdraw money either received a ban or had to unfasten commissions taken from the ceiling.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official website of Crypto Facilities ( uses someone else’s registration data. Moreover, it pretends to be a real company from the UK. At the same time, the local regulator made it clear: this is a scam that will fleece everyone.

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    Reviews of Crypto Facilities

    Scammer “Crypto Facilities” scammed people out of money, absolutely letting go all yours cloned sites. On, real traders took out loans to give the angler fish an entry ticket. As a thank you, he brazenly leaked it. No one was able to withdraw a single cent. And not only from soot, but also from the first replenishment of the depot.

    On they warn: if you turn into kings, the scam broker Crypto Facilities will simply reset the deposit. Then he will also accuse you of causing damage.

    At the same time, the arrogant thieves are in no hurry to confirm their words with anything. They simply ignore or encourage you to refill again in order to lick off more.

    On, former patients and scammers complain: he will not allow you to trade normally:

    • the terminal is constantly slowing down;
    • trades are merged non-stop.

    If the patient loses all the money, Crypto Facilities starts pestering him with rotten messages, where he encourages him to top up his account again. Anyone who attempts to invest in passive investments is blatantly forced into trust management. And every time they drain it clean.

    Did the fake broker Crypto Facilities scam you and leave you without a penny? Rating Forex every day helps you make withdrawals for free. Take away from the swindler everything he has pocketed. Make them turn out their pockets.


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