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    Overview of Aktiv - a legal company with all documents

    Aktiv is a Russian investment company offering brokerage services in the Russian Federation. She has been working since 1993. Offers an exclusive service – “Children’s Portfolio”. It was created for parents who want to save money for their child’s growing up – for education, their first property, or another goal.

    RealThe financial company “Aktiv” operates completely legally. She has been registered since 2002. She received 4 licenses:

    • brokerage;
    • depositary;
    • for securities management;
    • a special depository for mutual funds, investment funds and non-state pension funds.

    All documents of the brokerage company “Active” are 100% current. They give it the right to provide services to traders and investors from the Russian Federation. They can be checked on the regulator’s website. The Central Bank has no complaints.

    Year of foundation



    Country: Russian Federation
    City: St. Petersburg
    Address: Maly pr. V.O., 43, bldg. 2, letter B, room. 31
    Phone: (812) 635-68-65

    • Legal activities
    • Registration in the Russian Federation
    • Large selection of payment instruments
    • Commissions are above average
    Trading platform



    Bank transfers


    Until 1:5


    Securities, precious metals, currencies, futures, options

    Trading Features

    Russian broker, offering different options for trading and investing in pricesdata on MICEX and St. Petersburg

    What you need to know about Aktiv

    The official website of Aktiv is The domain was created in 2000. The age of the company confirms this. A check of the web archive showed that the broker “Active” was the only one who owned the resource throughout its entire existence.

    Rating Forex warns: domains other than that pretend to be the website of the Aktiv company are scammers. They need to be avoided. The real goal of these scammers is to steal as much money as possible.

    The Aktiv company offers to make investments using one of 6 tariff plans:

    • “Income-Standard”.
    • “Income-365”.
    • “Investor’s Income-Portfolio”.
    • “Income-One-Time”.
    • “Fixed”.
    • “Children’s briefcase.”

    They are designed for traders and investors with different strategies and amounts of capital – from those who open dozens of transactions per month to those who prefer large positions for several months or more.

    When this review was being prepared, find real aboutreviews about “Aktiv” were not successful. Only complaints have surfaced about swindlers posing as the joint-stock company Aktiv. They throw away and leave without a penny.

    Is all your capital in the hands of scammers posing as Aktiv? Rating Forex will return it free of charge. Write a complaint and get every cent from the scammers. We’ll make him empty his pockets.

    Judging by the MICEX data, the hero of our review mainly serves large players. He has only recently begun to pay attention to small investors and traders. This is why there are such difficulties with real reviews about the Aktiv broker. Corporate and institutional clients are not abandoning them.

    There are also no reviews of Aktiv employees on the Internet. Which is strange for a company that has been operating for over 30 years. But this does not mean that she is engaged in fraudulent activities.

    Fake investment company “Aktiv”. Dozens of scammers steal data from a real company

    There is a warning on the website of Aktiv: cases of fraud on its behalf have become more frequent.

    Мошенники на рынке «Форекс»

    There, the broker Aktiv explains exactly how it works:

    • no cold calls;
    • communication only with those users who filled out the form on the website or used other contacts;
    • There are no guarantees of profit in any product (tariff);
    • To open an account, no security deposits, minimum balances, or mandatory contributions are required;
    • An account can only be opened in person or through a form on the website, no exchange of documents in the messenger.

    Still real AO Aktiv warns: not related toFXActiv.

    Customer reviews about the fake Aktiv

    On and a number of other sites you can find reviews of online scammers posing as the hero of our review. Victims complain about managers who drained money. These swindlers were engaged in extortion. They imitated unprofitable transactions to cover up the theft that occurred during the replenishment.

    Отзывы АО «Актив»

    Another trader says: there are a lot of custom reviews about the fake company “Active”, praising this scam. In reality, you won’t be able to make money. Every penny will end up in his pockets.

    How exactly do scammers posing as Aktiv cheat?

    The website of the real Aktiv warns: fraudsters acting on its behalf use cold calls. This is an old, scam-tested scheme for finding new wallets. Scammers get numbers in several ways. They are given:

    • databases merged into the Internet;
    • One-page websites offering income where you need to fill out a contact form;
    • sites with vacancies, resumes.

