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    Review of the Antares Trade platform - customer reviews of working with the broker

    Antares Trade acts as an intermediary between companies and private investors, offering its services in attracting investments and increasing turnover. However, before investing your money in this project, it is necessary to analyze the information provided and find out how reliable the statements made by the company about itself are.

    The project was founded by a certain entrepreneur named Alex Richter, who, in his own words, was inspired by the history of the California Vitamins company, which worked in the USA in the last century on the principle of multi-level marketing. Their programs include educational courses and Forex trading. This entire complex is actively advertised and includes the participation of famous media personalities.

    Antares Trade offers its services, but there are many unanswered questions. It is unclear how reliable this project is and whether it can really generate passive income on the Internet. Before investing, you must carefully analyze the information provided and the compelling arguments in favor of its reliability. It remains a mystery how well the company can meet its obligations to investors. The lack of financial support from its own cryptocurrency and the ability to refer to problems with the exchanger if problems arise raise doubts about the stability and reliability of this project.

    Moreover, it is necessary to pay attention to the dubious practice of attracting customers through multi-level marketing. After all, it was initially built on attracting new clients to maintain the structure.

    It is worth noting that despite the advertising and participation of famous media personalities, this is not a guarantee of the reliability and success of the project. Often companies use such techniques to attract more clients and create the illusion of prestige and success, without providing real financial stability.



    Year of foundation


    Affiliate program


    Regulation and jurisdiction



    No information


    • Working on supposedly popular platforms
    • Wide range of tools
    • Refusal to pay
    • No license
    • Blocked site
    • Negative reviews

    No information

    Types of accounts

    Demo, ECN




    Bank of Transfer, online-wallets, cryptowallets



    Min order

    0.01 pips


    0 pips

    Margin Call/Stop out


    Liquidity Provider


    Mobile Trading


    Order execution




    Terms of cooperation

    Antares Trade offers a minimum investment of $100 and a maximum investment amount of up to $300 thousand. It should be noted that promises of a total income of 5-10 times the invested amount raise questions regarding the long-term potential of the project. You need to be aware that it is almost impossible to ensure the flow of money in such volumes for more than a year.

    The project promotes an affiliate program with five types of bonuses. This includes line bonus, mentor bonus, binary bonus, office bonus and image bonus. Bonuses are based on sales volume and achievement of certain levels in the affiliate structure. Although such premiums can increase the profitability of the project, it should be noted that the risks of the investment also increase, especially in the later stages of development.

    It also offers business training, personal consultations, profitable exchange transactions and the opportunity to invest in your own cryptocurrency. These proposals must be approached with caution. Excessive promises and unusually favorable terms may be a sign of questionable reliability of the project.

    In addition, you need to pay attention to the conditions for withdrawing funds and the amount of commissions. User reviews indicate problems with accessing their funds and account blocking. Moreover, withdrawal fees can be high and significantly reduce investors’ actual returns.

    Licensing and regulatory aspects of the activities of Antares Trade

    The site, currently blocked. Several clone sites suffered the same fate. Currently, the website is still available, although it lacks consistent and transparent information about the legal entity behind the entire project. The service was found.

    Several documents can be found on this website, including the Certificate of Incorporation of Antares Limited, issued on 21 March 2019. The official address of this company (18 Salisbury Road, Hong Kong) corresponds to the InterContinental Hotel.

    These data raise serious doubts about the legitimacy and transparency of the company’s activities. Before making any investment decisions, it is critical to conduct thorough research, consult with financial experts and verify the integrity and regulatory compliance of any investment opportunity.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    There are several factors that raise serious doubts about the reliability and transparency of Antares Trade. First, the lack of licensing and regulation raises questions about the safety of investments and the protection of investor interests. In addition, information about the company and its founders appears to be incomplete and questionable.

    The user reviews that we reviewed in the previous sections also indicate a negative experience of cooperation with Antares Trade. Users complain about losing money, blocked accounts and unavailability of support. This raises serious concerns about the reliability and unpredictability of this broker.

    In addition, the proposed affiliate program and promises of high investment returns may indicate typical signs of a financial pyramid. In such schemes, usually only the top make a profit, while the majority of participants lose their money.

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    User reviews about the broker

    In the world of financial investing, user reviews play an important role in forming opinions about a company and helping potential investors make an informed decision. Let’s look at a few reviews of Antares Trade and find out what users are complaining about.

    Recent user reviews raise serious concerns about the reliability and integrity of the Antares Trade broker. The similarity to a pyramid scheme is mentioned, which means that the company may be inclined to use funds from new investors to pay off old customers, which will ultimately lead to the inevitable collapse of the system.

    Moreover, reviews indicate problems with access to personal accounts and blocking of users. This raises serious questions about the integrity of the company’s operations.

    Based on the reviews provided, we can conclude that there is a high level of risk associated with investing. While reviews can be subjective and should be viewed with caution, negative comments about accounts being blocked and funds not being available raise serious concerns.

    Conclusions about the company

    The review of the activities of Antares Trade allows us to draw certain conclusions. This company is a typical pyramid scheme that has outperformed its peers and competitors. The project conducts illegal activities without the appropriate license.

    The partner companies that Antares Trade talks about do not actually exist. They are just a figment of the imagination of the founders of this fraudulent scheme, presented under the guise of partnership and cooperation. Even the founding dates of these fictitious companies turned out to be the same, which is an obvious sign of a pyramid scheme.

    Reviews about Antares Trade on the Internet are varied, both positive and negative. Negative reviews are left by users who have not yet lost critical thinking and the ability to assess risks. And positive reviews come from adherents of this pyramid and fake authors. We strongly do not recommend investing your funds in obvious financial pyramids. Although such schemes may pay out money temporarily, it will not last forever. Ultimately, only the top participants in the scheme will benefit, while everyone else will lose their investment.


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