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    Top b-SNAP scam scams - how the scammer squeezes out cabbage from traders, verified reviews

    Fraudsters manipulate quotes to break stops and drain trades. A scam is posing as an Estonian broker to scam Russians out of money.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction




    Country: Estonia


    Address: —

    Telephone: —

    • Russian speaking support
    • No registration or license
    • Quotes do not correspond to market prices
    • Withdrawing money doesn't work
    Trading Platform


    Types of accounts

    “Standard”, VIP, “Premium”




    Bank Transfer, Visa, Mastercard, «МИР», QIWI, Yandex.Money, Skrill, Neteller, Perfect Money, Bitcoin

    Min order

    € 25

    Financial Instruments

    Forex, CFD

    Mobile Trading

    Browser Terminal

    Order execution




    Review b-SNAP

    B-SNEP scammer promises to give you the opportunity to trade very profitably and change your life for the better. Everyone who believes will get burned. The bitter tells stories to line his pockets.

    Open free forex broker ratings when you need to check the intermediary for honesty. Find out exactly what rating it has and whether there is a chance to make money. Don’t be fooled.

    Sharashka b-SNAP claims: it is managed by Vesta Future. Can’t prove any connection with her. On top of that, the Vesta Future brand has been liquidated. And long before the appearance of the hero of our review.

    There is no license on the scam site. This is an unregulated sharashkin’s office aimed solely at scamming money.

    To evaluate the pool of instruments, you need to register. Even the types of markets are mentioned in passing. It is not normal. Moreover, from the description of the accounts it is not entirely clear what exactly awaits you if you open your “Personal Account” – fake contracts for differences in prices or a scam in the form of binary options.

    He listed the ways to replenish the scam in sufficient detail. He indicated a dozen options for replenishing the deposit. All of them come with increased fees. Honest brokers in Forex have nothing like that.

    Terms of cooperation b-SNAP

    Broker scammer b-SNAP before offer investments in currency pairs and other CFDs,including cryptocurrencies. The scammer writes about this in one place on the site, which still needs to be found.

    That is, the trickster’s patients have to guess what they can use to lather. To close this issue, you need to open your “Personal Account”. You can’t fall for this situation. Only scammers put a pig in a poke.

    Depending on the deposit extended, b-SNAP divides patients into three categories:

    • Up to € 10,000 – “Standard clients”.
    • From € 10,000 to € 50,000 – VIP clients.
    • ABOUTt € 50000 —”Premium Clients”

    The first two bills have a monthly service fee. You will have to pay €90 and €50 respectively. “Premium clients” are supposedly served free of charge.

    The only key characteristic of trading conditions with the bi-SNEP scam is the size of the spread. He can be:

    • standard,
    • improved,
    • minimum.

    There are no exact numbers. This speaks louder than the most honest reviews that this is a 100% garbage dump, which is masquerading as a real, mega-honest intermediary. But in reality, the scam has nothing in common with the real market.

    The fake broker also promises:

    • bonuses;
    • interest on the deposit balance;
    • opportunity to receive an advance deposit.

    It is important to understand: an advance deposit is a loan. Moreover, in euros at 6–18% per annum. The exact figure depends on the account chosen.

    Rating Forex warns:Idala uses such a crazy service asadvance deposit,to make extra money. For example, he cheats a patient and imposes a loan on him, which will also be drained. After this, the rotten scammer demands to repay the debt.

    From trade conditions brogue rocker “bi-SNEP” gave a very strange minimum and maximum size of transactions. They look like binary options bets. This proves once again: the one in front of us was still throwing. Trying to swim with it means running aground.

    Registration, regulation, replenishment and withdrawal from b-SNAP

    Garbage”Bi Snap” states: managed by an Estonian companyVesta Future. A check showed that this office was closed before his birth. In addition, she didn’t even have anything in common with him.