    The latter option is often used. Many of those who are looking for work more often agree to dubious offers from scammers. They are even ready to take out loans in order to earn at least something.

    Fraudsters who pretend to be Aktiv call and offer super profitable investment products, guaranteeing income and support at every stage. It is important to understand: scammers can promise anything. They are not going to do anything. The tricksters have one goal – to steal money.

    There are many telephone numbers at the disposal of those hiding behind Aktiv. They can keep calling you for weeks. The final processing of victims is carried out in instant messengers. It simulates the appearance of concluding a service contract.

    If the victim agrees to open a trading account and invest money, the scammers offer her to register on one of the fake sites. When a person replenishes his account, his capital immediately disappears in an unknown direction. At the same time, scammers use payment systems that make it difficult to track the final recipient:

    • anonymous electronic currency wallets;
    • cards of individuals;
    • cryptocurrency wallets.

    The latter option is becoming very popular. It provides a very high level of anonymity.

    Realbroker “Active” accepts money into its bank account. It can be found on the company’s website. Rating Forex warns: only scammers provide other details.

    TOAs a rule, scammers prefer the dollar and bitcoin. Occasionally they take rubles. This is how they differ from real brokers who work in the Russian Federation. They indicate all their tariffs exclusively in rubles.

    Expert opinion

    Eugene Rudenko

    Fraudsters on the Forex market often hide behind legitimate companies. Including In order not to fall into the trap of scammers, it is important to remember well: a real broker himself will never call anyone.
    If you find an intermediary yourself, make sure that everything is in order with his documents. It is important that you have valid registration and licenses that give you the right to provide brokerage services in your jurisdiction.
    If the intermediary demands commissions, taxes, fees, which must be paid in a separate payment, you have already been scammed and want to steal more. Don’t agree to anything anymore. No matter how much you pay the scammer, there will be no withdrawal.

    Want to spread the word about your company or have you been in a negative review? Contact the portal editorial office right now

    Money divorce process

    The deposit sent to replenish the account is only the first part of the stolen capital. When scammers receive this money, they begin to imitate trading. Manipulation of quotes begins.

    Scammers set up profitable or unprofitable trades. The goal in both cases is the same – to force you to top up your account again. There may be a scam: the current capital in the account is not enough. It needs to be increased in order to earn like an adult.

    The scammers who are mowing under Aktiv are persuading them to take multimillion-dollar loans from banks. Many people bite. The poor people are losing more than just their savings. They find themselves deeply in debt. This makes them even more dependent on scammers.

    In addition to regular extortion to replenish the deposit, scammers come up with other scam schemes. For example, they may require you to give:

    • insurance premiums, which cannot exist in trading at all;
    • non-deductible balance on deposits.

    It is important to understand: this is all a hoax.

    Attempts to cheat are made when withdrawing capital. When a person submits an application, it turns out that first they need to pay a commission, taxes or some other fictitious fees. It is important to understand: this is all a scam.

    Rating Forex reminds you: all commissions must be debited from the deposit body. The situation is the same with taxes. They can only be taken by companies with “tax agent” status. The real Aktiv has it. Fraudsters who pretend to be this company cannot boast about it.

    Often aThe scammers pretend that they have withdrawn all the money. Then the victim receives a call allegedly from a foreign bank. It turns out that he cannot continue to process the payment. You need to pay for conversion or additional fees.

    This state of affairs puts pressure on the victim. The person thinks: very soon he will withdraw a lot of money. Therefore, many agree and pay. Afterwards the scammers stop communicating.


    Ready to start investing? Open an account with a proven broker with the best conditions and favorable bonuses


    Does the opinion of a broker's clients affect its reputation?

    The company’s rating and reputation largely depend on whether its clients are satisfied. The reviews about Aktiv are not the most flattering, and therefore you should take a close look at them before deciding to cooperate with this platform.

    How to write a review about cooperation with Aktiv on the website?

    To add a review of this company on the resource, you do not need to spend a lot of time. The whole procedure takes no more than 5 minutes, and this is already with registration. A letter with a link to confirm registration will be sent to your e-mail, and it will also contain detailed instructions on how to add a review to the site.


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