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Tronix app — another scam for crypto traders on Telegram?

Tronix app is another tapal app created on the Tron blockchain. Users can mine crypto, but withdraw it only after paying for the miner. You can earn money by completing tasks and inviting friends to the application.

It is not clear whether the Troniks app gives you a real opportunity to earn money. Judging by the mining speed and required investments, the advantages of the application are very dubious, and there are many disadvantages.

PlatformTelegram bot Tronix
StartMarch 2024
Connecting a walletNot required
Availability of technical supportThere is a bot: @tronixappsupport_bot

There is no need to wait for listing in this application. Tronix has the Tron cryptocurrency, whose TRX token is quite actively traded on exchanges. By tapping you can get 0.5184 Tron per day. When you log in to the Missions tab, a welcome bonus of 10 thousand SHIB is provided.

Access to the game is simple, just go to the Telegram channel and launch the mining bot. The menu is in English, but intuitive. There is a Boost button for purchasing mining power amplifiers for 30 days. One booster costs 100 TRX and should bring 134,784 TRX. The value of profit is constantly decreasing, the creators do not hide this and claim that the game will still remain an effective way of passive income.

By completing tasks in Missions, you can get from 5 to 100 thousand SHIB. You can also:

  • ✅subscribe to the platform channel;
  • ✅buy additional power;
  • ✅complete tasks and receive bonuses through TronixBounty Bot;
  • ✅distribute your referral link on social networks.

The profitability of the bot is very doubtful, so it is not worth investing in it.

▶️Reviews from clients

Finding reviews about Tronix app on the Internet is almost impossible. There are very positive articles, they praise the platform so much that one cannot help but suspect a setup in them. There are quite a few video reviews on Youtube describing all the advantages of mining in a Telegram bot. However, users write not the most positive comments under the video.

Tronix App - лохотрон

Anyone who thought that the service was completely free was sorely mistaken. You need to invest money in a pyramid, otherwise it doesn’t work.

The Tronix Community Telegram channel is quite strange. In it, the number of subscribers varies from 200 thousand to 1 million, but there are much fewer active and commenting ones, which may indicate bots and cheating.

Tronix App разводит пользователей

Judging by the English-language chat, the bot often has problems that technical support does not solve very quickly. True, if cryptocurrency is not mined at Tronics, perhaps they simply forgot to make a deposit. Without replenishments, this service does not work or works, but not for long.

Tronix App реальные отзывы

Judging by the comments in the Russian-language chat, the deposit needs to be constantly replenished.

Tronix App - разоблачение

There are big problems with feedback and technical support. There are many comments like this one about the lack of feedback in all the chats of the project. Users complain that objectionable comments are simply deleted.

📜Terms of cooperation

If someone doesn’t believe that the Tronix app is a pure scam, it’s worth paying attention to how and how much money this service extracts. The app charges 2.5 TRX for each withdrawal. To mine at least for a commission, you need to spend several days in the bot.

StatusMining slipper
affiliate programThere is a referral program
ReplenishmentOnly with TRX cryptocurrency in Telegram bot
Crypto withdrawalWith commission, in the Wallet section
Deposit100 TRX

Drops supposedly happen, but only the most active players can catch them. Although it is possible that they are figureheads. There is a referral program, but it is intended for selected community members; for whom exactly it is not said. For friends who follow the link, you can receive 5% of their income.

🔎Expert opinion

Unlike other tapals, Troniks up does not launch through the desktop version of Telegram. It is not clear what this is connected with, but it makes mining somewhat difficult. Although whether it is worth using this application at all is a very big question. Judging by the comments on social networks, it seems that the service is needed only for the creators to make money from boosters. Whether anyone has the patience to earn money by clicking without investing remains a mystery. Claim can be pressed after 1 TRX. Judging by the mining speed, this will take about 2 days.

💡Conclusions about cooperation

There are quite detailed instructions in the FAQ on how to display Tronix app. Coins are withdrawn to a wallet in the application itself. The minimum you can withdraw is 20 TRX or 300,000 SHIB. The payment procedure takes from 24 to 48 hours. It was not possible to find confirmation of the withdrawal of coins from real people in the chat. Perhaps the conclusion really works, but to produce it you need to spend a lot of money.

A real token for which you don’t have to wait for listingThere is a required deposit
There is a possibility of withdrawalNo desktop version
Access via messengerSlow mining
Lots of negative reviews

The concern is that erroneously depositing currencies other than TRX will result in coins being lost on the blockchain. It will be impossible to return them. Mining income will drop over time as the service indicates that the interest rate will gradually decrease. Even if you play without investments, you can withdraw accumulated tokens only after activating your own deposit in TRX.

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