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    BDSwiss broker – reviews from deceived traders

    BDSwiss is an international broker offering Forex and CFD trading services on stocks, indices and commodities. This project is aimed at traders who want to participate in speculative trading in financial markets. It is important to note that trading such instruments involves high risks and may result in the loss of your invested capital. Cases of fraud related to the activities of the BDSwiss company are actively discussed on the RuNet, which makes it important to carefully study information about the broker before starting cooperation.

    Date grounds

    2011 year




    CySec, FSC

    Affiliate program



    • MT4/MT5 support
    • High leverage
    • Illegal activities
    • Wide spreads
    • No withdrawal of money
    Trading Platform

    MT4, WebTrader

    Types of accounts

    Classic, Cent, Raw, VIP

    Min Deposit



    Up 0,3 pips


    Up 1:2000

    Margin Call/Stop Out


    Min order


    Financial Instruments

    CFDs on cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, commodities, stocks and stock indices

    What is known about the broker BDSwiss

    Sharaga has allegedly been working since 2011, but her actual experience in the financial sector is significantly less, as confirmed by the domain verification results BDSwiss official website appeared several years ago and is already on the blacklists of all independent monitoring.

    The legal address of BDS Ltd (registration number: 8424660-1), which owns the rights to use the domain, is located at: Suite 3, Global Village, Jivan’s Complex, Mont Fleuri, Mahe, Seychelles. The scammers relied on offshore jurisdiction to hide the final beneficiaries and information about the authorized capital, so you can’t count on transparent services.

    The fake broker is allegedly licensed and regulated by the FSA, the financial auditor of the Seychelles, which does not inspire much confidence. A scanned copy of the license is not provided on the website, and all department registers are closed. This is why scammers choose offshore zones to register their anonymous garbage dumps.

    Broker information BDSwiss on their official website is limited, making it difficult to fully understand the scale of their operations. The lack of information regarding the founding date, management and specific statistics makes it important to do additional research and be cautious when deciding to work with this broker.

    In Russia, the scam operates illegally. The office does not have local legal registration or permission to operate from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The office also did not receive SRO status. Therefore, cooperation with the project is associated with high non-trading risks. It is better to abandon this adventure.

    Terms of trading with broker BDSwiss

    The scam sells gullible newbies a variety of trading conditions, including a choice between several account types and platforms. In reality, the sharaga works like a kitchen, draining traders’ deposits. That’s why you can’t trust money BDSwiss personal account in this office – a death sentence for savings.

    Types of trading accounts:

    • Cent: suitable for beginner traders, allowing you to trade with smaller volumes;
    • Classic: standard account for retail traders;
    • VIP: offers lower spreads and better trading conditions for experienced traders;
    • Raw: The account with the lowest spreads, designed for professional traders.

    In fact, they are no different. This is just a marketing ploy to attract new investors.

    BDSwiss provides access to popular trading platforms, including MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, as well as its own version of WebTrader and a mobile application. These terminals offer various tools and functions for analyzing the market and performing trading operations. Liquidity providers are not disclosed. Scammers independently manage quotes.

    Key trading parameters:

    • minimum deposit: depends on the type of account and the client’s country of residence. For example, for a Classic account the minimum deposit is 10 euros/dollars/pounds;
    • leverage: up to 1:2000, with the possibility of using dynamic leverage: the margin is automatically adjusted depending on the volume of open positions;
    • bonuses: the site does not contain information about bonuses;
    • withdrawal of funds: instant cashout is possible on credit cards with amounts up to €/$/£ 2,000 without commission;
    • Spreads: Vary depending on account type. For example, on the Raw account spreads start from 0.3 pips for EURUSD.

    There is no flexibility, there is only the banal ripping off of gullible traders. Scammers keep hidden commissions behind absurd excuses. This is done to purposefully reset the investor’s capital.

    BDSwiss broker exposed

    An offshore dump raises doubts about its integrity and reliability. Despite the allusion to Switzerland in the name, the company has no direct connection to this country, which may be misleading to potential customers. According to reviews,BDSwiss often associated with fraudulent activities, especially in the context of binary options and CFDs.

    Sharashkin’s office initially specialized in binary options. Its connection to the Israeli company SpotOption, known for its scandalous practices, only adds to the fears. In 2016, following a fine of €150,000 from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), BDSwiss changed the direction of activity to CFD, which indicates an attempt to avoid regulatory pressure.

    Reviews of BDSwiss often mention problems with withdrawals, which is a red flag for any broker. In addition, there is the use of dirty methods of promotion on social networks, including the possible increase of subscribers and likes. This undermines the company’s credibility and raises questions about its legality and ethics.

    For Russian clients, Sharaga poses special risks, since the company is not regulated in Russia. This means that any disputes will be considered in the jurisdiction of the country of registration of the broker, which complicates the protection of the rights of Russian investors.

    Despite promises of low spreads and no commissions, the actual trading conditions are significantly less attractive. Wide leverage offered BDSwiss, contributes to the rapid draining of client deposits, especially considering that the broker controls quotes and can potentially influence the outcome of transactions. Such conditions create risks for traders, especially inexperienced ones who may not be aware of the potential threats.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Company BDSwiss is a parody of a broker. Scammers created a landing page, came up with an implausible legend, and are now trying to sell it to gullible newcomers under the guise of a reliable counterparty in the financial markets. The reviews are full of complaints about fraud with quotes, lack of withdrawal of money, and blocking of accounts. It is impossible to make money on the platform. Sharaga operates on the principle of a flush Forex kitchen.

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    Reviews about the broker BDSwiss

    The company is actively criticized in Russian-language and foreign monitoring. Users do not see the point in opening an account with BDSwiss reviews There is no information about earnings on the platform; no one has yet managed to cash out the promised dividends. The site only operates to accept funds.

    Solonov claims that attempts to withdraw funds from his account were unsuccessful, and for several months the balance decreased significantly without active trading. This indicates an unjustified write-off of funds or problems with the cashout system; the scammers are simply freezing from customers.

    Aibolit describes a situation when, after the first contact with the company, they began to call him frequently, trying to convince him of the need for cooperation. This approach may be a sign of aggressive selling and putting pressure on potential customers. All Forex kitchens are engaged in these activities to increase their client base.

    A user under the nickname RiTa talks about technical problems with the platform, delays in the execution of transactions and unauthorized transactions, which led to the loss of the deposit. This indicates possible manipulation on the part of the broker or insufficient reliability of their trading system.

    Alexey, who traded on the Raw account, claims that BDSwiss simulated trading to entice him to deposit more funds. After this, his access to the account was blocked and he cannot return his funds. The trader’s complaint indicates fraudulent actions on the part of the broker.

    Judging by comments in open sources, users have a total distrust of BDSWiss review complaints confirmed problems with cashout, the presence of hidden commissions, slippage and abnormal widening of spreads. A stable income in such conditions is a utopia and a lie.


    Scammers try to adjust the terms of cooperation to their legend, but they systematically have problems with this. After the first 2-3 transactions on the platform BDSwiss even novice investors understand that they have contacted scammers and begin to look for ways out of the situation. The only way to recover financial losses is to make a chargeback. Write to us and we’ll tell you how to forcefully cancel a transaction.


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