    Comment Rating Forex: from dodgers behind the b-SNAP scam they’ve been trying to get a name for a few yearsVesta Future on their fake sites. Because of this, the company was blacklisted by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

    PIn front of us is a garbage dump. She is neither licensed nor registered. It is important to understand: such a bit does not have the right to provide brokerage services. He simply cannot do this because no liquidity provider will deal with him.

    How to withdraw money from b-SNAP and top up your account

    Scam accepts translations:

    • from a bank account;
    • cards, EPS and cryptocurrency wallets.

    The Dodger website has a partial list of ways to pick up beans with commissions. Bank transfer will cost € 40. Other methods cost 5%. It is important to understand: this is a lot.

    Comment Rating Forex: pSupporting the crypt completely reveals a scam in “bi-SNEP”. In addition, the lack of bank account details where an honest broker stores clients’ capital helps to expose him as a swindler.

    How to b-SNAP scam and for money

    Scam “bi-SNEP”finds victims himself. He persuades you to open an account, promises help and fat income. Some patients are taken into trust.

    Trader money will only work for the b-SNAP scammer. They fly into his pocket with every refill. There are only candy wrappers in the terminal, which cost nothing.

    The scammer will constantly be eager to cheat on new replenishments of the depot. To do this, you will drain the depot or draw carbon deposits. If the patient no longer wants to top up, the scammer will create a fake loan, and then merge it and demand compensation for expenses.

    There are a lot of cases of divorce when trying to withdraw money from “bi-SNEP”. The fake broker rustles: he will definitely give you all the money if you pay a commission. She’s inadequate. You can’t unfasten the beans. The loss will be even greater.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Official site b-SNAP is hiding behind a long-closed Estonian company that has never had anything to do with forex trading. There are several dozen similar sites on the Internet. It’s the same content.

    Each web resource was controlled by the same scammers. They do not live long because complaints multiply like a torpedo – as soon as the first clients realize that they are in for a scam.

    Opening atb-SNAP “Personal account”, people sending money to an unknown direction. No chance to make money. You can only catch a moose.

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    Reviews about b-SNAP

    Scam complaints “B-SNAP” available at The author of one of them trusted a fraudster. I believed the fairy tales about help and real money earnings.

    The man began to try to cheat with trust management:

    1. I put the money in the depot.
    2. I listened to the manager tell me that things were going very well.

    After a while, the manager began to ask for another portion of cabbage. He promised: if there is money, there is a real chance to hit a very fat jackpot. In fact, the poor fellow was simply robbed.

    A few days later the manager got in touch. He presented himself with a fact: the account needs to be replenished again. The reviewer asked where the previous deposit went. Noodles about high risk began to fall on our ears. As a result, the loss was € 2,500.

    There is a review whose author does not understand how people get scammed by b-SNAP. The person wonders why no one checks who they are dealing with. He warns:Vesta Future has long been blacklisted by the Central Bank. The dodgers associated with this swindle are churning out scams with all their might.

    One of the reviews about “bi-SNEP” nand was written by a poor guy who lost more than $10,000 due to a scam. Tales of high income convinced him to hand over the money. The man really wanted to provide a comfortable life for his family. As a result, I lost absolutely everything I had.

    Reviews about b-SNAP often give advice: Before you give away tens of thousands of dollars to all sorts of scammers, you need to conduct a check. There are a lot of sites on the Internet created just for divorce. That’s why it’s important to test every project that offers potential to make money.

    Rating Forex lawyers quickly take away traders’ money from the b-SNAP scammer (“bi-SNAP”). The scammer immediately forks up, even if he previously disappeared from the radar. Our help is free for all. Gain a powerful ally in the fight for capital.


    Open an account withOnly a person who knows nothing about trading would agree with b-SNAP and others like it. It costs nothing to bring this sharashka to clean water. With such people they fly into the red, but don’t win. Their place is on the blacklist.


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    Customer reviews are one of the main criteria that influences the placement of a broker in the ranking of the best companies. See all reviews about b-SNAP You can visit the company’s official website.

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