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Cheated by a financial organization, does not withdraw money? Do you want to check the financial company?

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    General information or what the Bit Project Invest broker is silent about - scam review broker

    On bitprojectinvests official website There is information that the office has been operating since 2010. At the same time, the domain of this resource is only a few months old and it was paid for only 1 year. This ratio already indicates the fraudulent intentions of the organization’s employees.

    By the way, at this moment the site doesn’t work at all. Perhaps this is a temporary glitch due to technical problems, but perhaps he has already become bored and stopped his activities. It turned out that the company is on the black list of Rosnadzor.

    Of the contacts on the site, only email is indicated, which is clearly not enough for full communication with the developers and owners of the site. It turned out that information about leverage, spreads, swaps, commissions, etc. is also classified. We can talk about this but it was only possible to find out during the auction.The company’s assets are only cryptocurrencies and securities. At the same time, it was announced about wide functionality bitprojectinvests personal account, which has up to 500 functions. Unfortunately, now no one will check this until the site starts operating again.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program

    No information

    Regulation and jurisdiction

    No information

    Company Features

    The site no longer works, it’s a scam



    [email protected]

    • 500 tools for making money
    • They promise withdrawal and replenishment of balance without commission
    • Free training for beginners
    • No registration
    • Technical support doesn't work
    • The site no longer works
    Trading Platform

    Metatrader 4

    Types of accounts

    Direct, NDD, PRO, Mobile




    No commission, PayPal, payment cards, bank transfer

    Min Deposit



    from 0.2 to 0.9 points

    Margin Call/Stop out

    100/20 – 100/50

    Mobile Trading


    Order execution

    No information



    How Bit Project Invest scams users

    This office employs real communication masters. They convince easily users:

    • undergo registration and verification;
    • open and top up an account;
    • frequently make new deposits for increasingly larger amounts;
    • conduct daily trading without missing working days.

    To begin with, beginners undergo a short training on a demo account. Naturally, everything works out great there, and they are fired up with the idea of ​​making money as quickly as possible.real money. Moreover, the company promises them a profit of 1000%.

    When real trading begins, there are frequent crashes on the site, sudden changes in quotes and spreads. All this continues as long as the client has money in his account. And even if something was luckyo earn, withdrawal of funds does not work.

    Calls to technical support lead to nothing, and if the client is too persistent, he is simply blocked bitprojectinvests personal account and reset the account. Since now the resource no longer works, you won’t find anyone to blame.

    Terms of cooperation with Bit Project Invest

    The “User Agreement” on the company’s website contains the basic rules for investment in bitprojectinvests. In the very first paragraphs, the company denies responsibility both for the loss of money and for the receipt of income. Motivate itthe fact that the trader himself draws up his own strategies and no one except himself can be held responsible for this.

    It is reported that the company has created over 500 tools with which you can make good money. And you can start with $500. Additionally, the topic of bonuses is covered. But for every thousand received as a gift, you will have to make a 1000 times larger turnover.

    True, the trader is not told this when they offer to use the bonus in trading. Usually he finds out about it when it is no longer possible to change anything. To find out how to make money in the company bitprojectinvests, you need to study this tool well. But even this has not saved anyone yet. Fraudsters will always find a way to leave their clients without pants.


    The company does not have any license and never has had one. Scammers hope “maybe” and that newcomers to trading will still not understand anything until it is too late to change anything. Only email is known from contact [email protected].

    It is clear that the company’s management and site developers do not want to listen to customers’ reproaches. Therefore, there is no information about them, either on the site or even on the Internet.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Bit Project Invest Company – ordinary cuisine, razvodilovo for beginners in trading. Designed only for those who are starting to try their hand at trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s much easier to fool these people because they have no experience and they simply don’t know much. As a result, dissatisfied people remain who write negative reviews.

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    To fully understand the situation, you need to study reviews about the company bitprojectinvests.On the site has posted several responses about this project. All of them are in a negative way. Thus, a client of Zhora’s organization wrote that these scammers deceive traders, defrauding them of large sums, and then do not contact them. He knows several people who have suffered as much as he has.

    Vadik also had the imprudence to do investments in bitprojectinvests.He writes that the company is not interested in long-term cooperation. Fraudsters want to hit the jackpot quickly because they feel they are ruined.

    Valery Ermak reports that he lost $7,000 from this broker. He claims that scammers from the Beat project take advantage of the lack of experience of newcomers. They will not allow you to withdraw your own funds, let alone your earned ones.

    Such reviews completely discourage the desire to cooperate with a scam broker. Therefore, it is imperative to study people’s opinions about the company and its employees. For those who have already been burned and cannot withdraw their money in any way, we suggest filling out feedback form with our specialists.


    After complete review of the company bitprojectinvests There is no doubt that this is an office that was created to deceive beginners in trading. Therefore, never get involved with a company that does not have a regulator and does not have licenses.

    A broken website is direct evidence of a scam. If you still have accounts there, do not give up, but seek a refund through lawyers who know how to handle chargeback cases.


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    How do customer reviews influence bitprojectinvests on the company's rating?

    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. See all reviews about bitprojectinvests VYou can visit the company’s official website.

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